73 Little Farce! (2)

With Gu Qingming’s grandfather stepping forward, Shi Zuoliang decided that since force didn’t work, he would use soft tactics.

He looked at Gao Wenwen with a pleading expression.

He complained, “Miss Gao, look at our family.
We have an 80-year-old mother and a baby who needs milk.
The entire family lives on these fields.”

“Wasn’t working with our backs to the sun just to earn money and make the family’s life better?’

“My watermelons are a little bad, but they’re not eye-catching among the watermelons you bought.
Just take these watermelons.”

As soon as he finished speaking, a villager immediately asked with a smile, “Shi Zuoliang, your son hasn’t even gotten married.
How can there be a baby who needs milk?”

“Could it be your illegitimate son? Haha, you’re so capable.
You actually have a woman to bear your child!”

After saying that, the villager even gave him a thumbs up!

“Go to hell.
I don’t have an illegitimate child.
Don’t accuse me!” Shi Zuoliang said with an ugly expression.

Gao Wenwen frowned and said, “I’m sorry, we can’t accept your watermelons.
None of your watermelons are up to our acquisition standards.”

“What standards? You’re the boss.
Isn’t it up to you to accept these watermelons?”

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Shi Zuoliang was very worked and his voice became louder.

“My family only has these watermelons.
It won’t cost you much.
Just take it that you pity our family’s hard work and accept my watermelons, okay?”

Before Gao Wenwen could speak, the villagers began to speak, one by one.

“Shi Zuoliang, did you really work hard to plant so few watermelons? It’s clearly your wife who’s working hard.
How many times have you taken care of her? Planting watermelons, and adding fertilizer, and pesticides are all your wife’s work.
You only came to the fields to take a look before leaving.”

“Shi Zuoliang, Boss Gao said that your watermelons don’t meet the acquisition standards.
Do you have to force her to take your watermelons?”

“Boss Gao is in business, not charity.”

“That’s right.
No one’s money comes from the wind.
No matter how rich they are as bosses, they earned it through hard work.
Why should they accept these substandard watermelons for the sake of your family?”

“Yes, Shi Zuoliang, you want to sell these watermelons and have the money to play cards and drink happily, right?”

Everyone in the same village knew each other.

It would be a joke to say that Shi Zuoliang was a family man.

It was said that he had been lazy since he was young.
When he grew up, he developed a bad habit of playing cards, drinking, and gambling.
He also had the infuriating behavior of beating his wife and children when he was drunk.

Now that this man was old enough to be a grandfather, his habit of abusing his family when he was drunk had yet to change.

It disgusted the entire village.

In the past, when he had beaten his wife and child, the village cadres and some respected elders persuaded him to no avail.

At that time, he promised himself that he would drink less and stop hitting his wife.

But then he started drinking again and the abuse resumed.

After so many times, no one wanted to care about his family anymore.

In this way, he hit his wife and child even more fiercely.

What was even more infuriating was that his wife had also endured it.

Just once, when he’d beaten the child until his head bled, his wife had taken a kitchen knife from the kitchen to kill him in order to protect her son.
The sight of mutual destruction had sobered him instantly.

From then on, he did not dare to drink too much.
He was afraid that if he was too drunk, he would hit the child again and lose his life when his wife retaliated.

Although Shi Zuoliang rarely hit his wife and child in recent years, he did not touch the work at home if he could.
He pushed all the work to his wife and child.
It was just that when work got busy on the farm, and his family was short of people, he had no choice but to go to the fields.

Although he said he planted these watermelons, they were actually planted by his wife.

His wife had worked in the fields carefully, but she was short of money.
She did not add much fertilizer.
As soon as the watermelons were attacked by pests, she used pesticides.
That was why the watermelons turned out like this.

“Shi Zuoliang, you really want to take Boss Gao for a fool, don’t you? Your family only has these watermelons.
You can choose to sell them in town or county.
You can sell as many as you can by deceiving those who come to buy watermelons.”

Boss Gao had said that his watermelon pesticide residue level exceeded their acquisition standards, but it did not exceed the highest standards in the country.
Therefore, they could still be sold.

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