y taken everyone’s watermelons, so you must take mine.
My watermelons aren’t good-looking or delicious, but I don’t have many watermelons on my land.
If you take them, you can mix them and sell them.
As long as you don’t cut them open, no one will be able to tell if they’re good.”

He was simply a scoundrel!

His thinking was that Gao Wenwen had to accept his watermelons if she had accepted someone else’s.

Gu Qingming frowned slightly.

She had come here in the past, but she had never come into contact with the villagers here, so she naturally did not know what kind of character these villagers had.

She did not expect to encounter such a scoundrel when Wenwen was buying watermelons.

At this moment, Grandpa Shi Tietou, who had been with them the whole time, scolded sternly, “Shi Zuoliang, who can you blame for your watermelons being bad? Wenwen is here to buy our watermelons, but she’s not here to give away money.
If this child doesn’t want your watermelons, are you forcing her to buy them? Then you have to see if an old man like me will agree.”

He was afraid that Shi Zuoliang would pester her too much.
Moreover, Gao Wenwen was still young and might not be able to explain it clearly to Shi Zuoliang.

Shi Zuoliang was a scoundrel who knew how to pester endlessly.
It was very likely that he would bully a young lady because he was in the village and had many people with him.

Naturally, this village elder who had a certain amount of prestige in the community came forward to protect her.

When Shi Zuoliang saw Shi Lichun’s father backing Gao Wenwen, his expression immediately became embarrassed as he said, “Uncle, that’s not what I meant.
It’s just that I think my watermelons are quite good.
She should be able to accept it.
Besides, she’s so rich and is a big boss.
I’m just a small farmer.
There’s nothing wrong with wanting to sell watermelons for some money, right?”

Grandpa nodded and said, “Yes, you’re right.
I didn’t say you were wrong.
However, with me, Shi Tietou, around, don’t even think about forcing a little girl to buy from you.”

Shi Zuoliang smiled guiltily and said, “With you around, how would I dare!”

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