That Bastard

During dinner, Gu Jianguo said earnestly, “Daughter, since you want to keep this child, your mother and I respect you.
I just hope that you won’t regret it in the future! No matter what, your mother and I are most concerned about whether you will be happy in the future!”

Gu Qingming felt a lump in her throat when she heard that.
She walked over and hugged her father.
“Yes, Dad, I won’t regret it.”

Gu Jianguo patted his daughter’s shoulder and sighed softly.
“I don’t know if it’s good or bad for you to keep this child.
Only whatever the outcome, it’s your choice.
You can’t blame anyone, not even this child.
Since you’ve decided to give birth it, treat this child well.
Don’t let it suffer any grievances because of this child’s father.”

“Yes, Dad, I know!” Gu Qingming thought about it and decided to tell the truth.
“Dad, Mom, about this child’s father, he’s actually not Lin Haotian’s.”

“What?” Mrs.
Gu stood up from her chair in surprise and asked anxiously, “It’s not Lin Haotian’s? Daughter, what’s going on?”

Gu asked in confusion, “Daughter, didn’t you tell us the day before yesterday that this child is Lin Haotian’s? Why did it become not?”

Gu asked anxiously, “Daughter, don’t you know who you slept with?”

Was her daughter that muddleheaded?

Gu Qingming glanced at her father and then at her mother, who was filled with anxiety and concern.
She said, “More than a month ago, I listened to Lan Ruomei’s instigation and wanted to get pregnant with Lin Haotian’s child so you would also recognize our relationship.”

“Despicable and shameless.
And you, you’re just a muddle-headed worm.
You can’t even tell the truth from the lie.
You’re simply… simply embarrassing our Gu family!” Father Gu’s words were a little harsh.

But just talking about it made him angry.

boxn ovel.

“You really don’t know how to cherish yourself.
You’re not married yet…” Mr.
Gu wanted to nag again, but he was interrupted by Mrs.

“Alright, stop talking.
Listen to Ming’er.
It won’t be too late for you to teach her a lesson later!” Mrs.
Gu persuaded Mr.
“Ming’er, continue.
What exactly happened here? Why is this child suddenly not Lin Haotian’s?”

At this point, Mrs.
Gu said very seriously, “Ming’er, if this child is Lin Haotian’s, of course, I’ll be happy.
But the problem is, no matter what, you have slept with a man.
If you don’t explain well today, you won’t be able to keep this child no matter what you say!”

As soon as Mrs.
Gu spoke, Gu Qingming and Gu Jianguo were shocked.
They sat down obediently like primary school students.

Gu Jianguo’s expression was equally serious as he asked, “Gu Qingming, confess and you’ll be forgiven.
If you don’t explain things clearly, I’ll immediately get someone to take you to the hospital for an abortion.”

As he spoke, he stared at Gu Qingming with a sharp gaze for a moment before saying, “Don’t try to fabricate a story to fool your parents.
Your father isn’t senile yet.”

Gu Qingming nodded under her parents’ serious gaze.

She really felt that there was nothing to hide from her parents who doted on her.

She said, “This matter started more than a month ago.
Lin Haotian and I have been dating for two years.
We were about to enter our fourth year in university when everyone would be going their separate ways, but we still didn’t get your recognition.
Lin Haotian and Lan Ruomei couldn’t help but feel anxious.”

Gu Qingming told Mr.
and Mrs.
Gu about how she had foolishly been instigated by her so-called best friend.
That was why she had impulsively decided to give herself to Lin Haotian on his birthday.

Gu Qingming recalled what happened back then.

“Since it was Lin Haotian’s birthday, I booked a private room at a hotel.
I wanted the two of us to be romantic.” Gu Qingming slowly regained her memories from that time.
“After we had dinner, we went to our room.”

When Mrs.
Gu and Mr.
Gu heard this, their faces turned ashen and their expressions were indescribable.
They couldn’t believe that the treasure they held in their hands would stoop so low for a man.

It was one thing for a girl to give herself to a man as a gift, but she even booked a private room.
It was too shameless.

Those who didn’t know better would think that it was their daughter who had pursued that stinky man when in fact, it was that bastard who had pursued their daughter first.

Gu Qingming carefully looked at her parents’ expressions and was a little lost.

She also didn’t understand why, at the time, she had acted like a woman possessed, doing crazy and incredible things for them.

“We went straight to the hotel where we got a room after dinner.
But when we got to the room, we’d just finished showering…”

The couple looked increasingly uncomfortable.

No parent would be in a good mood when they heard these things about their precious daughter.

“At that moment, Lin Haotian’s phone rang.
Then he picked it up and hurried away, apologizing that it was an emergency and asking me to wait for him.”

“After he left, I waited for him in my room, drinking wine.
I kept waiting for him, but as I drank, my mind started to become unclear.”

It was clear that she had become drunk.
Gu and Mr.
Gu’s expressions were ugly and complicated.

Gu scolded with a dark expression, “Your alcohol tolerance has always been poor.
If you drink a little, you’ll get drunk.
I told you to drink less outside, but why didn’t you listen?”

Gu immediately comforted her.
“Alright, is this the time to be calculative about this?”

She turned around and asked again, “Since you’re drunk, did something happen again that you don’t know about? Previously, you kept saying that this child is Lin Haotian’s, but now it’s not.”

Gu Qingming bit her lip and looked a little ashamed.

She said, “I walked out in a drunken daze and bumped into a man.
I thought it was that bastard Lin Haotian.
When I woke up the next day, it was also that bastard beside me.
We were both covered in marks.”

“If he hadn’t spoken of it today and threatened me, I would never have known that the child I carried was not his.”

“That bastard Lin Haotian!” Father Gu stood up from his chair angrily and shouted, “So, from the beginning to the end, he knew that the child in your womb wasn’t his.
But they actually used this child to encourage you to lay your cards on the table with us and make us accept the child and him?”

Gu also said, “How despicable!”

In order to climb up the social ladder, Lan Ruomei had made herself a cuckold.

“Look at you, what kind of friends did you find for yourself!” Father Gu couldn’t help but scold Gu Qingming again.

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