Chapter 54: Evil Merchant Boss Liu

Boss Liu brought two large trucks into Stoneback Village.

No matter what, he had to collect 30,000 catties of watermelon from Stoneback Village today.
Otherwise, he would have made a wasted trip.

Actually, the main reason was naturally to take a gamble in a fit of pique.
He purely wanted to fill in the gaps left by Shi Lichun and his brothers.

Weren’t the Shi brothers unwilling to sell him watermelons? Hmph, he still received so many watermelons.

It wasn’t that he had to have their watermelons.

When they arrived at Stoneback Village, he met Shi Xianlin and said to him, “I want to go to your fields to take a look at the watermelons first!”

Shi Xianlin, Shi Bangchun, Shi Bangming, and Shi Bangliang naturally had no objections.

They nodded in unison.
“It’s only right.”

However, they could not help but feel nervous and uneasy.

They knew very well that the watermelons in their fields were really not as beautiful as the watermelons in the Shi brothers’ fields.
Most importantly, the taste was not as sweet as theirs.

Boss Liu was knowledgeable.
What if he was picky and didn’t want their watermelons? Could it be that they would have to let the watermelons rot?

boxn ovel.

Boss Liu was a smart person.

He glanced at their expressions and immediately guessed what they were thinking.

In fact, he had traveled extensively all these years to buy and sell watermelons.
He had seen all kinds of people and interacted with all kinds of people.
He had long learned to observe people’s expressions.

The expressions of these three country bumpkins were like child’s play; their thoughts were undoubtedly exposed.

He couldn’t help but smile.

It seemed that he could cut the price of their watermelons again.

No one would complain about having too much money if they could earn more.

Hmph, only that Shi Lichun and his brothers were stupid and ambitious.
They thought that they were planting gold and even despised the price he offered.

Look at the market for watermelons this year.
It was already a high price for a farmer to be able to sell them for 45 cents.

He’ll see how the watermelons in their fields would rot in the ground.
There would be a time for them to beg.

At that time, the price of their watermelons would definitely not be 45 cents, but 35 cents a catty.

Thinking of this, Boss Liu was in a good mood.

In any case, he felt that Shi Lichun and his brothers must beg him to sell him their watermelons.
Otherwise, which big boss would want so many watermelons?

Shi Xianlin and the other four melon farmers could not help but relax when they saw the smile on Boss Liu’s face.
As long as Boss Liu was in a good mood, things would be much easier.

The first place Boss Liu and the others came to was Shi Xianlin’s watermelon field.

When they arrived at the watermelon field, Boss Liu, who was originally smiling, frowned.

Shi Xianlin’s heart skipped a beat.
His heart skipped a beat.

Shi Xianlin smiled and introduced, “Boss Liu, although my watermelon is big, it’s very sweet.”

It was unknown if it was because of the variety or because they had fertilized it too much, but these watermelons were especially big.
They all looked to be 20 to 30 catties.

One should not be mistaken in thinking that big watermelons were easier to sell.

Actually, that was not the case.
The bigger the watermelon, the harder it was to sell.

Most of the people who bought watermelons were individuals or families.
Often, such buyers could not consume large watermelons unless they were from a large family.
Of course, this excluded a minority with unique preferences.

Shi Xianlin picked a watermelon in the ground, peeled open the watermelon vine leaves, and knocked on it.
Hearing a clear and crisp sound, he felt that it was ripe and plucked it.

He placed the watermelon on a basket.

After cutting it open with a knife, the red watermelon juice flowed out.
The red watermelon flesh looked ripe.

Shi Xianlin cut a small piece and handed it to Boss Liu.
He smiled ingratiatingly and said, “Boss Liu, eat it.
My watermelon is really sweet.”

His watermelon was really sweet and juicy, but it was a little big, so it was not easy to sell.
Unfortunately, most people would despise it for being too big.

Boss Liu took the watermelon and tasted it.
He spat out a few black watermelon seeds.

After eating a piece, he frowned and said, “Boss Shi, your watermelon is relatively sweet and delicious.
However, your watermelon is too big.
Even if I buy it, it won’t be easy to sell.”

Shi Xianlin immediately said nervously, “Boss Liu, you’re knowledgeable.
You’ll definitely be able to sell these watermelons.
In the past, our watermelons were sold to you.”

Boss Liu smiled and said, “In the past, your watermelons weren’t this big.”

Shi Xianlin was immediately a little anxious and nervous.
He stammered, “My family only has about 6,000 catties.
Boss Liu has been in the watermelon business for so many years.
You will definitely be able to sell it.” His tone seemed to be pleading.

He had no choice.

If Boss Liu really didn’t want his watermelons, he didn’t know if the next person to collect them would come.

Even if there was another one, he might also despise his watermelons for being big.

Glancing at Shi Xianlin’s expression, Boss Liu’s lips curled up.
Then, he pretended to be in a difficult position and said, “Boss Shi, it’s really not that I don’t want to buy your watermelon.
Your watermelon is too big.
Even if I can buy it, it won’t be easy to sell.
Aren’t you making things difficult for me?”

Although Shi Xianlin was a farmer, he could tell what Boss Liu meant.

Wasn’t it just to reduce the price?

Shi Xianlin gritted his teeth and said, “How about this, Boss Liu? I’ll sell my watermelon to you for 35 cents.”

Previously, he had said 40 cents on the phone.

He had no choice.
Someone had touched his sore spot.

He was not the only one who sold watermelons.

If Boss Liu wanted to buy watermelons, he had many choices.

However, he had no other choice.

This was what Boss Liu wanted.

Shi Xianlin seemed to be a smart person.

In the end, Boss Liu ordered all the watermelons in his field, except the ones which were really ugly or too ripe.

The purchase price was 35 cents.

Boss Liu went to the fields of other three people to look at their watermelons.

He picked at their watermelons the same way.

“Boss Shi, your watermelon isn’t sweet.
If I collect it, I won’t be able to sell it.”

“Boss Shi, your watermelon is too small.
It doesn’t look nutritious and isn’t sweet.

… .

In the end, none of the four families sold their watermelons for 40 cents per catty.
Three families sold them for 35 cents, and one family sold them for 30 cents.

Regardless of the price, farmers who were busy all year round would really be relieved if their watermelons were sold.

After selling the watermelon, they had to plant the seedlings.
Time was very tight.

Boss Liu led two or three people past a watermelon field with very good watermelon vines and beautiful watermelons.
He asked in confusion, “Whose watermelons are these? Have they been sold?”

A local farmer beside Boss Liu said, “These are Shi Lichun’s watermelons.”

Immediately after, Boss Liu’s face darkened.

He felt angry.

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