115 I’m Richer Than You!

The fat woman was called Wu Sanjiao.
At this moment, her face was filled with surprise and disbelief.

“You… you’re talking about the Gu Corporation?” Wu Sanjiao stuttered.
“What… what’s your relationship with the Gu Corporation?”

“Hehe…” Gao Wenwen laughed mockingly.
“Let me introduce you to the girl beside me.
Her surname is Gu, and she’s the only daughter of the chairman of the Gu Corporation.
What do you think her relationship with the Gu Corporation is?”

Although Wu Sanjiao was arrogant, overbearing, vulgar, shrewish, and uncultured, she was not an idiot.

Even if she didn’t know anything about the business world, her family ran a company, so she must have heard of some large corporations in the business world.

The Gu Corporation was even more famous!

Because the Gu Corporation was the biggest customer of the Chen Shoe Company.

Old Chen often sighed.
The Gu Corporation was huge, but the heir was a girl.

Why didn’t Gu Jianguo want to have a son to inherit the family business?

A little girl would marry into another family sooner or later.
It was still unknown if the Gu Corporation would be named the Gu Corporation in the future.

However, their Chen family had a son, Chen Jialiang, who was the same age as the daughter of the Gu family.

Chen Youjun wanted his son to chase after Gu Qingming.

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c o m

If Chen Jialiang could get together with the daughter of the Gu family, the Chen Corporation would not have to worry about not being able to grow stronger.
Then, they would join the Gu Corporation.
Then, the Chen Corporation would become the top corporation in Sea City.

“Are you Gu Qingming?” Wu Sanjiao suddenly asked.

Gu Qingming frowned slightly.
“I’m Gu Qingming!”

“Gu Qingming, I’m your mother-in-law!” Wu Sanjiao looked at Gu Qingming with bright eyes.
She really looked at Gu Qingming as if she was sizing up her daughter-in-law.

“Are you crazy? Who’s family with you?!” Gao Wenwen stomped her feet in anger when he heard that.
“You’re randomly acknowledging relatives.
If you’re sick, go and treat them.
Pfft, you still want to be her mother-in-law? Why don’t you take a look at yourself in the mirror and see if you’re worthy?”

Shi Yuxin also said angrily, “Woman, are you crazy about being a mother-in-law? Which part of your family is worthy of my sister? There has to be a limit to your shamelessness!”

Wu Sanjiao said angrily, “My son, Chen Jialiang, is tall, mighty, and handsome.
He’s also a university graduate.
There’s a long line of girls who want to marry my son.
If our Liang likes Gu Qingming, she should offer incense to her ancestors and be grateful.
Otherwise, how could she find such a good man?!”

In the eyes of parents, their children were the best.
Wu Sanjiao thought so too.

“Pfft, pfft, pfft!” Gao Wenwen cursed angrily.
“With your pig-like genes, how can you give birth to a handsome son?”

“I think you haven’t woken up from your dream.”

“You think you can marry my Mingming with just a small company? You’re really indulging in fantasy.
If you’re sick, have your illness treated.
Otherwise, go to the mental hospital to take a look.
You’re like a mad dog attacking people crazily.
Don’t get beaten to death one day!”

“Who are you? My daughter-in-law didn’t even say anything.
Who asked you to meddle in other people’s business!” Wu Sanjiao asked angrily.

Gao Wenwen could not hold it in anymore.

She raised her hand and slapped the fat woman.

“Since you’re not clear-headed, I’ll treat you!” Gao Wenwen said angrily.
“Since you want to make yourself proud so much, I’ll make you proud!”


Another big slap.

One side of her face was slapped, and Gao Wenwen used a lot of force.
This woman’s mouth was too foul, and the words she said were really infuriating.

Soon, Wu Sanjiao’s face turned red and swollen.
The ten finger marks on her face were obvious!

Wu Sanjiao was stunned at first.

When she regained her senses, she picked up her bag angrily and threw it at Gao Wenwen.
She even said, “You b*tch, how dare you hit me? How dare you hit me? I’ll beat you to death!”

Gao Wen was well-trained in literature and martial arts.

In the face of Wu Sanjiao’s child’s rudimentary attack, she gently lifted one of her legs and kicked her.

“Ah!” A cry of pain sounded.

Wu Sanjiao staggered backward and fell to the ground.
Her butt almost broke into four pieces.

“F*ck, this woman in the red dress has a fierce kick.”

“This posture and movement, it’s obvious that she’s trained.”

“Tsk tsk, what a beautiful kick!”

Everyone had no objections to Gao Wenwen kicking down the fat woman.
In fact, they praised her.

This woman’s mouth was too foul.
She was too good at letting her imagination run wild.
If it were them, they would also do the same for their good friends.

After Wu Sanjiao, who had been kicked down, cried out in pain, her mouth was still unforgiving.
She shouted angrily, “Gu Qingming, why are you still standing there stupidly? Can’t you see that your mother-in-law has been beaten up? Come and help me up and avenge me!”

After knowing Gu Qingming, she thought that she was barely worthy of her son.
Since she agreed, Gu Qingming’s opinion was not important.
Her son was so handsome and rich.
There was no reason for Gu Qingming not to like him.

Gao Wenwen was about to kick her again when Gu Qingming pulled her back and shot a cold gaze at Wu Sanjiao.
She said coldly, “I’ll do it!”

Then, Gu Qingming walked over, picked up the cash that had been thrown on the ground just now, put it in a black plastic bag, and walked to Wu Sanjiao step by step.

Wu Sanjiao looked at the girl who was emitting a cold aura and finally asked nervously and fearfully, “You… What are you doing?”

Gu Qingming shot her a cold gaze and said coldly, “Didn’t you say that you’re rich and look down on country bumpkins? Hmph, I’ll tell you today that there’s always someone better.
There are many people richer than you.
For example, I, Gu Qingming, am richer than you.
So, I plan to…”

She weighed the bag in her hand and continued, “Use this money to smash you to death!”

Without waiting for Wu Sanjiao to react, she raised the 200,000 dollars and flung it at her head.

“Ouch… Ouch…” Wu Sanjiao held her head and screamed in pain.
She said loudly, “You’re going to smash me to death.
Ah, I’m going to die, I’m going to die!”

Although the cash was a little hard when tied together, it would not kill her.
It was not hard enough!

But it could hurt people!

When Gu Qingming did that, everyone was at first stunned, but then they laughed heartily.

“Haha, I’ve finally seen the scene of someone throwing money at someone today!”

“As expected, rich people are willful.
She used so much money to smash that woman and even used a plastic bag.
Isn’t she afraid that the plastic bag will give way and the money will fly everywhere?”

“Using money to smash someone.
I want to do it too.
It’s a pity that my annual salary added up is less than half of what they have now.
I don’t dare to do it!”


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