Gu Qingming’s second aunt, Sun Xiangxiang, was really good at cooking.
The dishes she made looked and smelled good.
No matter how full someone was, they would probably be able to have one or two more bowls when they saw the dishes on the dining table that were fragrant and as beautiful as flowers.

“Here, Ming’er.
These steamed ribs with taro are sticky and fragrant.
Don’t you like taro best? Eat more.”

“This is a beer duck!”

“That’s a fried fish.
Soft and tender.”

“We also have steak with tomatoes.”

… .

She had clearly not liked meat in the past, but now, when she smelled the fragrance of meat, she could not help but swallow her saliva and crave it.

Picking up her chopsticks, Gu Qingming started eating.

Previously, she was clearly full, but now that she was eating again, she still felt hungry.

Gu Qingming suspected that if she continued to eat like this, she would gain weight.

She couldn’t imagine herself putting on weight.

The two bodyguards and the driver at the next table could not stop picking up their food in the face of the temptation of these delicacies.

boxn ovel.

The food at their employer’s house was not bad either.
The chef they hired to cook was a renowned chef.

Both had their merits.

However, the food here was mostly home-cooked and smelled more like home.

The Shi family also kept telling them to eat more.
There was enough food, so they were embarrassed to persuade them.

They had already eaten three big bowls of rice and felt that they were only half full.
As for the dishes on the dining table, most of them went into their stomachs.

After eating and drinking her fill, Gu Qingming distributed the gifts she had brought and rested early.

She planned to visit the watermelon field tomorrow.

It would have been fine if she hadn’t known.

Since she found out, she would definitely think of a way to sell her uncle’s watermelons.
Moreover, with the quality of her uncle’s watermelons, she had to sell them for a good price.

“Grandpa, Grandma, these are nutritional supplements I bought for you.
Have a drink morning and night.
It’ll keep you in good health!” Gu Qingming said.

At her grandparents’ age, there was nothing they lacked l.
Therefore, taking care of their health was their most important task.

Health and longevity were the well-wishes of all their descendants.

As Grandpa and Grandma took the nutritional supplements, they smiled and said, “Darling, so be it.
We’re happy that you’re here.
Why waste that money!”

Of course, the old couple would not reject a child’s filial piety.

“Eldest Aunt, Second Aunt, Aunt, this is a set of skincare products I bought for you.” Gu Qingming took out a gift and said with a smile, “This set of skincare products is really useful.
Since they can protect the skin, there should be a whitening effect.”

Her three uncles each had a leather alligator belt.
In addition to a set of skincare products, each of her three aunts had a dress.
They were all tailored to their heights.

“Wow, that dress is beautiful!”

“It’s really beautiful.
Ming’er, you’re really considerate.”

These dresses were novel and fashionable.
The texture was very comfortable and did not look cheap.

Women had always loved beauty!

Her three aunts liked the three dresses immediately.

Gu Qingming’s gift to her three cousins was a set of makeup and a pair of earrings.

The three cousins were overjoyed.

Previously, when they saw the skincare products Gu Qingming had given their mothers-in-law, their eyes were filled with envy.

Women loved beauty.
They also wanted to take good care of their skin and dress up.
Unexpectedly, they also had a set of cosmetics and a pair of earrings.

Not to mention cosmetics, just the earrings were eye-catching.
They were really beautiful.

“What beautiful earrings!” Lin Qiulan, the youngest daughter-in-lae, said excitedly, “This makeup looks so high-end.”

Lin Qiulan had married over this year and had never seen Gu Qingming.

Before she married into the family, she knew that her future husband’s family was well-to-do and had an aunt who married into a very rich family in a big city.

In the past, her two sisters-in-law had received gifts from their aunts.
Therefore, it was said that they were all high-end supplies that made all the women in the village envious.

Now she could receive a gift, too.
And it was obviously expensive.

The sister-in-law beside her pulled her and whispered, “This set of cosmetics costs at least 4,000 dollars.
I saw it online.
At that time, I was wondering if I should buy a set.
I didn’t expect Cousin to send it over as a gift.”

“That expensive?” Lin Qiulan was stunned.
She couldn’t help but feel excited as she held the box.
Then she protected it carefully, afraid that she would break the set of makeup if she wasn’t careful.

She had never used such expensive cosmetics.

The most expensive thing she’d ever used was a two-hundred-dollar lipstick.

“And this pair of earrings costs at least 2,000 dollars.” Her sister-in-law had been receiving gifts all these years and was a little knowledgeable.

“2,000?” Lin Qiulan was surprised again.

A pair of tiny earrings actually cost 2,000 dollars.

Lin Qiulan’s heart trembled at the total value of the gifts.

She had never used such an expensive thing since she was born.

Perhaps except for the jewelry bought for her by her in-laws when she got married.

In the past, she had heard how rich her aunt’s family was.
Now, she saw that this was real money.

The combined value of this family’s gifts was tens of thousands of dollars.

Farmers struggle to earn 20,000 to 30,000 a year.

Lin Qiulan looked at Gu Qingming and her eyes flickered.

Gu Qingming did not know what her cousin-in-law was thinking.

At the moment, she was surrounded by three or four turnip heads.

“Aunt, you’re so beautiful!” A chubby little cutie who was three or four years old widened his eyes and blinked at Gu Qingming with a sincere expression.

“Yes, thank you for the compliment! You’re so cute too!” Gu Qingming squatted down slightly and touched his black hair.

“Then, Aunt, do we have a gift?” the nephew asked sincerely again.

Gu Qingming smiled and asked, “Then what gift do you want?”

The little nephew’s eyes lit up with anticipation.
He asked, “Can I have a toy remote-controlled car? Can I have Ultraman toys? And dinosaur toys… and…”

His grandfather patted his little head gently.

Third Uncle said angrily, “Shi Jiahao, aren’t you asking for too many gifts? Do you want your aunt to move all the toys in the toy shop back?”

When Shi Jiahao heard this, the light in his eyes immediately dimmed.
He said, “Alright, then I want a remote-controlled plane.
Can I?”

He seemed to be a little aggrieved, making people pity him.

Gu Qingming touched his black and soft hair again and said with a smile, “Alright, be it a remote-controlled car or a remote-controlled plane, I have them.
There are also other small gifts.
Do you want to see them?”

Shi Jiahao’s expression lit up again.
“Really? I want to see them!”

“Aunt, I want to see them too!” “I want to see them too!”

Gu Qingming looked at the other three nephews and smiled.
“Don’t worry, everyone has gifts!”

These little turnip heads were really naive and cute.

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