65 Could it be Her?

The three brothers watched Boss Liu drive over empty-handed and return empty-handed.
They said in surprise, “He went back just like that? Shouldn’t he come over to cause trouble?”

Gu Qingming smiled and said, “A strong dragon can’t defeat a local snake!”

Shi Hangyu immediately nodded in understanding.
“Oh, I understand.
He’s not coming openly.
He wants to come in the dark!”

Although Gu Qingming was from another village, her family was from the same village, and a large family in the same village.

Provoking Gu Qingming was equivalent to provoking an entire family, or even an entire village.

It was impossible for the villagers to watch as Gu Qingming, who had offended Boss Liu because she bought their watermelons, was bullied and stood by!

Second Brother looked at Gu Qingming and said worriedly, “Sister, if he comes in the dark, it will be too dangerous.
Let’s withdraw the plan, okay?”

“That’s right.
It’s easy to dodge an open spear, but it’s difficult to guard against a hidden arrow! This Boss Liu has been doing business for so many years, so he must have some tricks up his sleeve.
If he really does something to you, you’ll be in real danger!”

Third Brother’s expression turned serious.
“Sister, let’s call the police and let the police investigate the truth.
You don’t have to take the risk.
It’s too dangerous.
What if the plan is flawed?”

They could not afford to gamble!

Gu Qingming shook her head and said, “Brother, it’s too late.
Boss Liu has already noticed me.
I stole his business.
Severing someone’s income is comparable to killing his father.
He must already hate me.
He will attack me sooner or later.
I might as well take the initiative to attack.
At least the initiative is in our hands.”

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The three brothers fell silent.

If they had known that this plan was so dangerous, they would not have relented no matter how much their sister threatened them.

But the plan had already been initiated.
As his sister had said, Boss Liu had already noticed her.

Gu Qingming said, “Brother, don’t worry.
I’ll be fine.”

She raised her hand, looked at the watch on her wrist, and said with a smile, “My friend should be here by now.
I’ll go over and pick her up!”

“We’ll go with you!”

… .

On the other side, Boss Liu asked someone to drive the two big trucks away.

There was no way to harvest the watermelons in Stoneback Village.
There was no point in leaving the vehicles here.

“Boss, are we just going to drive back empty-handed?” A stocky man in a tank top looked indignant as he watched the busy farmers in the fields.

Boss Liu rolled his eyes at him and said unhappily, “If we don’t drive them back, are we going to stay here to wait for them to rust? The people here don’t want to sell me watermelons anymore.”

Scoundrel Liu extended his fist loyally and shook it.
He said, “Boss Liu, why don’t we teach that woman a lesson?”

“Yes, that woman is really infuriating.
Doesn’t she know that it’s very immoral to hijack someone’s business halfway?”

Another thin man said indignantly, “It’s irreconcilable to cut off someone’s income! She clearly knows that this area is your business territory, Boss Liu, but she still snatched it.
Such a woman deserves to be taught a lesson!”

“Speaking of that woman, I heard she’s from the big city.
Her family is rich, she’s beautiful, and she has a good figure!”

An indescribable glint appeared in the thin man’s eyes as he continued, “I heard that she fell somewhere in the morning.
Her entire body was wet, and her wet clothes were stuck to her body.
That figure simply made men’s noses bleed.
Many men in the village saw it.”

“Wait, what did you say?” Boss Liu frowned and narrowed his small eyes.
He looked in the direction of the village and his eyes shot out a sharp light.

“I said many men in that village saw it, right?” Cheng Ba repeated.

“No, it’s the previous sentence!”

“I heard that she fell somewhere in the morning.
She was wet.
Her wet clothes stuck to her body.
That figure is enough to make a man’s nose bleed.”

“Could it be her?” Boss Liu narrowed his eyes.

In the morning, when he reported the situation of the target to his superior, he felt a gaze on him, but he saw no one when he looked around.

It turned out that there was someone; it was just that the person had hidden under the water.


A fierce look appeared in Boss Liu’s eyes.

“Boss, that woman is so beautiful.
If we can use her, we’ll probably enjoy ourselves so much we’ll go to heaven, right?” Cheng Ba’s eyes revealed an obscene glint.
“She’s so beautiful and has such a hot figure.
I’ve never seen such a beautiful woman.
This Stoneback Village really raises good people.”

Boss Liu rolled his eyes at him and said coldly, “Hmph, she’s not from this village.
She’s from a big city.
Her family is rich and can afford to support her.”

“It’s even better if she’s rich.” Cheng Ba’s gaze instantly became greedy.
He continued, “Coincidentally, we’re short of money now.”

Scoundrel Liu nodded in agreement.
We brothers have been short of money recently.”

Cheng Ba and Scoundrel Liu were hooligans that Boss Liu knew in Pingyang County.
They called themselves the Azure Dragon Gang.

Usually, they only collected protection fees from some street stalls and shops.

They had never kidnapped or killed anyone.

Now, they were just having fun.
If they really did it, they might be afraid.

Boss Liu’s sharp little eyes narrowed again.
Then he smiled.

He said, “That girl is indeed beautiful and has some money.
It shouldn’t be a problem to invite her over and earn a million and eight hundred thousand through her.
I’ve asked around and that girl’s family background is quite good.”

The villagers only knew that Shi Yashu was married to a rich man, but they did not know her man’s identity or his name.
They only knew that his surname was Gu.

Boss Liu asked about Gu Qingming’s identity slightly.
Other than having some money, her family did not seem to have any special background.
Otherwise, Shi Lichun and the other brothers would not be still farming and would have moved to the city with their sister.

“A million and eight hundred thousand?” Cheng Ba and Scoundrel Liu could not help but be tempted when they heard this number.

They usually collected protection fees in the county city.
It was only at most 3,000 dollars a day, and they split it with their brothers.
The money they received was only a few hundred each.
It wouldn’t last them more than a few days.

If they made a million and eight hundred thousand dollars at once, that much money could last a long time and they could still find women to play with every day.

“Yes, I heard that her family is a multimillionaire,” Boss Liu said.
“It won’t be a problem to ask for a million and eight hundred thousand.”

“Indeed!” Scoundrel Liu nodded in agreement.

“Wait!” Cheng Ba reacted.
“Isn’t this kidnapping? This is a crime.
If you’re caught, the consequences will be serious.
You’ll go to jail.”

Usually, when he collected protection fees and teased women, he would be fined or locked up for a few days if he was caught.
He was unwilling to be locked up for a long time.

Boss Liu smiled and said, “Brother Cheng, let’s go.
I’ll treat everyone to a good meal and find a beautiful woman for each of our brothers.”

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