The Truth

“That pair of adulterers!”

Listening to the conversation from the bedroom, Gu Qingming clenched her fists again.

Gu Qingming wanted to rush in immediately to give each of them a big slap.

But she calmed herself down.
She wanted to keep listening.

Lan Ruomei thought for a moment and asked tentatively, “Hao Tian, will you miss her? After all, she’s fair, beautiful, and has long legs.”

Jealousy flashed in her eyes as she said it.
“It would be a pleasure even if she were a secret lover in the future, wouldn’t it? After all, men are animals who think with their lower bodies.”

Lin Haotian immediately raised his hand and swore, “Mei’er, don’t you trust me? You’re the only one I’ve ever had in my heart.
I would never have wanted to date and marry her if I didn’t need to divert her attention from our schemes.
I wouldn’t have slept with her if I didn’t want to obtain her trust.

Speaking of this, he even looked put off.
He was a neat freak and couldn’t stand women who’d been touched.

Outside the room, Gu Qingming clenched her fists tighter and tighter.
The veins on the back of her fair hand throbbed even more violently, ready to burst at any time.
The anger gathered in her eyes was mounting.

She had never thought that she would be such a disgusting person to Lin Haotian.

When Lan Ruomei heard Lin Haotian’s words, her face, which was nestled in his chest, became even more smug.

boxn ovel.

Then, she said kindly, “Haotian, no matter what, you are husband and wife.
It’s only right that you leave her a way out.
However, if you hate her, we can lock her in a small dark room in the future, okay?”

She remembered Gu Qingming saying that she was afraid of being locked in a small dark room.
She was also afraid of rats and cockroaches.

After they have taken down the Gu Corporation and completely established themselves in Sea City, she would lock Gu Qingming in a small black room and put in rats and cockroaches to make it exciting.

When she thought of the expression on Gu Qingming’s face, her heart surged with joy and her face revealed excitement.
She wanted that scene so badly.

However, they had been plotting for so long and were about to step into the door of success.
No matter what, they still had to please Gu Qingming.

Lin Haotian smiled and said, “Alright, you can do whatever you want with that person.
Just don’t get in my way.”

In reality, he thought that Gu Qingming was attractive with a good figure.
She was a good toy for men.

When he really became successful, he still wanted Gu Qingming to be his secret lover and would take necessary measures if she was unwilling.
Of course, he could not possibly tell Lan Ruomei these thoughts now.

Then, the two of them discussed on the bed what they would do when they entered the Gu Corporation in the future.
Success was just a step away!

They had been talking for some time.
Lan Ruomei glanced at the alarm clock on the bedside table and said, “Ah, it’s past ten o’clock.
No wonder I feel hungry.”

At this point, she thought of something and asked, “Hao Tian, what time is her flight? Do you want to call now and ask where she is so that you can pick her up?”

Lin Haotian also looked at the time and frowned slightly.
He said, “She called earlier and said that she would be home at noon today.
She’s probably on the plane now.
If I call her, she won’t answer.
Mei’er, let’s go for breakfast first.
After breakfast, you and I will pick her up.”

Lan Ruomei immediately giggled and nodded.
“That’s good.
I’m her best friend.
She’s been on a business trip for so long, I miss her a little.”

Then, the two of them cuddled on the bed for a while before washing up.

When the two of them were done packing, Lan Ruomei said, “Hao Tian, can you call her?”

She was wearing a bright red dress that belonged to Gu Qingming.

Lin Haotian nodded, found his phone, and called.

But soon, the familiar ringtone of a cell phone rang in the living room, causing their hearts to skip a beat.
Their eyes met.

“That’s… that’s her ringtone.” Lan Ruomei suddenly looked uneasy.
“Hao Tian, didn’t she bring her phone?”

It simply wasn’t possible.
Last night, she slept in this bed and talked to her on the phone.

“No, she… she’s back!” Even Lin Haotian’s voice was trembling.
He was also feeling uneasy, and his expression was a little helpless.

Lan Ruomei immediately fell silent, but she looked extremely anxious.

She whispered, “I wonder how long she’s been back.
Did she see us…?”

But even if she didn’t see it, they would definitely be suspicious if they came out of their bedroom together.

Lan Ruomei frowned tightly and lowered her head slightly, thinking for a moment.

Then, he said to Lin Haotian, “Haotian, we can only take a gamble now.
Go out and test the situation.
Coax her out first, and I’ll take the opportunity to run out.
As long as she can’t catch evidence of us being together, we will have a way to dispel her doubts.”

At the moment, it could only be the last resort.

Now, they could only pray that Gu Qingming had coincidentally returned and not returned for a while.
They knew very well that in this short time, he and Lan Ruomei had done a lot of things.

Lin Haotian nodded, then adjusted his clothes and whispered to her, “Mei’er, I’ll go out and take a look first.

Lan nodded.
“Yes, I know.”

She reached out and adjusted Lin Haotian’s clothes.
Her eyes were filled with worry as she whispered, “Hao Tian, be careful!”

Lin Haotian turned around and looked at the door in front of him.
It was as if he was going to step into the threshold of hell.
It was unbearable.
He took a deep breath before stepping out.

Lan Ruomei clenched her fists tightly.
Her sharp fingers seemed to be digging into her flesh, and a trace of blood immediately appeared.

Lan Ruomei thought to herself hatefully, “I’m clearly Lin Haotian’s real girlfriend.
It was Gu Qingming, who stole my man.
But now, I’ve become a shameful existence.
Gu Qingming, just you wait.
I’ll definitely make you pay back the humiliation you gave me a thousand times over!”

Now she had obviously forgotten that it was she who had pushed her boyfriend to someone else.

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