With that, he took out her phone and pretended to call the police.

Zhou Haiyang’s expression changed.
He smiled apologetically and said, “CEO Gao, let’s talk things out.
Don’t be rash, don’t be rash!”

Gao Yang snorted coldly and said, “Hmph, CEO Zhou, if your daughter suddenly disappeared and you couldn’t contact her, wouldn’t you be anxious?

“My daughter disappeared after she came out of your bar.
If it weren’t for the reputation of your bar and on account of your boss, Zhou Jingyuan, I would have called the police.
I wouldn’t have privately asked you to check the surveillance footage!”

Businessmen, especially those dealing in night clubs, were most afraid of dealing with the police.

Zhou Haiyang smiled awkwardly and nodded.
“Yes, yes.
We thank Gao Yang for his magnanimity.
It’s just checking the surveillance cameras.
It’s a small matter.
Let’s go to the surveillance room!”

The group went to the surveillance room.

He found the surveillance cameras at the time Gao Yang mentioned.

After Gao Wenwen received the call, she picked up her bag anxiously and left.
The footage at the corridor and the elevator were fine.

When they reached the parking lot, they could still see the phone in one hand and the remote key in the car in the other.

Then… then the video suddenly went black.

When the footage was restored, they saw the image of Gao Wenwen’s red Porsche leaving the Night Bar.

Seeing this, Zhou Haiyang wiped the cold sweat off his forehead.
Then, he smiled and said, “Director Gao, look.
Your daughter didn’t disappear here.
She had already driven away.”

However, Gao Yang stared at the video with a serious expression.

He suddenly pointed at an image and immediately said, “Stop! No, move forward a little.
You have to move forward and zoom in!”

This was the scene of the red Porsche driving away.

The surveillance technicians followed his instructions.

When the image was enlarged, Zhou Haiyang’s pupils involuntarily shrank, and a trace of panic appeared on his face.

“This… This isn’t Gao Wenwen driving?”

In the video, the driver was a person wearing a black brim hat.
His face could not be seen clearly.

The scene was not very clear.
It was impossible to tell if it was a man or a woman.

His heart skipped a beat as he muttered to himself, “Oh no, did something really happen to Gao Wenwen in the parking lot?”

Zhou Haiyang looked at Gao Yang’s solemn and gloomy smile and said carefully, “Director Gao, perhaps your daughter’s friend is driving?”

Gao Yang sneered and said coldly, “Zhou Haiyang, do you take me for a fool? My Wenwen was alone when she came out of the nightclub and into the parking lot.
Yet, when the car drove out of your guardhouse, it became two people? Then let me ask you, did my daughter’s friend hide in the car beforehand?”

Zhou Haiyang also knew that his words were not trustworthy.

However, he was still hoping for a fluke.

Gao Yang noticed that the video had been hacked and immediately asked sternly, “And what’s with the hacked video?”

The technician said, “It seems the surveillance camera is broken!”

Gao Yang said suspiciously, “Is it that coincidental? Can the footage be recovered?”

“I can’t recover it on my own.
I might have to hire more professional technicians!”

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