ecked Gu Qingming’s entire body and shook her head.
There aren’t any more ants on you.”

Gu Qingming wanted to cry but had no tears.
“How can there be none? I clearly felt many ants.”

Grandma said, “Then let’s hurry home and apply some alcohol on you first.
If it’s still like this, we’ll go to the hospital to take a look!”

Gu Qingming did not grow up in the countryside but was raised in a big city.
Her skin was soft and tender.
If she was bitten by a mosquito, she might get inflamed.

Gu Qingming did not refuse.
She nodded and said, “Yes.”

Grandma immediately put the vegetables she had picked into the basket.
She had planned to wash these newly cut chives by the river before going home to pick out the yellow and rotten leaves.

However, her granddaughter had been bitten by ants and it looked a little serious.
How could she have the mood to wash chives by the river now?

The two of them rushed home.
On the way, someone saw Gu Qingming crying and asked curiously, “What’s wrong?”

Grandma said, “She was bitten by ants! Her foot was red and swollen.”

“Oh, you were bitten by ants!” The villager smiled and said, “Your granddaughter is really delicate.
She actually cried when she was bitten by an ant.
My grandson is only two or three years old.
Even when he was bitten by ants, he didn’t cry!”

Gu Qingming’s heart trembled.

Before she and her grandmother could walk far, the person said, “The people in the city are so delicate.
How painful can it be when an ant bites? She actually wants to cry.
She’s already an adult, isn’t she embarrassed?! She’s just a maternal granddaughter.
What’s there to feel sorry for?”

Gu Qingming was speechless.

Was she being humiliated?

Also, wasn’t a maternal granddaughter a granddaughter?

Moreover, what did it have to do with her whether her grandmother felt sorry for her? She was making sarcastic remarks here.

“If your daughter marries a rich man, you probably dote on your granddaughter more than she does, right?”

“Hehe, if my daughter marries such a rich person, I’ll definitely get her to buy a house and a car for my son to support us in our retirement.
Unlike their family, where they watch their children and grandchildren work themselves to death.”


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