Fierce Counterattack

Lin, the evidence you handed us was all fake.
Now that we’ve all been sued by the person in question.
Let me tell you, you’d better give us fifty thousand dollars as compensation.
Otherwise, you can wait to be sued.
Every deal we make with you is backed by evidence.”

It was a call from the head of the internet trolls.
Two minutes ago, he and his team had been sued.

Netizens like them were like rats in a smelly ditch.
It was true that they were annoying, but many people would choose to spend money to avoid trouble.

The main thing was that it would be too much trouble to sue them.
Hiring a lawyer was a small matter.
What mattered was the time it would take.

As internet trolls, they had plenty of time to waste.
However, time was money to those who wanted to sue them.
How could they afford to waste it? Therefore, many people claimed that they wanted to sue them, but there were only a few who really took action and sent lawyers’ letters.

Faking facts, twisting the truth, and slandering.
No matter what the charges, if they went to court, they would be in deep trouble.
They would probably have to pay a whole lot more over the money they earned.

Therefore, they now vented their fear and anger toward the person involved or the culprit, Lin Haotian.

“Lin Haotian, Gu Qingming sent a lawyer’s letter to our newspaper office and accused us of slander.
You tricked people in order to take revenge and made our newspaper office eat Gu Qingming’s loss.
Hmph, just you wait!”

With that, he hung up before Lin Haotian could react.

This was the editor-in-chief of Sea City’s Morning City News.

Their official newspaper company had suddenly been reduced to an entertainment gossip newspaper.

boxn ovel.

As soon as Gu Qingming sent out the lawyer’s letter, he was immediately mocked by the industry.
Not only did he lose money, but he also lost his reputation.
Because of this, the higher-ups were about to revoke his position as chief editor.
He could only vent his anger on Lin Haotian, the culprit.

After Lin Haotian received these two calls, his and Lan Ruomei’s faces turned paler and paler.
Before they could react to what was happening, they received a call from the school.

“Student Lin Haotian, I’m Dean Guo.
On behalf of the school, I officially inform you that you’ve been expelled.
Please come over tomorrow to settle the procedures!”

Lin Haotian panicked and asked excitedly, “Director Guo, why did you expel me? I didn’t do anything illegal.”

Director Guo said coldly, “You know very well whether you did it or not.”

“Guo…” Lin Haotian shouted.

The other party hung up.

Moments later, Lan Ruomei’s phone rang.

Lan Ruomei looked at the caller ID and threw the phone away in shock, not daring to answer.

It was a call from Director Guo.

Lan Ruomei grabbed Lin Haotian’s sleeve nervously and said in fear, “Haotian, this call must have been made to expel me.
I… I don’t want to be expelled”

They were already in their senior year now.
They had already found an internship company.
Once the internship ended, they could officially enter the company to work.

They were going to work for a famous company in Sea City.
There were many new university students who were squeezing their way in.

However, with their expulsion, everything was gone.
Not to mention this company, even a small company would probably not want them.
No company would hire an expelled student.

“What should I do? Haotian, what should I do? I don’t want to be expelled.” Lan Ruomei was flustered and helpless.

Lin Haotian roared in frustration, “I’ve already been expelled, how would I know what to do?”

Just as he finished yelling, his phone rang again.

As soon as he saw the caller ID, his anger rose.
He knew that this person was behind everything that had happened to them tonight.

Lin Haotian picked up the phone and roared, “Gu Qingming, I know it was you.
Do you have to kill me before stopping?”

Gu Qingming said coldly, “Lin Haotian, I warned you before.
However, you don’t seem to have taken my warning seriously.
To think you wanted to ruin my reputation in a place like Sea City? Dream on!

I told you, if I want to crush you, it’ll be easier than crushing an ant.
There’s a way to heaven, but you choose to barge into hell.”

Lin Haotian, who was holding the phone, took a few steps back in shock.

They had always thought that Gu Qingming was stupid and easily bullied.
Otherwise, how could a dignified daughter of the Gu family fall into their love trap? Therefore, he did not take Gu Qingming’s warning seriously at all.

They thought that they had something on Gu Qingming.
As long as Gu Qingming’s reputation was ruined, how could she deal with them? The outside world would only think that this was revenge.

Even if Gu Qingming was the heiress of the Gu Corporation, she still had competitors.
At this time, if her competitors added insult to injury, Gu Qingming’s image would plummet and it would be difficult to salvage.
She could hardly protect herself.
How could she spare the time to deal with them?

He roared, “Gu Qingming, what do you want?”

Gu Qingming sneered and said, “Hmph, I’m giving you a taste of your own medicine.
Since you said that I’m promiscuous and have slept around, isn’t it more exciting for siblings to have sex? I have substantial evidence.”

“No, don’t!” Lan Ruomei was completely flustered.
“Gu Qingming, you can’t do this.”

“I gave you a chance!” Gu Qingming said coldly.
“I gave you three days to return everything I gave you.
Had you done that, the grudge between us will have been written off.
However, you guys are playing these tricks behind my back.
Do you really think that I, Gu Qingming, am a pushover in your hands?”

At this point, she paused for a moment and said mockingly, “Lan Ruomei, haven’t you always been jealous that I was born better than you and that my family was richer and more powerful than yours? Now, I’ll show you how rich and powerful I am.
Since you don’t cherish the opportunity I gave you, disappear from my sight completely.”

Lan Ruomei’s face turned pale.
“You… do you have to be so extreme?”

Gu Qingming sneered mockingly at them before hanging up.

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