Just as Gu Jianguo and his wife were worried about Gu Qingming, they heard the phone ring.

Gu picked up the phone and looked at the caller ID.
Her eyes flashed.
“Little Brother!”

Grandma had given birth to four children, and Mrs.
Gu was the third.
The first two were Shi Lichun and Shi Liqiu, and the youngest was Shi Lidong.

As a girl, Mrs.
Gu had been the treasure of the Shi family since she was born.
They had unanimously decided to give her a sophisticated name and not a rustic name like how girls were usually named in the countryside.

However, the Shi family was not too cultured and asked the old man in the village who could read.

The old man flipped through a few old books and found the words “Ya” and “Shu.” Ya was elegant, and Shu contained a ladylike aura.

When the Shi family heard this, they immediately decided to call her Yashu, which meant an elegant lady.

Who would have thought that instead of nurturing an elegant lady, they would nurture a tomboy who had been invincible among the children in the village since she was young? She had become a “village tyrant”.

This image of a village tyrant lasted until Shi Yashu got into university.
It was only when she rarely returned that the trauma in her old friends’ hearts slowly disappeared.

Then, when Shi Yashu got married and had children, she returned to the village less and less.
Everyone seemed to have gradually forgotten her identity as a village tyrant.

“Little Brother, what’s wrong?” Shi Yashu’s heart skipped a beat.
She asked worriedly, “Did something happen to Ming’er?”

“Ahem…” Shi Lidong glanced at the old lady and immediately said seriously, “Sister, Ming’er is fine.
She’s fine now.
Mom asked me to call you.”

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“Mom?” Shi Yashu immediately calmed down.
“Then what’s the matter, Mom?”

“Damn girl.” Before Shi Lidong could answer, Old Madam Shi immediately snatched the phone away and questioned loudly, “Tell us, what’s going on with Ming’er?”

Shi Yashu did not react for a moment.
She asked with a puzzled expression, “Ming’er, what’s wrong with her?”

“What else could be wrong with her?” Old Madam Shi suppressed her anger and immediately erupted.
“How did Ming’er become so sensible? She looks more mature.
Don’t tell me she’s grown up.”

“Hmph, Shi Yashu.
Even if people grow up, they do it step by step, not all at once.

“Our Ming’er has always been innocent, cute, and carefree.
How did she suddenly become stable and mature not long after?”

“And how did she get pregnant? She’s not even married.”

Rural people were more conservative and traditional.
She naturally thought that one should only get pregnant after getting married.
Otherwise, girls who got pregnant out of wedlock would be criticized.

However, Gu Qingming was the only girl in their Shi family, so they naturally doted on her.
Even if they knew that she was pregnant before marriage, they would love her as a priority and definitely not let anyone gossip.

Their Shi family had many people.
There was no need to be afraid of anyone.

Listening to her mother’s angry words, Shi Yashu, who usually quarreled with her mother after a few words, felt a little guilty.

But she told him the truth.
“She was in a relationship and couldn’t read people.
She was set up and got pregnant.”

With a short sentence, everyone instantly understood the reason.

Grandma shouted angrily, “Ming’er is still young and doesn’t know how to read people.
How can you not know how to read people? How dare you let an outsider set up Ming’er like this? As a mother, how did you protect the child?”

When Gu Jianguo heard his mother-in-law’s tone, he immediately took the phone.

He was worried that the mother and daughter would quarrel again.

He said, “Mom, don’t be anxious.
We are indeed responsible for Ming’er’s pregnancy.
As parents, we didn’t protect our daughter.”

Grandma’s anger dissipated by half when she heard her son-in-law’s voice.

However, she still wanted to ask about Gu Qingming’s pregnancy.

She asked, “Son-in-law, it’s not that I, as your mother-in-law, want to criticize you, but our Ming’er is so beautiful and cute.
She will definitely attract some bad people.”

“However, the child is still young and could not distinguish between good and bad.”

“As parents, you should know better.
In this case, why would our Ming’er still fall for it?”

“Ming’er is so sensible now, but she’s so sensible that I, as her grandmother, am about to cry.”

“This child should be like before.
She should be carefree, laugh happily when she’s happy, and cry when she’s unhappy.
But look at the child now.
She’s obedient, sensible, mature, and stable.
It’s not a personality you would attribute to a young girl at all.
It’s completely like she’s gone through decades of vicissitudes.”

When Gu Jianguo heard this, he immediately fell silent.

He frowned and said, “Mom, it’s our fault.
Two years ago, this child had a boyfriend.
It was a boy from the countryside.
The first time I saw the boy, I thought he was up to no good.
That’s why I objected to their dating.

“But I don’t know if it’s because Ming’er’s late in her rebellious youth or because she’s the opposite of us.
The more we objected, the more insistent she was.
We persisted like this for two years.”

Grandma and the others were silent.

Gu Jianguo continued, “Just three days ago, she suddenly told us that she was pregnant with that man’s child.
Whether we agreed or not, she still insisted on being with that man.
It’s just that…”

At this point, he didn’t know what to say.

Her grandfather, on the other hand, asked anxiously, “But what? What happened next?”

Gu Jianguo said without hiding anything, “It’s just that for some reason, this child suddenly figured it out herself.
Then, she asked me for two bodyguards and said that she was going to break up with that man.
In the end, when she arrived at the hotel, she caught that man fooling around with her best friend.”


Shi Hangyu and the other young people were abnormally angry.

No wonder their cousin was different from before.
She had suffered a double betrayal by her boyfriend and best friend.

How much of a blow would that be?

“Uncle, who is that man? My brothers will definitely teach him a lesson!” Shi Hangyu said angrily.
“Hmph, he actually dares to bully our sister.
He’s really tired of living.”

“What the hell? Our cousin is so beautiful and generous.
There are many men who woo her.
She fell for him because he burned incense for three lifetimes and smoke rose from his ancestral grave.
How dare he actually betray her!”

It didn’t matter if that man was worthy of his cousin.
Now that he had betrayed her, he had to be taught a lesson.

“No wonder Ming’er looked so haggard.
That’s what hit her.
Damn that man.”

Grandma said angrily.
Then, she blamed them, “Ming’er is still young and doesn’t know how to read people.
Why can’t you watch her? You knew from the beginning that that man was up to no good.
Why didn’t you separate from the beginning?”

Gu Jianguo could only say guiltily, “It’s my fault!”

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