Hangyu finally understood the relationship between the Chen Corporation and the Gu Corporation.

However, when it came to bankruptcy, Shi Hangyu was a little worried.
“If the Chen Corporation goes bankrupt, will many people lose their jobs?”

Although they had the temperament of taking revenge, he did not want to implicate thousands of people to support their families because of this small matter.

Gu Qingming smiled and said, “Brother, don’t worry.
Perhaps there are unemployed people, but most of them won’t lose their jobs.
A bankrupt company like the Chen Corporation will soon be targeted by their peers and bought over.
As long as those employees don’t make any big mistakes, they can still stay.”

That was a processing plant.
What they needed most was employees.

If someone succeeded in acquiring it, those employees could still stay.

It was very difficult to find so many employees in a short period of time.

Hearing Gu Qingming’s explanation, Shi Hangyu and the others were finally relieved.

He really did not want to trigger a large number of laid-off workers because of a small incident.

As Gu Qingming spoke, the tall, mighty, and handsome son that the fat woman mentioned, Chen Jialiang, came over.

He had been accompanying his new girlfriend in this mall.

The moment he heard that someone was bullying his mother, he immediately ran down.

As soon as Chen Jialiang came over, he asked angrily, “Mom, who bullied you? Hmph, how dare you bully my mother? Are you tired of living?”

As soon as Chen Jialiang appeared, everyone burst into laughter.

“Haha, this person… this person is indeed ‘handsome’!”

“Tsk tsk, it’s indeed the tall and mighty figure that his mother mentioned.
I’ve never seen such a tall and mighty figure.
Does this figure weigh 300 pounds?”

“If it’s not three hundred pounds, it’s at least two hundred and fifty.”

“He has a flat nose, narrow eyes, and a pockmarked face.
I’ve never seen such an ugly man.”

“Tsk tsk, where did this woman get the confidence to say that her son is worthy of the daughter of the Gu family?”


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