hicken-feathered hands, she immediately shouted, “Xiaoyu, Xiaoyu, come out for a while.”

Xiaoyu was her aunt’s eldest daughter-in-law.

His eldest daughter-in-law, Zhou Xiaoyu, walked out of the kitchen wearing an apron.
As she wiped her hands with the apron, she asked, “Mom, what’s wrong?”

His aunt said, “Your sister is vomiting in the bathroom now.
Go take a look.”

“Okay!” Zhou Xiaoyu replied as she walked in that direction.

Gu Qingming only felt nauseous and did not vomit.

“Sister, are you alright?” Zhou Xiaoyu asked with concern.
She glanced at her expression and saw that there was no change.

She said with some relief, “It’s normal to have these reactions during pregnancy.
You don’t have to worry.
As long as you don’t vomit badly, you don’t need to see a doctor.
Generally speaking, when a woman is 13 or 14 weeks pregnant, the symptoms will slowly decrease or even disappear.”

At this point, she thought for a moment and said, “However, some people vomit because they feel nauseous when they eat some kind of food.
They could range from sour to spicy food.
Some people will curse even when they smell onions.
I wonder which foods are safe for you.”

Gu Qingming thought for a moment and said, “Sister-in-law, I might not have vomited due to pregnancy.
Instead, I saw Aunt killing chickens and plucking feathers.
I felt disgusted by the smell.”

Zhou Xiaoyu understood what was going on.

When dealing with the chickens, the smell was indeed unpleasant.
Sometimes even she felt like vomiting when she smelled it, let alone her cousin, who had always lived a good life in the big city.

Zhou Xiaoyu smiled and said, “Oh, so that’s what happened.
Speaking of which, the smell is indeed unpleasant during the process of killing chickens and dealing with chicken feathers.
I smell it from time to time and feel nauseous.
Sister, are you still feeling nauseous? Why don’t I pour you a cup of sour plum soup? It can relieve your nausea.”

Gu Qingming nodded and said, “Yes, sorry to trouble you, Sister-in-law.”

After Zhou Xiaoyu left, Gu Qingming confirmed that the nausea was not a symptom of pregnancy but she was just put off by the smell.

After drinking the spiritual spring water in the space yesterday, even the symptoms of frequent urination could be alleviated.
As mentioned by the little fairy, nausea and vomiting symptoms should not appear again.

After walking out of the bathroom, Gu Qingming washed her hands on the sink and drank two mouthfuls of spring water before finally feeling much better.

However, she didn’t go too close to where her aunt dealt with the chicken feathers.

When the two little fellows saw Gu Qingming come out, their faces were a little pale and they looked a little worried.

They asked with concern in a very sincere and young voice, “Aunt, are you alright?”

Gu Qingming looked at the clear and concerned eyes in their eyes and shook her head with a smile.
“Don’t worry, Aunt is fine.
I just feel put off by the smell of chicken.
If I don’t get close now, I’ll be fine if I can’t smell it.”

When her aunt heard this, she picked at the chicken feathers faster and said, “Then don’t get too close.
After cleaning up these internal organs, I’ll spray some flower dew lotion to get rid of the smell.
Otherwise, it’ll be very difficult for the smell to dissipate.

In the countryside, many people used flower dew lotion to repel mosquitoes, especially after the mosquitoes bit them.
After applying flower dew to their bodies, they would not be itchy.

They also used flower dew lotion to cover up some of the smell so that it wouldn’t be so unpleasant.

When Shi Junxuan heard this, he immediately said, “Grandma, I’ll go get the flower dew lotion.”

“Alright, go get it.
Be careful not to break the bottle,” her aunt instructed.

Gu Qingming asked in confusion, “Flower dew lotion?”

“Yes, it’s what we villagers call perfume,” Aunt said with a smile.

Gu Qingming was speechless.

Shi Junxuan ran over with a bottle.
As he ran, he shouted, “Grandma, I’ve brought the flower dew lotion.”

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