The Child’s Father

Gu Qingming frowned.
In her previous life, she knew that she had thought that she was going to sleep with.
In the end, she had gotten in bed with the wrong person.

She thought that the child was Lin Haotian’s, so she would naturally protect him.

However, after this vicious couple found out that she was pregnant and still did not obtain the approval of her parents, they were afraid that if the child was born and something went wrong, they would lose even more.
So they’d greased the stairs.
By the time she’d fallen, she’d been bleeding all over the place and the baby hadn’t been saved.

The baby had been in her womb for five months.
Ever since she knew it was in her womb, she had talked to the baby every day.
Day by day, it had become her support.

Losing the baby had almost made her want to die then.

The child had become her life.

However, Lin Haotian and Lan Ruomei kept comforting her.

She couldn’t be that child’s parent, and neither could Lin Haotian.

Lin Haotian appeared to be in as much pain as she was but suppressed his pain in order to comfort her.

Then he said they would have children in the future and so on.

Perhaps that child was fated to be mother and son with them.
Perhaps it would be reborn into her womb.

boxn ovel.

These words revived Gu Qingming.
So she had been looking forward to the child’s return.

However, she kept waiting and waiting but that child never came.
Later, she learned, they’d switched out her regular vitamins for birth control pills.

Lan Ruomei was petty.
She didn’t want any woman to get pregnant with Lin Haotian’s son.

When Gu Qingming had a child, the Gu couple refused to acknowledge Lin Haotian as their son-in-law.
Gu Jianguo and his wife doted on their daughter.
She was famous in Sea City’s upper-class society, and they only had one daughter.
In the future, the Gu Corporation would still be inherited by Gu Qingming.

They believed that the Gu couple ignored Gu Qingming because they wanted Gu Qingming to suffer and be punished.
Then, they would let her go back and admit her mistake.
Therefore, they did not dare to relax their care and love for Gu Qingming at all, even if it was fake.

They wanted the Gu couple to see Lin Haotian’s sincerity and love for Gu Qingming.

To let them know that even though Gu Qingming had been chased out by them and was penniless, Lin Haotian still did not give up on his love for Gu Qingming.

Lin Haotian was definitely not with Gu Qingming because of her identity and family background.

To reflect his love for Gu Qingming, Lin Haotian would ask about her well-being every day and take care of her meticulously.
He made her feel like she was being served.

Being served by Lin Haotian, she felt deep love.
It felt good to be cared for at all times.
Whether it was before or after the miscarriage, Lin Haotian had done his best to show his love for her.

They had been married for three years, but Lin Haotian had never let her cook noodles or an egg.
Lin Haotian personally prepared breakfast, lunch, and dinner for Gu Qingming.

If Lin Haotian didn’t have time, he would also make arrangements for Gu Qingming, such as ordering takeout for her or booking a restaurant for her in advance.

For three years, Gu Qingming was immersed in the sweet love net woven by Lin Haotian.
She had never noticed anything wrong with Lin Haotian, or her best friend, Lan Ruomei.

She had never regretted giving up her status as the successor of the Gu Corporation and severing her relationship with her parents for Lin Haotian.

She only felt deep regret that her happiness had not been blessed by her closest kin.

Sometimes, when she picked up her phone, she wanted to tell her parents that she hadn’t chosen the wrong person.
They were the ones who were biased and misunderstood Lin Haotian.

When she was pregnant again, she would take the child and her lover back to see her family.

At that time, Gu Qingming would never have thought that their acting skills were comparable to the best actor and actress who had won an Oscar.

Two years of romance, three years of marriage.

Five years!

They actually spent five years fabricating the best sweet love and the friendliest best friendship for her.
They had never given anything away to her.

Although it’s been almost exposed before, she did not realize it herself.
Because she’d never doubted them.

Recalling the past, Gu Qingming almost cried from her stupidity.
She deeply doubted her own intelligence.
How else could she have been fooled by this scumbag couple for so many years?

Even if fate allowed her to start over, she could not change the past.

She was somewhat glad now that she had slept with the wrong person.
Otherwise, even if she took revenge on this adulterous couple and made them pay the price, the fact that she had really slept with Lin Haotian would probably disgust her for the rest of her life.

She still planned to live well in this life.

At this point, Gu Qingming’s eyes moved, making it impossible to tell if she was happy or angry.
He asked, “So, Lin Haotian, the man who slept with me on your birthday wasn’t you? So, the child in my womb isn’t yours either?”

Lin Haotian and Lan Ruomei could not see any expression on Gu Qingming’s face, but at this moment, they thought that Gu Qingming would definitely be furious, nervous, and afraid after learning the truth.

After all, if this matter were to spread, with Gu Qingming’s status, she would probably become the joke of the entire upper-class circle in Sea City.

It was even more likely that she would ruin her reputation.

The Gu couple was so prideful that they would definitely chase Gu Qingming out of the house in a fit of anger.

At the thought of this, they felt a little excited.
Their eyes were filled with anticipation for Gu Qingming’s worry and fear.

But what surprised them was Gu Qingming’s reaction.
She seemed relieved.
She was smiling.
She clapped her hands and looked pleased.

She looked slightly excited as she said, “Ah, that’s wonderful.”

Lin Haotian and Lan Ruomei were speechless.

Gu Qingming glanced at their expectant expressions and continued, “Otherwise, when I think about sleeping with a scumbag like you and being pregnant with your child, I will feel dirty and disgusted!”

Lin Haotian’s expression immediately cracked!

Lan Ruomei’s expression wasn’t that good too.

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