r eyes and said lightly, “If I don’t trust my daughter, who else can I trust?!”

“Madam, don’t you think you’re spoiling your daughter too much?” Gu Jianguo said with a little jealousy.
“In a society that believes in science nowadays, that wretched girl actually fabricated such a lie to keep that child.
It seems that she hasn’t been taught a lesson.”

How disappointing!

Gu said, “Now that the child has grown up, she already has her own thoughts.
As parents, we can only guide her, but we can’t interfere too much.”

Gu Jianguo’s expression froze for a moment before he said helplessly, “Yes, we should guide her.
But Madam, look at what she has done in the past two years.
For a scumbag, she got herself pregnant and threaten to sever ties with us.
Did we raise a daughter like that?”

Speaking of this, Gu Jianguo was filled with anger toward Gu Qingming.

Girls in love were really muddle-headed and infuriating.

Gu said protectively, “That’s not entirely our daughter’s fault.
It was clear that bastard Lin Haotian and his lover coaxed our daughter with flowery words.
Now, our daughter has come to her senses.”

Speaking of this, Gu Jianguo became even angrier.

He said angrily, “To think that my daughter, the heir I taught step by step, was so stupid as to fall into someone else’s honey trap? Those two things.
Their acting was so bad and yet she couldn’t recognize them and fell right into it.
How could I have had such a stupid daughter?”

However, Mrs.
Gu retorted, “How is our daughter stupid? She’s kind, young, and inexperienced.
When those two pretentious people made up all kinds of tragic stories, they naturally won our daughter’s sympathy and pity.”

“That’s why I said she’s stupid!” Speaking of this, Gu Jianguo became even angrier.
“We placed the information in front of her, but she didn’t believe us.
She even accused me of using tricks.

She’d rather believe two outsiders than her parents.
She wouldn’t turn back until she hit a brick wall.
Now, look what happened.
She’s pregnant, but she broke up with the child’s father.”

Gu frowned slightly and asked angrily, “Gu Jianguo, what do you mean by these words? Are you trying to dig up your daughter’s past now? Let me tell you, your daughter has already jumped out of that trap.
Don’t keep mentioning the past and keep stabbing at your daughter’s scar.”

Seeing that Mrs.
Gu was about to get angry, Gu Jianguo’s arrogance deflated like a balloon.

He immediately comforted Mrs.
Gu and said, “Honey, calm down.
I… I’m just complaining.
I know that my daughter has woken up and changed.

But… but I’m doing this for my daughter’s sake.
How can she marry into a good family with a child? For the sake of our precious daughter’s happiness, this child must be aborted.”

Gu said in an imposing manner, “Who said that our daughter can’t find a husband? Hmph, let’s see if that man dares to treat our daughter badly.”


Before Gu Jianguo could finish, he was interrupted.

She said, “There you have it.
The children will take care of themselves.
I’m sure our daughter will find the best man in the world in the future and be happy for the rest of her life.”

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