by national food hygiene standards; now, they cannot even be detected.”

“In other words, there could not be any pesticide residue in the organic watermelon!”

“However, the standard for green food pesticide residues is 0.01 mg/kg, which is 0.01 parts per million.”

“No-harm green food is also divided into AA and A.

The main difference is that during production, grade AA does not use any pesticides, fertilizers, or synthetic hormones; grade A allows limited use of pesticides, fertilizers, and synthetic hormones.”

“Uncle, your watermelon is an AA-grade green food.
Its price might be divided into two levels.

Level 1 watermelons that looked relatively even and beautiful were priced at 5 dollars according to the highest standard.”

“Level 2 watermelons are usually too big or too small.
They are priced at three 3 because they have reached the required level of sweetness.”

Gao Wenwen’s words shocked all the villagers.

They could not understand what Gao Wenwen had said about standards.

But they heard the last two sentences clearly.

“Wow, 5 dollars and 3 dollars! Those … those are high prices!”

No one could believe it.

Just because the watermelons had never been cultivated with pesticides, they could be bought for such a high price.

This was ten times the price of the previous offer by Boss Liu.

How could there be such a huge difference?

The villagers did not understand, but they were all very excited.

If the watermelons of Shi Lichun and his brothers could be sold for a high price, their watermelons would definitely be sold for a high price.

Miss Gao’s boss had said that even if the watermelons did not meet the standard, she would buy them for 80 cents a catty.

This was equivalent to a pie falling from the sky.
Who wouldn’t want to pick it up?

Shi Lichun’s family was the most excited.

They had planted so many watermelons, but they had never sold them for such a high price.

Now that they could suddenly be sold for such a high price, it was simply like a dream.

Gao Wenwen even smiled and said, “Eldest Uncle, Second Uncle, Third Uncle, how many watermelons do you have in your fields? No matter how many there are, I’ll buy them up.”

Shi Lichun said excitedly, “Wenwen, are you sure? Do you… do you want so many?”

This was close to 60,000 catties!

There were other people’s watermelons in the village.
Could so many watermelons be sold?

Perhaps she realized what the uncles and the others were worried about.

Gao Wenwen smiled and said, “I need them.” Most of the watermelons were sold overseas.

“Okay, okay.
So should we pick them now?” Uncle asked.

“Pick them now.
Before I came, I pulled out two big trucks from the company.
They’ll be here tonight.
It’s just that everyone might have to work overtime tonight!” Gao Wenwen said with a smile.

“The trucks will arrive tonight.
Good, good…” Uncle and the others were excited.

As for working overtime or pulling an all-nighter, it was nothing.

The watermelons were sold at a high price.
He was so happy that he did not know what to do.

Seeing that Gao Wenwen had set a high price for Shi Lichun’s watermelons, the other watermelon farmers immediately became restless.

Shi Bangliang immediately walked up to Gao Wenwen and said, “Miss Gao, my family has also planted a few acres of watermelons.
We can pick 20,000 to 30,000 catties.
Can you come to my field to test the watermelons and see if they can be sold to you?”

After speaking to Gao Wenwen, he looked at Gu Qingming and said with a smile, “Niece has eaten my watermelon.”

Gu Qingming nodded and said, “Yes, Uncle, your watermelons are indeed delicious!” Of course, they could not compare to her uncles’.

Gao Wenwen and the others came to Shi Bangliang’s watermelon field again.

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