86 Looking for Gao Wenwen (1)

Gao Wenwen’s disappearance at the Night Bar shocked Zhou Haiyang.
This matter quickly alarmed the boss of the Night Bar, Zhou Jingyuan.

Gao Yang wanted to call the police!

Zhou Jingyuan said, “President Gao, can you wait for a while on my account?”

Gao Yang was extremely anxious.
After hearing Zhou Jingyuan’s words, he said angrily, “Wait? How are we going to wait? Are we going to call the police only when something happens to my daughter? Do you know that every second we wait, my Wenwen will be in more danger?”

That person had driven Wenwen’s car out.
As long as they followed clues surrounding this person, they should be able to find more clues.

The sooner the better!

Zhou Jingyuan quickly explained, “President Gao, I have some friends in the underworld.
I’ll mobilize my friends first and help find them.
Is that okay?”

Gao Yang shook his head and said, “I’m sorry, Boss Zhou.
My daughter is suffering in a place I don’t know.
The longer I delay, the more danger she will be in.
I have to think about my daughter’s safety.
I hope you can understand my feelings as an old father!”

Zhou Jingyuan was also a father.

Zhou Jingyuan sighed and said, “Alright then.
I’ll also mobilize some connections and see if I can find your daughter!”

“Thank you, Boss Zhou,” Gao Yang said gratefully.

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Zhou Jingyuan said, “I’m also responsible for your daughter’s disappearance in my territory.
When your daughter is found, I’ll definitely come and apologize!”

Gao Yang didn’t say anything and only nodded.

Then, he made a call to the police.

After calling the police, Gao Yang thought for a moment and made another call.

“Mingming, you’re right.
Something did happen to Wenwen.”

Gu Qingming, who had been waiting for Gao Yang’s call in the room, heard her phone ring and immediately picked it up.
“Uncle Gao!”

However, her expression changed and she immediately asked, “Uncle Gao, could Wenwen have been kidnapped?”

Gao Yang shook his head and said, “I don’t know either.
Until now, I haven’t received any calls from the kidnappers.”

“Uncle, don’t be anxious.
I’ll call my father now and mobilize everyone in my family to find Wenwen’s whereabouts!” Gu Qingming comforted.

Actually, she was also extremely anxious.

Gao Yang nodded and said, “Yes, Mingming, thank you!”

Gu Qingming said, “Uncle Gao, you’re too polite.
Wenwen and I grew up together.
We’re closer than biological sisters.
I’m definitely anxious that something might happen to her now.”

After Gu Qingming hung up on Gao Yang, she immediately called Gu Jianguo.

In the middle of the night, Gu Jianguo received a call from his daughter.
After knowing that something had happened to Gao Wenwen, he immediately went to the study and mobilized everyone to look for Gao Wenwen.

He called Gao Yang and asked, “Gao Yang, is there still no news of Wenwen?”

After Gao Yang found out that something might have happened to Gao Wenwen, he was extremely anxious.
He pressed his temples and said.

“Not yet.
We’re pretty sure that Wenwen had an accident in the parking lot of the Night Bar.
The person kidnapped Wenwen in the parking lot and took the car with him.

I followed this lead and found that Wenwen’s car had been driven to an abandoned warehouse in the suburbs.
Her phone had also been thrown there.
However, we couldn’t find Wenwen after searching the entire warehouse and surroundings.”

“Now three or four hours have passed, and I haven’t received any calls from the kidnappers.”

Waiting made one worried and irritable.

Because of the long and slow wait, there was endless nervousness, worry, and fear.

Waiting was sometimes a kind of hope, but it could also be a kind of despair.

Waiting could also lead to a mental breakdown.

Gao Yang suppressed his panic and nervousness.

He had to be calm and composed.

Perhaps his daughter was suffering somewhere and needed him as a father to save her.

“Jianguo, do you think something will happen to Wenwen?” Gao Yang was also famous for being ruthless in the business world.

However, his wife and daughter were his weakness.
Now that something had happened to his daughter, he was really afraid.

But as a father and a husband, he had to be calmer and stronger than anyone else.

When he faced his friend, his mental defenses collapsed a little.

Gu Jianguo immediately comforted him.
“Gao Yang, no news is good news for us.
Now, other than calling the police, what we have to do is to mobilize all our people to find Wenwen’s whereabouts.

“Wenwen is a blessed child.
Nothing would happen to her.
Perhaps she was trapped somewhere and waiting for us to save her.”


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