opened the door and smiled.
“Mom, I’m fine.
I just rested in my room.”

“Okay, that’s good.” Mrs.
Gu looked at her safe and sound daughter and finally felt slightly relieved.

After a while, Mrs.
Gu stared at Gu Qingming’s stomach and hesitated, not knowing how to speak.

Then, she asked tentatively, “Daughter, since you’ve broken up with Lin Haotian, do you have any plans for the child in your stomach?”

Gu Qingming frowned and made a decision after some thought.
“Mom, I want to give birth to it!”

“What? Give birth?” Mrs.
Gu was very surprised to hear the answer.
She said, “Baby daughter, do you know what it means to give birth to this child? With this child around, it’s very likely to affect your lifelong happiness.
Daughter, you have to consider carefully.”

Gu Qingming shook her head and looked at her mother seriously.
She said firmly, “Mom, I’ve already thought it through.
I must give birth to this child.”

“You…” Mrs.
Gu touched her chest and said angrily,” Do you know that when you give birth to this child, you will have endless trouble? ”

“Mom, I know,” Gu Qingming said stubbornly and firmly.
“After what happened with Lin Haotian, I no longer believe in love.”

“Child, how can you say that?” Mrs.
Gu said disapprovingly, “Besides, you’re a girl.
You have to get married.”

Gu Qingming held her mother’s hand and said coquettishly, “Mom, I’m not getting married anymore.
In the future, I’ll accompany you and Dad for the rest of my life.
Isn’t that good? In the future, the four of us will live happily as a family.
It’s better than marrying into another family and being despised.”

“Hmph, you’re the daughter of the Gu family.
Let’s see who dares to despise you!” Mrs.
Gu said loudly, “My precious daughter can marry into anyone’s family.”

Gu Qingming rolled her eyes and said, “If that’s the case, no one will dare to despise me for keeping this child, right?”

Gu choked.

“Sigh!” Mrs.
Gu sighed softly.
“This is completely different.
Keeping this child will cause endless trouble.
Most importantly, it will affect your lifelong happiness.”

“Mom!” Gu Qingming looked a little anxious.
She shook her mother’s hand and said, “Mom, there won’t be any trouble.
If you’re worried about that bastard Lin Haotian, don’t worry, I’ll handle it.
There won’t be any repercussions.

And if I do marry, it will be to a man who truly loves me.
A man who will truly love me will surely be tolerant of this child, don’t you think? If that man is really reluctant to accept this child, it means that he doesn’t really love me either.
Since he doesn’t love me, he might be after our Gu family’s assets.
Can you rest assured about such a man?”

Gu rubbed her forehead.
“You said so much at once.
I almost fainted.”

But then Mrs.
Gu asked seriously, “Ming’er, tell me the truth.
Why must you keep this child? Do you still miss that bastard?”

Without waiting for her daughter to answer, she said fiercely, “Gu Qingming, let me tell you, if you want to be with that man again, I’ll really break off our mother-daughter relationship.
Oh no, I’ll kill you with my own hands.”

Gu Qingming looked at Mrs.
Gu and immediately swallowed her saliva.
She persuaded, “Mom, Mom, don’t be agitated.
Listen to me.”

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