e was old, her face had changed and there were some wrinkles, but her figure was still perfect and didn’t look any different in a cheongsam.

If one did not look at her face, just by looking at her figure and back, many people would mistake her for an 18-year-old girl.

Of course, Grandpa and Grandma Gu were actually much younger than Gu Mingming’s maternal grandparents.

Her maternal grandparents were already in their seventies.
As for the Gu couple, they were only in their early sixties and had taken good care of themselves.
They looked like middle-aged men in their forties or fifties, the same age as his grandmother’s eldest son, Shi Lichun.

Therefore, when the two in-laws stood together, one would think that they were parents and children.

The two in-laws, who lived in different environments, were like old friends when they saw each other.
They talked about everything.

They talked about interesting things about farming, what they had seen overseas, their children, and the future.

In the end, they talked about Gu Qingming.

Whether it was when she was young or when she grew up, Gu Qingming was a treasure on both sides.

“Sigh, Ming’er is much more obedient than when she was young,” Grandma said with a serious expression.
“But why hasn’t her personality changed at all? She actually went to the kidnappers’ hideout alone! When I heard about this, I was so frightened that my heart almost jumped out.
Why is this child so impulsive when it’s such a dangerous thing? What if something happens?”

“That’s right.
This child is too impulsive.
You don’t know, but sometimes, the grandfather and grandchild are too similar.” Grandma Gu also complained, “Her grandfather was like this when he was young.”

Back then, when she was kidnapped by the kidnappers, he came alone to save her.
He knew that it was dangerous, but he still came.

Later on, she married him and obtained a lifetime of happiness!

Grandma was a little surprised.
“Oh, was her grandfather like this when he was young? I even said that this child was very similar to her mother.
Her mother was also especially stubborn.
She said that she had to do what she wanted to do.”

Grandma Gu smiled and narrowed her eyes.
“As expected from folks in the same family.
No wonder when Jianguo brought her to us back then, we liked her very much.
Not only is she beautiful, but she can also subdue my rebellious son.”

“Ha, did Jianguo use to go against you all the time?” Grandma was a little curious.
“Jianguo looks so sensible and steady!”

The main reason was that Gu Jianguo had left a too good impression on them.
They did not expect him to be a rebellious child when he was young.

“When he was young, because we were too busy with work and neglected his growth, he became rebellious and unruly.
He was an infuriating brat,” Grandma Gu said with some sadness.
“His change of girlfriends was like changing clothes.
He changed one every other day.
We were so angry that we beat him up.
The Gu family’s traditional value was clearly loyalty.
Why did he turn out to be such a playboy!”

“Ah, Jianguo had many girlfriends?” This was a dark history that Grandma did not know about.

Even Gu Qingming did not know.
She said in her heart, “I didn’t expect my father to be such a guy when he was young! Father clearly dotes on Mother now.
I have witnessed it since I was young.”

“Yes, he did have a lot of girlfriends.” Grandma Gu smiled and said, “But in-laws, after he fell in love with Yashu, he cut off all contact with those women and his heart was filled with Yashu.
Haha, since then, he has also started to be filial to us.”

Gu Qingming rolled her eyes and asked with a smile, “Grandma, does Mom know about Dad’s dark history?”

“She knows!” Grandma Gu smiled and said, “So, when your father was wooing your mother, he spent a lot of effort to woo her.
Otherwise, with his flirtatious appearance, which girl would dare to marry him?”


Gu Qingming immediately felt a little bored.
She thought it was a rare opportunity to capture her father’s dark history.

In the end, it was all for nothing.

Gu Qingming accompanied the elders and went to the courtyard outside to watch her aunt and the others make dinner.


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