119 Dream on!

The arrival of the tall, mighty, and handsome son that the fat woman mentioned immediately caused a wave of discussion.

Chen Jialiang was 1.60 meters tall, but his weight had reached 267 pounds.
Moreover, his upper body was thick, and his lower body was slightly thin.
In terms of figure, he was not tall at all.

As for his appearance, it was even uglier.

His obesity had already distorted his eyes so much that they could not be seen.
His nose bridge was flat, his face was numb, and his teeth were exposed.
It made his ugly appearance even more hideous.

“F*ck, you still want to marry the fairy-like daughter of the Gu family? How shameless!”

“She calls her daughter-in-law.
She even praised her son saying that her son is the most handsome in the entire world.
In the end, he turned out to be like that.
It’s disgusting!”

“It seems that she’s really sick in the head.
Otherwise, why would her delusions be so serious?”

“Tsk tsk, Miss Gu really hit her lightly! With such an ugly son, she still wants to be worthy of her and be her mother-in-law.
If it were me, I would definitely beat her until she can’t tell north from south.”

“I’ve finally seen what it means to be a ‘top-grade’ in the world.
He’s probably the only one who’s so ugly.”

Chen Jialiang had no idea what was going on.
When he came back to his senses, he shouted unhappily, “Who are you calling ugly? You’re the ugly ones.
My mother said that I’m fat because I’m blessed.
Hmph, you poor people know nothing!”

The surrounding crowd was instantly furious when they were suddenly scolded.

“Pfft! How can being fat be a blessing?”

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c o m

“As expected, like mother, like son.
As expected, both mother and son have genes of a pig.
They really look like pigs!”

“You’re the pig!” Chen Jialiang retorted.
“So what if I’m fat? My mother said that our family is rich.
No matter how fat we are, we can afford it.
Moreover, my mother said that I’m blessed to look like this.

“I’m the most handsome man in the world.
My mother said that only Miss Gu from Sea City is good enough for me!”

As soon as he finished speaking, Gu Qingming looked at him and immediately felt disgusted and vomited.

“Haha, he is so ugly that Miss Gu vomited.”

“That’s true!”

When Chen Jialiang saw Gu Qingming vomiting, his originally narrowed eyes immediately opened slightly and lit up.

He asked, “Mom, this woman is so beautiful.
I want to marry her!”

“Son, she’s Gu Qingming,” Wu Sanjiao said angrily.
“She was the one who beat me up badly.
Son, you have to teach her a lesson.
If word gets out that we have a daughter-in-law who knows how hits her mother-in-law, it will really embarrass our family.”

“It’s fine, Mom.
When I marry her, I’ll definitely teach her to be filial to you.
If she’s not filial, I’ll beat her until she’s filial to you!” Chen Jialiang said matter-of-factly.

Wu Sanjiao nodded and said, “Yes, disobedient wives should be beaten up!”

When everyone heard the conversation between the mother and son, they immediately took a deep breath.

Damn, not only were the mother and son ugly, but they were also violent.

Gao Wenwen could not bear to listen anymore.

She walked in front of Chen Jialiang.
Chen Jialiang’s eyes lit up and he asked, “Mom, who is she? She’s so beautiful.
I like her!”

Gao Wenwen raised her leg and kicked him as she scolded, “Like my ass.
Ugly freak! Ugly people really cause more trouble.
You’re crazy and whimsical.
A toad lusting after a swan.”

“Miss, please don’t insult the toad! That toad is much better-looking than him.”


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