not seen a watermelon boss do something as complicated as they do.”

“Perhaps she has her reasons,” someone said.
“Otherwise, why would she give such a high acquisition price!”

The lowest purchase price was 80 cents.

“‘What if it’s high?”

Was it really as Shi Lichun’s niece had said? At least two dollars?

If that was the case, it would be very profitable.
In the coming year, everyone would come to plant watermelons.

While the villagers were discussing, the two staff members handed the report of the inspection test to Gao Wenwen.

The man with the glasses pushed up the frame on his nose and said with a smile, “The results of this test are still okay.
The watermelon is 13.5% sweet.
It’s juicy and crispy and sweet as honey.”

Gao Wenwen read the report very seriously as she listened to his subordinate’s report.

“It’s just that this watermelon is still lacking in quality,” Assistant Chen said again.

Gao Wenwen nodded.
“Yes, I understand.”

Then, she handed the report to her uncle, Shi Lichun, and said seriously,

“Uncle, Qingming told me earlier that the watermelons planted by your family are delicious and sweet.
They are green fruits that are harmless.
It’s very likely that they have reached a high standard of quality of organic green fruits that are harmless.

If that’s the case, then your family’s watermelon purchase price meets our highest standard, more than six dollars.
It’s just that…”

When she said “just”, almost everyone held their breaths and listened very seriously.

The price of more than six dollars was simply astronomical.

In the past, when watermelons could sell well, they were only worth about a dollar.

If Shi Lichun’s watermelon was really sold for such a price, their family would really be rich.

They still had 50,000 to 60,000 catties.
If they sold them all, it would be at least 300,000 dollars.

This number was an amount that many farmers had to work their entire lives to reach.

However, when they heard the young female boss say “just”, everyone’s hearts skipped a beat.

“There won’t be any changes, will there?”

“It’s just that, Uncle, your watermelon meets the standard of green fruit without harm, but it doesn’t meet the standard of organic green fruit without harm, so the price is slightly lower.
The price is between two to five dollars.”

Shi Lichun and the others did not quite understand.
What was the difference between a harmless organic green fruit and a harmless green fruit? The difference in price was so big.

Gao Wenwen did not understand their doubts and continued, “This is divided according to the size of the watermelon.

“In other words, when we purchase watermelons, there are certain requirements regarding the quality of the watermelons.
Watermelons that were too small and too big cost another price.”

“However, don’t worry, we’re only grading, we’re still acquiring!”

Shi Lichun recovered from the shock of hearing the price.

He nodded at Gao Wenwen’s words, then asked a little nervously, “Miss Gao.”

“Uncle, call me Wenwen.
Qingming and I are best friends, and my father and Uncle Gu are also good friends.
Therefore, Qingming’s uncle is my uncle.” Gao Wenwen smiled and said, “It makes me feel a little awkward to have you address me as Miss Gao like this!”

Uncle smiled and said, “Alright, Wenwen.
Then I’ll ask directly.”

“Yes, Uncle.
What do you want to ask? Just ask,” Gao Wenwen said with a smile.

“Wenwen, can our watermelon really be sold for such a high price?” Uncle asked suspiciously.
“Don’t tell me you want to give our family a chance to get rich on account of Ming’er?”

Gao Wenwen was immediately amused.

She smiled and said, “Eldest Uncle, the ways of the world are the ways of the world.
Business is business! I never bring my personal feelings to business.
Don’t worry, Eldest Uncle.
If I really want you to make a fortune, Qingming has plenty of ability.
I won’t snatch her chance.”

Eldest Uncle nodded and asked, “Then what’s the price of our watermelons?”

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