However, Shi Lichun’s watermelons were well-regarded by Boss Liu, and the price was high.

Tens of thousands of catties of watermelons were thousands of dollars more.

It was already a huge profit to sell this watermelon for 50 cents per catty this year.

Shi Lichun shook his head and said, “I’m not selling them anymore.”

His niece had already found him a buyer who would be here in the afternoon.

According to his niece, if his watermelon passed the appraisal and met the quality requirements, their watermelon could be sold for at least two dollars a catty.

Of course, that would depend on the quality of their watermelons.

If the watermelons did not meet the green organic food standards, it was also possible to follow the requirements of green food without harm.
However, the price would probably be lower, at more than a dollar.

“Why not?” Shi Xianlin said in confusion, “Could it be that your niece has bought all your watermelons?”

That was very likely.

That niece’s family was so rich.
It was simply a piece of cake to buy tens of thousands of catties of watermelon.

Shi Lichun thought for a moment and shook his head.
“It’s not my niece who is buying it.
It’s her friend.
Her friend is coming over this afternoon.”

Shi Lichun couldn’t tell anyone about this.

However, Shi Xianlin had been persuading him.
He could only reveal a little now.

Shi Xianlin’s answer was expected.

Previously, he had some doubts.
Now, he was only certain.

He nodded.
“Oh, I see.”

Envy appeared in his eyes as he continued, “Sigh, your family is going to make a fortune.”

If the watermelons were really sold for one or two dollars per catty, the 50,000 to 60,000 catties of watermelons would fetch more than 100,000 dollars.
It was much more profitable than selling it for 45 cents.

If he had such a choice, perhaps he would have done the same thing as Shi Lichun.

After all, that niece would not cheat them.

At this point, Shi Xianlin did not continue persuading.

He only said, “Lichun, do bring us to riches when you have the chance.”

Other than a golden phoenix flying out of their house, the three Shi brothers were really diligent and hardworking.

They were also willing to suffer and work hard.
They had never relied on their sister to get rich.

Shi Lichun smiled and said, “How can I make a fortune? Aren’t we the same as everyone? We relied on farming and worked hard.”

Their family did have a sister who married into a rich family.
But that was marriage, not a transaction.

If they wanted to live a good life, they had to be diligent.
If one was lazy, one would never be able to live a good life.

“Boss Liu, Shi Lichun said that the melons of the brothers are not for sale now.
They can still grow in the fields.” Shi Xianlin knew how to be tactful.
He did not say right away that Shi Lichun’s family had another buyer.

“They’re not selling it now?” Boss Liu frowned and asked in confusion, “Could it be that they’re only selling them when they rot in the ground?”

Shi Xianlin laughed awkwardly and said, “Hehe, I don’t know about that.”

“Since he’s not willing to sell it now, forget it.” Boss Liu did not force it.
He continued with a disdainful expression, “Heh, when they’re willing to sell it, it won’t be at this price.”

Shi Xianlin did not reply.

He knew that Boss Liu had said that on purpose so that he could change the topic.

But he wasn’t stupid.
If he really said that, wouldn’t he offend Boss Liu?

Of course, he did not dare to offend Boss Liu on the spot.

He chuckled and said, “Hehe, Boss Liu, Shi Lichun’s watermelon will be sold in two days.”

As for who he would sell it to, he didn’t say.

Boss Liu understood.
Of course, he would sell it to him.

He was in a good mood!

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