other areas.

“What is this? Why is this bramble vine red?” Gu Qingming pointed at a small bundle of bramble vine in front of an old man.

“This is an old vine!” Grandma explained.

“What is it used for? Why would it be sold on this street?” Gu Qingming asked curiously.

“The thorny stems of this old bramble are all red.
Red sap will flow out when you slash it with a knife,” Grandma explained.
“This bramble is usually used for bathing in the countryside, especially after a woman gives birth.
Many people use this to boil in hot water for bathing.”

Gu Qingming said in surprise, “Bathing?”

“Yes, this is used to treat rheumatism and prevent colds,” Grandma explained.
Then, she couldn’t help but look at Gu Qingming’s belly and say, “After you give birth and come, I’ll prepare this for you to bathe in during your confinement period.”

Gu Qingming glanced at the blood-red Old Jing Vine and felt a little conflicted.
She asked, “Grandma, it’s so red.
The water that’s boiled can’t be red, right?”

At the thought of bathing in this red liquid, Gu Qingming felt a chill all over her body and had goosebumps.
She could not help but feel conflicted.

“No,” her grandmother explained.
“This boiled water is dark brown.”

“Black-brown?” Gu Qingming frowned slightly.
“Will my skin turn brown after washing?”

She was very vain and cared a lot about her fair skin.
She didn’t want her skin to turn brown because of her confinement.

“Haha…” Grandma laughed and said, “Don’t worry, you may be dyed darker when you bathe in it.
However, your fair skin will be restored once you stop.”

Gu Qingming continued to read.
At this moment, she had some understanding of many things she had never seen before.

“This is Plantago Asiatica.
The herb acquisition station will buy it.
Nowadays, many old people pull out herbs to sell for a little income.”

“Since the herb acquisition station will buy it, why is there someone selling it here?”

“Plantago Asiatica has diuretic, heat-clearing, vision-clearing, phlegm-dispelling, and other effects.
It can treat urination, blood delivery, jaundice, and edema.
Many people will buy it and steam it themselves.
Here, let’s get a price.”

“Is this honeysuckle?” Gu Qingming finally recognized something.
“Is honeysuckle also sold here?”

“Of course.
Honeysuckle is used to make tea.
These honeysuckles on the ground were all picked in the mountain.”

Gu Qingming’s eyes lit up.

“Yes, it’s wild!” Grandma nodded.

“Grandma, I’ll buy these honeysuckles,” Gu Qingming said.

“Alright,” Grandma wouldn’t refuse.

“Only 25 dollars per catty?”

So cheap?

Hearing the price of wild honeysuckle, Gu Qingming was very shocked.

The price of honeysuckle sold in their supermarket was 50 to 60 dollars per tael, and the good ones cost hundreds.

Moreover, the honeysuckle was dried and did not weigh much.
This big bag was only half a catty.

Gu Qingming could only exclaim.
Things in the countryside were really cheap.

Gu Qingming continued to look around, but other than honeysuckle, she did not buy anything else.

After walking around, Gu Qingming couldn’t help but exclaim.
There were really many good and cheap things in this countryside.

It was an eye-opener for her.
Market Day shopping was actually quite interesting.

The weather was getting hotter and hotter, and there were many people gathered in the compound.
The smell emitted by some people was really not pleasant.

Gu Qingming felt that she could not stand the heat anymore.
And this smell made her nauseous.
Hence, the group returned to the parking lot and prepared to go home.

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