67 The Cute Gao Wenwen

After Gu Qingming caught up with Gao Wenwen at the village entrance, she brought her into the village.

Gu Qingming looked at the time and then at the hot sun in the sky.
She said, “Wenwen, you’re tired from traveling.
Rest for a while.
The weather is too hot now.
It’s not suitable to go to the fields.”

Gao Wenwen shielded her eyes with her hand and looked up at the cloudless sun hanging high in the sky.
She nodded.

“It’s really not a good idea to go out in the sun.
Otherwise, my fair skin will be tanned, thickened, and ugly.
I’ll really be sorry then.”

The corners of her three brothers’ mouths twitched again.

Just this once would make someone ugly?

But this girl was too cute.

She was beautiful and candid.

Miss Gao Wenwen noticed the three tall and handsome young men behind Gu Qingming, and her eyes lit up.
Before Gu Qingming could introduce her, she went forward and introduced herself.

“Hello, handsome men.
My name is Gao Wenwen, and I’m Gu Qingming’s best friend.
Come, come, let’s add each other on our messaging app!”

With that, Gao Wenwen took out his high-end smartphone and said, “Add me so that we can contact each other easily in the future.”

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The three brothers were embarrassed and immediately looked at Gu Qingming helplessly.

This girl was too enthusiastic.

Gu Qingming knew her best friend very well.

“Yes, yes.” Gu Qingming cleared her throat and interrupted Gao Wenwen’s interest.
“These three are my brothers.
Although they’re tall and handsome, I already have three sisters-in-law now.”

Gao Wenwen was infatuated.
When she saw handsome men, she couldn’t move her feet.
Her eyes sparkled.

“What? All married?” Gao Wenwen looked surprised.
Then her interest was dampened.
She waved her hand and said, “Since you’re married, forget it.
I don’t touch married men!”

The three handsome brothers looked at their sister in confusion.

Was this cute girl so impetuous?

“Uh, Brother, don’t misunderstand!” Gu Qingming explained, “Wenwen is obsessed with looks.
Her reference to touching doesn’t mean going to bed, but to flirt.
She has such a hobby and likes to flirt with good-looking people.”

Male or female.

Girls who liked to flirt with handsome men and beautiful women were as innocent as a piece of white paper.

Back then, they became good friends because Gu Qingming was very beautiful.

Their fathers were friends.
When she was young, Gu Qingming was fair and fat.
Her eyes were big and round, and she was adorable.

Little Wenwen, who had only been unable to crawl for six or seven months, saw Little Qingming, who was playing on the crawling mat.
As soon as her father put her down, she crawled to Gu Qingming’s side, shocking everyone, especially Father Gao, who was an old father.

Most surprising of all, as soon as this brat crawled to Gu Qingming’s side, she immediately kissed her.
Uh, she bit her.

The first kisses of the two children were gone.

Little Qingming, who had been playing in the toy room, was suddenly bitten by a chubby thing.
She was so frightened that she immediately cried.

Little Wenwen didn’t know why this young lady she liked so much was crying.
She wanted to comfort her, but she didn’t know how.
Then she cried with her.

The two children cried their hearts out.

The parents of the two children hurriedly picked them up and coaxed them.

Later, little Wenwen was brought to the Gu family to play from time to time.

It was only because little Wenwen liked little Qingming.

Sometimes, Gao Yang would joke, “If they weren’t two girls, I would have gotten them engaged.
My daughter really likes your Mingming too much.”

Then, after kindergarten, their father sent them to the same kindergarten so they could keep each other company.

Gu Qingming was soft and cute and liked by children.
Every day, children fought to play with her.
Now, little Wenwen was unwilling.

She thought that Mingming was her playmate and could not be snatched away.

She even fought with other children in order to play with Little Qingming.

Gao Yang was invited to the kindergarten every day because of his daughter’s fights in the kindergarten.
When he came out, he covered his face.

He had a headache having such a fighting daughter.

Especially since she was the one who caused trouble first.

After kindergarten, they went to elementary school, junior high, and high school together.
When they went to university, they chose different majors and were not in the same school.

However, no matter where they were, Gao Wenwen was the person who protected Gu Qingming the most.

In her previous life, Gu Qingming ignored her advice and married Lin Haotian.
In a fit of anger, Gao Wenwen went overseas.
She did not return until she was in trouble, and there was no news of her.

Gao Wenwen liked beautiful and cute women.
She also liked masculine and handsome men.
Whether they were men or women, she simply liked and admired them.

But she had a bottom line.
Women were one thing.

As for men, she only flirted with unmarried ones.

“Damn girl, I already said that Lin Haotian is a good-for-nothing, but you still got angry with me!”

Gao Wenwen’s car was given to her subordinates to drive.
She and Gu Qingming walked back to the village.

Although it was two or three in the afternoon and the temperature was at its hottest, rows of greenery were planted on both sides of the village road; it was as if they were strolling on a forest path.
It was not too hot.

Gao Wenwen held Gu Qingming’s arm and complained, “I’ve long seen through Lin Haotian.
He looks at you as if he’s sizing up something valuable.
Oh, pfft, I didn’t say you were a thing.
Ah, no, you’re not a thing!”

Gu Qingming was speechless.

The three brothers following behind were speechless.
This girl’s personality was too cute.

Gu Qingming smiled and said, “Yes, yes, you’re right.
I was blind to take a fancy to that thing back then.”

“Not only are you blind in your judgment, but you’re also blind when it came to heart!” Gao Wenwen said bluntly.
“All our friends advised you that that man wasn’t a good match for you, but you insisted on dating him.
Do you regret it now?”

The three brothers behind couldn’t help but frown.

This girl was a little cute and straightforward, but she couldn’t keep poking at their sister’s scars.

Their sister had already been ruined by that man.

However, seeing that their sister was obviously not angry and was obviously happy with a smile on her lips, the three of them opened their mouths and looked at each other before tacitly swallowing their words.

Gu Qingming nodded and kept echoing, “Yes, yes, our Wenwen is right.
It was my fault back then.
I didn’t listen to you.
I’ll apologize to you now, okay?”

Gao Wenwen threw back her head and puffed out his chest.
He said proudly, “Since you’re so sincere in apologizing to me, I accept.”

At this, her expression immediately became serious again.

She said very seriously, “Promise me that you’ll find a man who truly loves you and has eyes for you in the future, okay?”

Because only true love would last!

Only with love would one feel happy!

Gao Wenwen’s wish was for Gu Qingming, the girl she had protected since she was young, to live happily.

Gu Qingming met her serious gaze and replied, “Okay!”

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