The next day, after Gu Qingming cleaned herself up, she prepared to go to school.

Gu had already prepared breakfast.
When she saw her daughter, she asked suspiciously, “Where are you going today?”

“To school!” Gu Qingming sat down and took a few sips of warm water before picking up the fried dough sticks and eating them with soy milk.

She loved the combination of deep-fried dough sticks and soy milk.

When Gu Jianguo, who was sitting at the dining table, heard his daughter’s words, he asked in confusion, “You’re going to school today?”

“Yes, I’m going to school.
Why?” Gu Qingming took a bite of the fried dough stick and swallowed all the soy milk inside.
This taste was really delicious.

Gu immediately looked worried.
She knocked on her daughter’s head and said, “What’s wrong? Have you forgotten what happened yesterday and last night? Now, the entire school knows that you’re pregnant.
Daughter, is it really okay for you to go to school now?”

Last night’s incident and the comments on the Internet could be blocked and dealt with, but when they arrived at school, they could not shut people’s mouths.
And those reporters would definitely be waiting outside their homes or at the school gate.

Gu Jianguo thought for a moment and said, “We’re in the limelight these few days.
Why don’t you take cover at home?”

Most importantly, Gu Qingming was pregnant.
There were so many people outside.
What if someone pushed and shoved her? What if something happened?

Gu Jianguo added, “Daughter, let’s lie low for the next few days.
I’ll give Director Guo a call and ask for a few days of leave!”

boxn ovel.

Gu Qingming shook her head and said, “Dad, Mom, don’t worry.
It will be fine.
I still have something to deal with at school.”

Gu asked worriedly, “Daughter, must you deal with it now? Can’t you do it in a few days?”

Gu Qingming shook her head and said, “Dealing with it now is no different from dealing with it in a few days.

She looked at her parents seriously and said, “Dad, Mom, I’ve already grown up.
Be it as your daughter or as the heir to the Gu Corporation, I have to learn to handle things myself.
I can’t choose to escape because of the risks.”

Gu Jianguo and his wife looked at each other with relief in their eyes.

After a moment, Gu Jianguo nodded and said to his wife, “Our daughter is right.
She has already grown up.
She has to learn to face and deal with things on her own.”

Mother Gu nodded and said worriedly, “Alright.
You have to bring two more bodyguards to protect you.
Your body is different from before.”

Gu Qingming nodded.
“Yes, I understand.”

After breakfast, they left the villa.
The reporters surrounding them swarmed up and asked Gu Qingming sharp questions.

“Miss Gu, according to your boyfriend, you were pregnant with a wild man’s child while you were dating him.
Is this true?”

Four burly bodyguards in black protected Gu Qingming in the middle.

“Miss Gu, as the successor of the Gu Corporation, you are promiscuous and have many relationships.
Will your messy private life and bad style affect the Gu Corporation’s stock market?”

“Miss Gu, according to someone, you wanted to take back what you gave away.
Moreover, the amount is just a drop in the ocean to you.
Do people really say that the richer you are, the stingier you are? You even want to take back what you gave to your best friend.

… .

Gu Qingming stopped in her tracks.

Her sharp gaze swept across the reporters surrounding her, and a cold smile appeared on her lips.
She asked in a clear voice,

“I had sex with my boyfriend and got pregnant.
Are you guys that interested?

“Who saw me being promiscuous? You opened your mouth and casually said that.
Do you know I could sue you for slander? Do you believe me?

I think everyone saw the public opinion last night.
I even sent a lawyer’s letter to the Sea City Metropolis Daily.
Does your editor also wish to receive a lawyer’s letter?”

The reporters paused visibly in their questioning.

But someone asked sharply, “You’ve slept with your boyfriend? But you also slept with another man and said that you weren’t two-timing?”

“Even if I’m cheating on my boyfriend, that’s my personal matter.
What has it got to do with the Gu Corporation?” Gu Qingming said coldly, “Besides, I’ve already broken up with Lin Haotian.
He’s already in the past.
What does it have to do with him who I date and sleep with?”

“You broke up with Lin Haotian?” A reporter asked in confusion.

“Yes!” Gu Qingming’s eyes turned red and tears welled up in her eyes.
She looked sad and aggrieved, but she was also very strong.

Anyone can play the victim.

Most of the reporters flinched at her expression.
But soon, their eyes lit up, and a strong sense of interest and gossip surged out.
As reporters, they instinctively wanted to get to the bottom of the subject of the interview.

“Miss Gu, did you really break up with Lin Haotian? When did you break up? I heard that someone saw you two going out together two days ago?”

“Miss Gu, did your boyfriend find out that you cheated on him? ”

“Or could it be that you and Lin Haotian are just playing around? Was this to satisfy the mood of you young ladies?”

The questions were getting sharper and sharper.
A few reporters had deep jealousy in their eyes and attacked with the greatest malice against these rich and arrogant second-generation heirs.
Their opinion was that these heirs were all rotten people.
They relied on their family’s wealth, were arrogant, and played with women or men.
Their private lives were extremely extravagant.

Gu Qingming felt the malice of these reporters and swept her sharp gaze over them.

“I was in a serious relationship with Lin Haotian.
Before I fell in love with him, I had never fallen in love at all.
I was in love with him for two years and planned to get married after graduation,” Gu Qingming said seriously.

“But it’s said that Chairman Gu doesn’t agree with your relationship.
Therefore, even though you two have been in a relationship for two years, you didn’t get your parents’ approval.
They said that it’s because the other party came from the countryside and doesn’t have any background.” A reporter said, “Is that why you kicked out your rural boyfriend?”

This was obviously suggesting that Gu Jianguo and his wife looked down on the people from the countryside.
For wealthy families, it was best for their children’s marriages to be of equal status.
Once this kind of attitude was reported, they might be criticized and scolded by tens of millions of netizens.

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