As Gu Qingming got out of the car, Grandma called out anxiously, “Be careful.”

Grandma grabbed her hand and asked with concern, “Darling, are you okay on the way? Do you feel uncomfortable anywhere?”

Gu Qingming shook her head and said, “Grandma, I’m fine.
Don’t worry.
My ride here was very comfortable.
I ate, drank, and slept all the way.”

Her grandmother nodded.
“Yes, that’s good.”

Then, her expression changed and she said reproachfully, “You heartless girl.
Your parents come once a year, but you don’t even come to see your grandparents every few years.
Did we treat you badly?”

All these years, she had missed this granddaughter very much.
However, after calling a few times, Gu Qingming used busyness as an excuse.
Later, they stopped urging her.

They thought that Gu Qingming looked down on the countryside and was unwilling to come to the countryside or interact with them.

Naturally, they still felt a little uneasy.

Of course, it would still hurt.
They would still dote on her.

As a girl who had grown up in a big city and came from such a rich family, it was normal for her to look down on country people.

That was how they comforted themselves.

Gu Qingming immediately shivered and shook her head.
“No, no.
Grandpa and Grandma, all of you are very good to me.
Previously, I really had a special reason why I didn’t come to see Grandpa and Grandma.”

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At this point, she paused for a moment before saying apologetically and guiltily, “It’s just that no matter what the reason is, it’s my fault for not coming to see Grandpa and Grandma for so many years.
I’m sorry, Grandpa and Grandma.”

With that, she hugged her grandmother gently.

Looking at his wife hugging his granddaughter, his grandfather was clearly a little jealous.
It was unknown if he was jealous of his wife or his granddaughter.

“Yes, yes…”

Grandpa nodded and made a sound to alert the grandmother and grandson.

How could Gu Qingming ignore her grandfather?

She hugged her grandmother for a while before hugging her grandfather and whispering, “Grandpa, I miss you too.”

Grandpa’s eyes immediately turned red.
He patted Gu Qingming’s shoulder and said in a choked voice, “Yes, I’m very happy that you came to see me.
Really happy!”

After Gu Qingming hugged her grandfather for a while, she greeted the elders.

“Eldest Uncle, Second Uncle, Third Uncle!”

“Aye, okay.
Ming’er will stay here in peace from now on.”

“I’ll get your aunts to prepare your room at home.
In the future, you’ll recuperate here.”

“Ming’er is really getting more and more beautiful.
The saying that girls change when they grow up is indeed right.
How true is that!”

“Our Ming’er was very cute and beautiful when she was young.
Her small face is pink and chubby.
She’s extremely likable.”

“The current Ming’er has become a big girl and is even more good-looking.”

These uncles, cousins, and cousins were all praising Gu Qingming for being beautiful.

After greeting them, the group returned to the village.

Gu Qingming helped her grandmother, but her grandmother was worried about her condition and helped her instead, making Gu Qingming feel embarrassed.

When she was pregnant, everyone treated her like a fragile glass doll and was so careful.

She clearly remembered that when she came here, she had seen a few pregnant women working.

At that time, Grandma even sighed and said, “Sigh, rural women are like this.
As long as they’re not feeling unwell, they have to keep working until they are about to give birth.
They only rest when they really can’t work anymore.
Many people give birth to their child when they work in the fields.”

Gu Qingming was still young at that time and did not understand why they still had to work when they were pregnant.

Later, she found out that it was due to their life circumstances.

They relied on some fields to live.
Therefore, they had to work every day.
If they didn’t work, they probably wouldn’t be able to live in the future.

However, what Gu Qingming did not know was that many pregnant women worked in the fields not only because of life circumstances but also because of their in-laws.

When a woman married into a good family, her in-laws would treat her well.
If her husband doted on her, it would be a woman’s lifetime blessing.
It would be a good life.

Not all women were lucky enough to have this fortune.
Most women were treated unfairly or even harshly by their in-laws after they got married.
In addition to serving the family, she had to do fieldwork.

Many people couldn’t even sit during their confinement period.
They lived with their children and worked in the fields the next day.
A married daughter was like spilled water.
If her family had been more supportive, they might have gone through a one-month-confinement period.
If her mother-in-law turned a blind eye, she would have to let her in-laws do whatever they wanted.

Grandma had never told Gu Qingming any of this.

“Ming’er, you must be tired from the journey.
When we get home later, take a shower first.
After we eat, you can rest,” Grandma said.
“When we found out that you were coming, we prepared your favorite dishes.
We made you chicken soup to nourish your body.
After all, you’re eating for two now.”

Her grandmother’s chickens, ducks, and fish were all free-range.
The meat was delicious and completely different from the taste of a big city.

Every time she returned to her grandmother’s house, Gu Qingming loved to drink various types of soup, such as chicken soup, duck soup, fish soup, and so on.

“Your second aunt cooked! Your second aunt’s culinary skills are the best, and you love her cooking the most.” Grandma chuckled.
“She was also very happy to know that you were coming.
Now, she started working early in the morning.
Your aunt and third aunt are helping!”

As soon as her grandmother finished speaking, Shi Hang took the opportunity to smile and say, “Cousin, you don’t know this, but my mother took out some of her precious seasonings she hoardded for many years just to make a delicious meal for you.”

His mother knew that Gu Qingming loved to eat her cooking, so she would definitely show off her culinary skills.

“Thank you, Second Aunt!” Gu Qingming thanked her sincerely.

Shi Hang waved his hand and said, “Cousin, my mother will definitely be unhappy to hear you thank her.
After all, we’re family.
It’s not appropriate for you to thank her.”

Grandpa also nodded and said, “Yes, we’re a family.
There’s no need to thank us at all.
Ming’er, eat more later.
That would be the way of showing your gratitude to your second aunt, third aunt, and your three sisters-in-law.”

Gu Qingming smiled and said, “Alright, I’ll definitely eat more later! Grandpa, I can already eat a lot now.”

“Haha, it’s good that you can eat!” Grandma said with a smile.
“Pregnant people are easily hungry.
They’re hungry again not long after eating.
It seems like they can’t fill their stomachs no matter how much they eat.”

Gu Qingming blushed and nodded.
“Yes, Grandma, that’s how I feel now.
I feel that I’ll definitely gain weight if I eat like this.”

“It’s good to be fat,” her grandmother said with a smile.
“What woman doesn’t get fat when she’s pregnant?”

Gu Qingming was a little worried when she heard her grandmother’s words.

She wouldn’t really turn into a pig, would she?

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