71 High Price Again!

“Can the price can reach 2 dollars and 50 cents?”

When Shi Bangliang heard the price Gao Wenwen offered, he was so excited that he almost jumped up!

One moment, his watermelon had almost been sold for 35 cents.
The next, his watermelon was going to be sold for 2 dollars and 50 cents.
It was unbelievable.

Fortunately, he chose not to sell the watermelon to Boss Liu.
Otherwise, if he had relented after hearing his wife making a fuss and wanting to sell these melons cheaply, it would be too late for regrets.
He would have no one to cry to.

There were 20,000 to 30,000 catties of watermelons.
It was only a few thousand dollars with Boss Liu, but with Boss Gao, it was tens of thousands of dollars.
The difference in money was several times.

Shi Bangliang wanted to confirm it again.
“Boss Gao, you said the price is 2 dollars and 50 cents and 1 dollar and 50 cents, is that right?”

Gao Wenwen nodded and said, “That’s right, that’s the price.
Your watermelon has been treated with pesticides, but not much of them.
The pesticide residue is higher than the three uncles’, so the price is greatly reduced.
The sweetness of the watermelon is alright.
Therefore, this price is offered.”

Her family sold fruits and mainly targeted the high-end consumer market.

The high-end market needed organic green food.

The middle-end market went for non-harmful food.

But overseas, their fruits also took some low-end market routes.

boxn ovel.

Therefore, as long as they met their acquisition standards, it would usually be settled.

After confirming the price again, Shi Bangliang danced with joy.

His wife beside him was even happier.

If these tens of thousands of catties of watermelons were sold, they would earn tens of thousands of dollars.

Their watermelons were almost sold to Boss Liu at a cheap price.
After all, the watermelons had already been plucked from the fields.
They had taken a great risk in refusing to sell them.
Ordinary farmers like them couldn’t afford to lose money.

Thinking about the expenses of their son in university, they relied on these watermelons.

The watermelon harvest this year was not bad, but the market for watermelons was not good.
They could not be sold for a good price at all.

Because of the rain, many people’s watermelons rotted in the ground.

The head of the family was bold.
No matter how much his wife made a fuss, he did not sell the watermelons to Boss Liu.
Otherwise, they would cry and regret it.

Gao Wenwen family’s business was spread all over the country, so the number of watermelons they needed was especially large, especially in this hot weather.
The business of the various chain stores was very good.

The watermelons of Shi Lichun’s three brothers were twice the price of Shi Bangliang’s watermelons, but Shi Bangliang could not be jealous.
He could only be envious.

The watermelons of the three Shi brothers had indeed never been treated with pesticides.

When the Shi brothers planted watermelons, they were very generous with fertilizers such as peanut dregs.

The peanut dregs cost more than a dollar a catty.
A dozen acres of land would require at least a few hundred catties of peanut dregs per acre.
There were also other fertilizers.
They had to be carefully fermented to achieve a certain effect.

Shi Bangliang also wanted to learn from Shi Lichun and the others not to use pesticides.
After all, watermelons that did not use pesticides were indeed sweeter, and the purchase price was slightly higher.

However, a pest disaster forced him to use pesticides.

Now that he could sell it for 2 and 50 cents, he was excited and satisfied.
One had to know that their watermelons had almost been sold for 35 cents.

What made him most aggrieved was that he had begged for the 35 cent price himself.

And now…

Hmph, he could finally hold his head high!

Who said that the market for watermelons was not good this year? That was only because they had not met a boss who knew his stuff.

Shi Bangliang began to act smug.

But seeing the large patch of unpicked watermelon left in the field…

Well, he’d better get someone to pick the watermelons first.
When the trucks arrived, they could load them directly.

The watermelons of the Shi Lichun brothers were tested and cost between 3 to 5 dollars.

Shi Bangliang’s watermelons were tested.
The price reached 2 dollars and 50 cents and 1 dollar and 50 cents.

After testing, they were all bought at a high price! If they could be sold for a high price, a few watermelons would be nothing.

This time, the villagers fought to invite Gao Wenwen and the others to their own place for the test, all with great hope.
Even if it didn’t sell for five or three dollars, one or two dollars was fine.

“Boss Gao, I have close to 6,000 catties of watermelons in my field, and my watermelons don’t have much pesticide.
Go to my field and take a look.”

“Miss Gao, I have about 3,000 catties of watermelon in my field.
I’ve only added a little pesticide.
You don’t have to go to my field.
I’ll just bring the watermelon over.
You can test it here, okay?”

“Yes, I can also pick my watermelons.”

Gao Wenwen looked at the farmers, who were still dirty from the mud and did not look disgusted.
She said, “No.
We have to go to the field to test it on the spot! In addition to testing the sweetness and pesticide residue of the melon, we have to check the quality of the watermelon before we can set the price on the spot!”

She was in business, and not charity.

She had to meet her own acquisition standards for watermelons.
This was not something that could be resolved by casually carrying a few watermelons over for testing.

Otherwise, she would have plucked some crooked melons and used them as inferior goods.
She would even pluck the melons outside to obtain a high price.

It wasn’t as if these things hadn’t happened before.

Although these farmers were simple and honest, when it came to their own interests, they would also become profiteers to obtain high benefits.

When she was young, her father had asked her to buy watermelons alone and she had met such farmers.

They saw that she was young and easy to talk to.
Hence, they mixed watermelons that had not been tested by other companies into the watermelons.
Those watermelons had levels of pesticide residues that were all above the health standard.
If they were sold to customers, it would cause health issues and possibly result in death.

Once something happened to someone, the entire company would be affected by its reputation.

Fortunately, her father was experienced and worried about her first purchase of watermelons.
He asked the staff in the testing room to test the watermelons again.

As a result, out of 120 samples, 3 were found to have pesticide residues that were over the acceptable standard.

As soon as these three defective samples were detected, the remaining watermelons were deemed to be unsaleable.

She had lost millions.

Losing money was a small matter.
If her father did not test these watermelons again, something major would definitely happen if these watermelons were sold.

That would not be a loss of millions.

It would be a big deal that would shake the foundation of the company.

That lesson had left a deep impression on her.

From then on, no matter where she went to make her purchase, she would personally lead the team to test and check the watermelons in the fields.

Although she was young, she already had past experience.
In addition to reviewing the quality of the watermelons, she could estimate the quantity.

It was precisely because she had been taught a lesson at that time that she developed a rigorous work attitude.
There were no more mistakes.

Hearing Boss Gao’s words, these farmers naturally had no objections.

… .

“Everyone’s watermelons have been taken, so why don’t you want my watermelons?” Shi Zuoliang was very angry when he heard Gao Wenwen say that she didn’t want his watermelons.

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