ed with the elf again when she returned to her room and entered the space again.

Once again, she was certain that she was now in the same boat as the elf.

The space elf didn’t have any bad intentions.
It just wanted to go home.

It didn’t mean to be tied to her, either.

It was purely an accident between them.

Besides, she’d been reborn because the elf had sacrificed its own energy to reverse time and space.
This allowed her to see the scumbag and the bitch in advance.
It allowed her to make up for the damage she’d done to her parents.
Most importantly, they wouldn’t get rid of the baby in her stomach again.
It allowed her to make up for the guilt and regret she felt.

Even if the child’s father was now unknown, the fact that the child was hers was enough.

In the future, she could raise this child independently.

As for falling in love and getting married again, it felt like a distant matter.

“Alright, I’ll do my best to fill your space!” Gu Qingming promised carefully.

The spatial fairy instantly said gratefully, “Thank you, Master! Thank you, Master! Whether I can go home or not in the future, it’s good that Master has this intention!”

Gu Qingming touched his little crowned head and said with bright and serious eyes, “But you can’t appear in front of people casually without my permission in the future, understand?”

The space elf shook its head.
“Master, I have signed a master-servant contract with you.
Without your permission, I cannot be exposed.”

It paused and cocked its head.
“Besides,” he continued, “even if I were exposed, I’d be invisible and transparent.
No one would notice.”

However, Gu Qingming shook her head.
“Don’t underestimate modern society.
It looks very ordinary to you.
There is no cultivation, but civilized technology is advanced.
Current technology has a kind of laser red line.
Wherever it sweeps, nothing can be hidden.”

“Oh, really?” The space elf nodded seriously.
“Then I won’t appear in front of anyone in the future.
I’ll only come out if Master tells me to!”

Gu Qingming smiled and gently stroked its little wings a few times again.
She nodded and said, “Yes, what an obedient child.”

When Gu Qingming came out of the space, she realized that her phone was about to explode.

When she saw the caller ID, Gu Qingming called back.

As soon as she called, Gu Qingming heard a loud roar.

“Gu Qingming, what are you doing? Why aren’t you telling me or answering the phone when such a big thing has happened?”

Gu Qingming held the phone further away.
She thought that the other party was talking about the breakup with Lin Haotian.

She said, “I… I haven’t had a chance to tell you what happened, have I? Well, don’t be angry.”

Turning her head, she realized something was wrong.

She asked, “Jing Jing, how did you know that I broke up with Lin Haotian?”

“What? Did you really break up with that bastard? Haha… that’s great,” Chen Jingjing said happily.
“Gu Qingming, I told you long ago that that man isn’t worthy of you.
You didn’t know that when he was with you, his face was filled with ‘calculation’.
Fortunately, you’ve broken up now…”

Chen Jingjing chattered on for a while before she reacted.

She asked emotionally, “Since you broke up with that bastard Lin Haotian, is the child in your womb really not his?”

“What?” Gu Qingming did not react for a moment.

Only a few of them knew about this.
How did Chen Jingjing know?

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