ot of chives.

After picking the chives, they washed them twice with water.

Grandma Gu smiled and said, “The chives you grow at home are so fragrant.
They smell good.
When they are made into dumplings, they will taste even better! I love dumpling fillings.”

Grandma smiled and said, “I knew you liked to eat dumplings stuffed with chives, so I cut the chives to make dumplings for lunch.
You must eat more!”

“Of course!” Grandma Gu smiled and said, “More than ten years ago, I ate a meal filled with chives at your house.
I still can’t forget the taste.
Now, I can finally eat it again.

“Ha, you haven’t come over all these years.
If I had known, I would have sent these chives to you by courier,” Grandma said.

“Hehe, in-laws, you’re really considerate.
Even if these chives are sent over, I’m afraid I won’t be able to eat them,” Grandma Gu said.
“All these years, the old man and I have been traveling and were in different places from time to time!”

“Yes, that’s true,” Grandma said.
“Now that you’re here, you should stay here for a while.
If you want to eat anything, just let me know.
Don’t stand on ceremony! We’re all family.”

“In-law, why should I stand on ceremony with you?” Grandma Gu smiled and said, “The old man and I have decided to disturb you for a while.
As long as you don’t mind us being troublesome!”

“Why would we mind it?” Grandma smiled and said, “We will definitely welcome you warmly.
Our countryside is not as prosperous and lively as your big city.
We should be the ones hoping that you won’t despise our humble abode.”

Gu Qingming was speechless.

As soon as she finished picking the chives, Second Aunt made breakfast.

The people who went out to work also returned one after another.

Although breakfast was simple, it was nutritious.
There was porridge, boiled eggs, steamed corn, steamed buns, and some fruits.

Those who worked would easily be hungry at noon if they did not have a full meal.
Therefore, usually, when there was plain porridge, it would be accompanied by steamed buns or other food that could fill their stomachs.

“This porridge smells good!” Grandma Gu said with a smile.

Gu Qingming said, “Second Aunt’s culinary skills are really good.
After a bowl of ordinary porridge passed through her hands, it became delectable.
Grandma, I’ll scoop a bowl for you and Grandpa.”


Grandma Gu and Grandpa Gu did not reject their granddaughter’s filial piety.

Gu Qingming scooped a bowl for each of her four grandparents.

She could not be biased!

Gu Qingming also liked to drink plain porridge and boiled eggs.
As such, the group watched as Gu Qingming drank two large bowls of porridge, two eggs, and a stalk of corn.

This appetite was much better than her small appetite in the past.

This made Grandma Gu and Grandpa Gu look at each other before looking toward her stomach.

Sensing their gazes, Gu Qingming looked at them and asked curiously, “Master, Grandma, what’s wrong?”

“N-nothing!” Grandma Gu asked.
“Mingming, are you feeling unwell?”

“No.” Gu Qingming looked at the corn she was eating and continued, “It’s just that my appetite has become very good and I keep feeling hungry.
Now that I’m full, I’ll be hungry again at noon.”

“Haha, pregnant people are all like this!” Grandma Gu laughed.
“It’s good that they can eat.
Being able to eat means that the fetus is very healthy! Oh, right, did you go for a prenatal checkup?”

Gu Qingming was slightly stunned.

“Child, don’t tell me you haven’t gone for a prenatal checkup?” Grandma Gu asked.

“I… I forgot!” Gu Qingming said.

It was mainly because she had drunk the Spirit Spring Water and taken a Spirit Spring Water bath.
After being cleansed, her body was very healthy.
Little Kong said that the fetus in her stomach was also doing very well.

In addition, a lot had happened recently, so she forgot about the prenatal checkup.

“How can you forget such an important thing?” Grandma Gu reprimanded.
“A prenatal checkup is not only to check the development of the fetus but also to ensure that the adult is in good health.
What if you encounter issues like an ectopic pregnancy? That’s all early detection and treatment.”

Grandma chimed in, “That’s right.
How can we forget something as big as your prenatal checkup?”

Gu Qingming explained, “I… I feel that the fetus is very healthy.
There will definitely be no problem.
As for me, I’m even healthier.
You don’t have to worry! Besides, it’s not too late to wait for the prenatal checkup when the fetus is three months old.”

“No, after breakfast, we’ll go to the county for a prenatal checkup to reassure everyone,” Grandma said firmly.

Gu Qingming nodded and replied, “Alright then!”

It was good to do a prenatal checkup to reassure everyone.

“But it’s Saturday!”

“Then we’ll go on Monday.”

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