ster-in-law who treated them so well, they would be willing to pamper her every day.

However, they did not have a rich sister-in-law.

As long as the watermelons at home were sold for a high price, the villagers of Stoneback Village were all beaming with joy, just like Shi Bangliang’s family.

On the contrary, those who couldn’t sell watermelons at home looked miserable, like Shi Zuoliang’s family.

It was fine if many people did not plant watermelons.
When they saw other people’s watermelons sell for a high price, they could only be envious and jealous.

However, Shi Zuoliang’s family clearly had watermelons at home, but he could not sell them and was mocked by everyone.

In order to sell the watermelons at a high price, he even threw a tantrum and was disgraced.
In the end, he did not accept them and just watched as others sold their watermelons.

After Yuan Chunhua knelt down and begged Gao Wenwen, the villagers looked at her strangely.
She was usually such an honest person, but she was a little ruthless when she did things.

It was not that villagers were siding with outsiders, but that they were unreasonable.

Besides, Boss Gao wasn’t bullying people in the village.
She was helping the villagers so that the villagers’ hard work for a year would be rewarded at a high price.

They were still hoping that in the future, Boss Gao would come to their village to buy watermelons.

Therefore, it was impossible for them to offend the God of Fortune for a scoundrel.

Now that the money for selling watermelons had been obtained, some people would buy a few sets of new clothes or buy something for their families.
In short, the entire village seemed lively and peaceful.

The watermelons in Stoneback Village were sold for a high price.
Such news was like a gust of wind, and the surrounding villages quickly found out.

At that time, someone rushed over overnight and wanted to invite Gao Wenwen to their fields to take a look, but he was rejected by Gao Wenwen.

Then, out of confusion and curiosity, someone came to ask why the watermelons in Stoneback Village could be sold at a high price.
Who was the boss who bought the watermelons at a high price? They wanted to find out about that boss and contact that person themselves.

However, other than Gu Qingming, no one else had Gao Wenwen’s contact information.

He found out that this watermelon boss was contacted by Shi Lichun’s niece.
Most importantly, Shi Lichun’s watermelon was sold at the highest price.

The price of five dollars was simply enviable.

Therefore, all kinds of people outside the village came to learn from their experience.

And Stoneback Village had more relatives coming and going these days than during the New Year.

Indeed, money was the most motivating factor!

When Boss Liu received a call, his expression immediately darkened.
His expression was as ugly as charcoal.

Cheng Ba and the others, who had been eating and drinking with Boss Liu these past few days, knew that something had happened when they saw his expression.

He immediately asked, “Brother, did something happen? Why do you look so pale?”

Boss Liu suppressed his anger and said in a low voice, “The watermelons of Stoneback Village were bought at a high price!”

He had thought that the watermelons in the surrounding villages were all his.

He did not expect that he would suffer a huge loss at Stoneback Village and also lose his prestige!

In the future, if he went to buy watermelons again, those villagers would definitely ask for a higher price.
Then he would suffer a huge loss.

When Cheng Ba and the others heard this, they asked loyally, “Who is that person? Why is he intercepting someone’s wealth? Big Brother, why don’t we teach him a lesson?”

Boss Liu said with a dark expression, “Hmph, it’s that rich niece of Shi Lichun.”

When Cheng Ba heard this, he patted his chest and said, “Brother, we brothers must teach her a lesson!”

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