“All medicine contains some poisonous.
Over time, these poisons gather in the body.”

“Also, the rice and fruits you eat usually contain traces of pesticides.
When you eat these things, no matter how you treat them, some of the harmful properties are still on them.
While some are expelled from the body, some stay in the body.

After you drink the spiritual spring water, these poisons will be expelled from your body.
Similarly, some hidden lesions will be dealt with by the spiritual spring water.
This way, this person’s physical fitness will instantly increase by more than a hundred times.
He will look more energetic and healthy.
It will not be a problem for him to live a long life.”

When Gu Qingming heard this, she instantly understood what was going on.

Just like in Xianxia fantasy dramas, it was like a kind of Marrow Cleansing Pill.
After consuming it, an ordinary person would instantly become an extraordinary person.

That was true.
Spatial fairies, like television dramas, came from a fantasy world.

The fairy looked at its master, who was drenched except for the top of her head, and asked in confusion, “Master, what’s wrong? Why are you wet? Did you fall into the water?”

As long as Gu Qingming did not share her sea of consciousness, the fairy would not be able to see everything outside.

Gu Qingming said, “I’m fine.
I just had a small accident and jumped into the pond.”

Jumped into the pond?” The fairy was puzzled.

“I overheard a little situation just now.
I jumped into the pond because I was afraid of being discovered by that person!” Gu Qingming did not hide anything.

“Ah, jump into the pond?” The fairy instantly jumped up and said in surprise, “Master, have you forgotten that you’re pregnant?”

It flew up and down and its two small wings flapped as it said anxiously, “Even if your body has been cleansed by the spiritual spring water and the condition of your body has increased by a hundred times, the fetus is fragile.
You definitely can’t do any strenuous exercise.”

Hearing the fairy’s reminder, Gu Qingming instantly felt a lingering fear.

Gu Qingming explained, “But what if that person finds out and he chooses to silence me and hunt me down? Can a weak woman like me defeat him?”

The fairy instantly looked at Gu Qingming suspiciously and said, “Master, didn’t you train to fight criminals since you were young? You even learned Taekwondo.
What are you afraid of?”

Gu Qingming rubbed her glabella and shook her head.
“Little fairy, it’s not that simple.”

Then, she said with a serious expression, “I suspect that that person is a human trafficker.
I overheard his conversation and he must have an accomplice.
Therefore, I must not be exposed.
Otherwise, I will definitely let those criminals get away with it.”

“Human traffickers?” The fairy flapped his wings in surprise.
Then, he said anxiously, “Human traffickers should be arrested! Those people are very detestable!”

It had been on this planet for three thousand years.
Although it was sleeping and recuperating, it was instinctively vigilant.
It released its divine sense and then witnessed generations of historical changes.
Of course, it had also seen the criminal actions of those human traffickers.
They had harmed family after family.
They were heartless existences.

“Did the master get a good look at the person, then?” the fairy asked.

Gu Qingming shook her head and said, “I didn’t see his face, but I saw his back and heard his voice.
If that person was standing in front of me, I would recognize him at a glance.
Therefore, I’m trying to confirm it.”

At this point, she slapped her head.
“Ah, shit! I don’t know who that human trafficker is trying to kidnap.
Little Junxuan and Little Jiahao are still playing outside.
I’ll quickly bring the two children home and tell my family.”

The fairy immediately nodded and replied, “Yes, yes, hurry home!”

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