Chapter 61: Using Oneself as Bait!

Gu Qingming was shocked to hear her grandmother mention past cases.

“A girl goes missing every year?” Gu Qingming frowned in disbelief.
“How did that happen? Did their families report to the police?”

“They did!” Grandma said.
“Just last year, an 18-year-old girl went missing from Shangyou Village.
Her family couldn’t contact her for three days and immediately reported her.

“When the police station found out that the girl eloped with a man, her family didn’t believe it at all.
That girl was very obedient, filial, and sensible.
It’s impossible for her to elope with someone for no reason without any news.
Now, that girl can’t be contacted.”

Gu Qingming asked in confusion, “Then how did the police station find out that that girl eloped with someone?”

“I heard the police checked the surveillance.
It was traced to the girl getting on a train with a man while chatting and laughing.
A train attendant testified that they were a couple.”

Her aunt said, “Since it was an elopement and not a disappearance, the police stopped investigating.
The case was closed.”

Gu Qingming thought for a moment and said, “I’m afraid that girl was deceived.
Didn’t the police investigate that man’s identity?”

Logically speaking, since the family had come to report the case, even if they found out that the girl had eloped with a man, they should have investigated the man’s identity and understood the situation, in order to satisfy the family.

“Yes, of course, they did,” her aunt said.
“They said that the man was from a remote mountainous area.
He knew how to sweet-talk that girl and the police couldn’t do anything about her being deceived like this.”

She had been deceived willingly.

boxn ovel.

Gu Qingming frowned.

What was Boss Liu’s relationship with the man who had eloped with the missing girl?

Based on what she could infer about Boss Liu, this was not a simple case of being deceived by a man from the mountains.

She suddenly thought of something and asked, “Aunt, is that girl beautiful?”

“That’s right.
That girl is beautiful and lively.
She’s known in a few villages around us for being beautiful.”

Her aunt said, “Many people say that such a beautiful and sensible girl will definitely marry into a good family.
But in the end, she eloped with a strange man.”

“Her parents couldn’t accept it.
Even now, they’re not willing to believe that their girl really ran off with a strange man.”

Gu Qingming said, “In that case, Grandma, how did you confirm that that girl went missing?”

Her grandmother said, “That’s what the girl’s mother said.
She said she dreamed that her girl was suffering somewhere and asked them to save her.”

“But they’ve already called the police.
The outcome of the investigation was that the girl eloped with someone.”

“As for dreaming of suffering, that was a dream after all.
It couldn’t be evidence in reality.
Naturally, it was impossible to file a case.”

“Later, her mother was so worried about the missing girl that she became a little abnormal.
Whenever she saw someone, she would pull that person aside and ask that person to save her daughter.”

Her aunt sighed softly and said, “That girl’s disappearance is still unclear.
However, after you told us about your suspicions, we thought that the time when that girl went missing was less than a month from when this Boss Liu went to that village.
Previously, no one would suspect Boss Liu.”

“Is anyone else missing besides the girl?”

A wife disappeared from Luozhai Village three years ago.
I also heard that this wife left with a rich man.
She hasn’t returned yet.”

“However, her family did not report her disappearance.
She disappeared more than a month before Boss Liu arrived.” Her aunt thought for a moment and said, “I heard that that wife is also very beautiful.”

“Two years ago…” Her aunt became more and more afraid.

If the disappearance of those women was really related to this Boss Liu, then Boss Liu was really too terrifying.
He was simply a demon.

To think that they had dealt with this Boss Liu in the past and even did business with him.

Gu Qingming frowned in confusion.
“Were all these village girls said to have eloped with men when they went missing?”

“Yes!” Her aunt nodded.
“But everyone believes it.”

In the countryside, it was relatively conservative.
If a girl who was not married held hands with her blind date and went to the market, it might spread to many people in a short time.
That girl would be said to be indecent.
She was not married yet, but she was doing such intimate actions.”

“Also, when a married wife stood with another man, she would be rumored to be having an affair.”

“These missing women were all beautiful.
When they disappeared, they had been seen with men.
Therefore, many believed their disappearance was due to their elopement with men.”

Gu Qingming could not understand these people’s thoughts.

Why didn’t they suspect that a perfectly good person would suddenly disappear with a man?

“Other than the family from Shangyou Village which reported the case, did anyone else report it?” Gu Qingming asked.

Her aunt shook her head and said, “No! Among those missing girls, their families favored boys over girls and didn’t dote on them.
That girl from Shangyou Village, Shen Chunmei, was really doted on by her family, so her case was reported.”

“Aunt, was that girl’s name Shen Chunmei?” Gu Qingming was surprised to hear the girl’s name.

She thought of a big case from her previous life.

Gu Qingming’s expression became uglier and uglier.

Grandma and Aunt looked at her expression and asked worriedly, “Ming’er, are you alright? You look so pale.”

Gu Qingming shook her head and said, “I’m fine.
I just thought of something.”

Whether that Boss Liu was related to this case or not, she decided to use herself as bait to test him first.

She had the spatial fairy now.
It was much easier to escape.

Of course, she would never put herself in danger.

Just as Gu Qingming was thinking, her uncles, who were working outside, returned with her third aunt and three wives.

“Mom, did something happen to call us back in such a hurry?” Shi Lichun asked anxiously as soon as he entered.

If something hadn’t happened, his mother wouldn’t have called everyone back from work at once.

Grandma said very seriously, “Close the courtyard door first!”

It was not appropriate to alarm the others in the village.

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