Gu family, be it her parents or grandparents, they had never favored boys over girls.

Ever since she was young, she had been treated as a treasure wherever she went.

At home, her parents doted on her.
When she returned to her grandparents’ house, she was cherished.
Their love for her was obvious.

Gu Qingming asked hesitantly, “How is that Chunhua now?”

Born into a family that favored boys over girls, life was usually not easy.

Back then, Lan Ruomei made up a story and told her that she was born into a family that favored boys over girls.
She rambled on about how biased her parents were, how she was treated differently at home, and how miserable she was.
It made Gu Qingming pity her.

Back then, her kindness to Lan Ruomei was because of her pitiful background.

Second Aunt sighed softly and said, “After Chunhua came of age, a matchmaker came over to propose marriage.
However, her parents wanted a very high betrothal gift for their only precious son.
Those families who came to propose marriage were frightened away on the spot when they heard about the high betrothal gift.
As a result, Chunhua has not had a successful matchmaking session.”

Gu Qingming asked in surprise, “How high a betrothal gift must it be to scare people away?”


“126,000?” Gu Qingming said in confusion.
“That’s not high!”

Second Aunt smiled and said, “Ming’er, this is a rural village, not a rich city like yours.
Betrothal gifts here are only around 40,000, at most 60,000.
Yet Chunhua’s parents want a betrothal gift of 126,000 dollars.
Wouldn’t they scare people away?”

Gu Qingming was a little embarrassed.

She really didn’t mean to say that the betrothal gift wasn’t high.

She just didn’t have this consciousness yet.
The standard of living in the countryside was not high.

Even if the standard of living in the countryside was good, it could not compare to her family.

“Then Second Aunt, how old is that Chunhua? How is she now?” Gu Qingming asked curiously.

“Chunhua is 22.” Her second aunt shook her head.
“Girls around here are usually married by 20.”

“Ha, so early?” Gu Qingming did not understand.
“Why are they getting married so early?”

Speaking of which, she married Lin Haotian at the age of 21 or 22 in her previous life.
It was quite early.

“It’s not too early to get married at 20,” his second aunt said.
“Some girls graduate from junior high and get married at 15 or 16.”

“At 15 or 16 years old, a girl’s still underage,” Gu Qingming said in confusion.
“She shouldn’t be able to get a marriage certificate yet.”

“If you can’t get a marriage certificate, you can get engaged and hold a banquet first.
Then, you can have children.
When you’re old enough, you can get a marriage certificate,” his second aunt said.
“In our generation, many people get married and have children at 15 or 16 years old.
They only hold banquets, but they never get a marriage certificate in their lives.”

Gu Qingming was speechless.

Were rural girls actually so pitiful?

At such a young age, they had to get married and have children.
There were even some who did not have a guarantee for the rest of their lives.

Her heart could not help but feel a little heavy.

Seeing that Gu Qingming was in bad spirits, the two little fellows skipped over.

They each held Gu Qingming’s hand and said, “Aunt, let’s go.
We’ll take you to a fun place.”

Gu Qingming’s slightly depressed mood was quickly lifted by the two innocent little fellows.

She smiled and asked, “Okay.
Where are you taking me to play?”

Second Aunt waved her hand and said with a smile, “Go, go.
When it’s time for dinner, you can come back.
Little Junxuan, Little Jiahao, you have to take good care of Aunt, understand?”

“Yes, Grandma (Second Grandma),” the two little ones replied happily.

Second Aunt immediately said happily, “You guys responded so quickly.
It’s Aunt who should be taking care of you.”

“We’ll definitely take good care of Aunt.”

The two little fellows clenched their fists and said firmly.

It was very cute!


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