ively, “If you want to lick them, hurry up.
Our time is very precious.
You can’t waste it!”

The fat woman also came back to her senses and knew that the 200,000 dollars could not be fake.

Usually, she was the one who looked down on others, but today, she was looked down on.
The anger in her heart rose again.

She said angrily, “What are you guys so proud of? Do you know who my husband is? My husband is Chen Youjun, the general manager of the Chen Shoe Company.
Let me tell you, I’ll accept this money, but I definitely won’t lick the shoes! Hmph, treat this as compensation!”

“Heh, she’s starting to act shamelessly.”

“She asked for money but didn’t lick them.
This is too shameless.”

“That’s right.
She was the one who agreed.
She said she’ll lick her shoes clean if she was given 200,000 dollars.”

“No, although the shoes on her feet are of a big brand, judging from her style, they’re obviously outdated, and the price is at most 4,000 dollars.”

“F*ck, and she’s still so smug and arrogant.
She just said that her shoes are expensive and that they can’t afford them, so she wanted them to lick them clean.
I thought it was a pair of shoes that cost hundreds of thousands or millions.”

“Hehe, she probably doesn’t know fashion or brands.
She would buy whatever she thinks is expensive.”

“Haha, look at her entire body.
What kind of thing is fashionable? Moreover, this combination is also messy.
She’s wearing expensive clothes, but it looks so tacky.
It’s simply a waste of good things.”

“She’s rich and willful.
She’s rich and can wear whatever she wants.” These words were obviously sarcastic.

The fat woman heard the discussions around her clearly.

Those people were clearly mocking her.
They did not hide their attitudes at all.

The fat woman pointed her finger at those people, trembling with anger.

“You… you… it’s none of your business!” She cursed again.

“You’re the bitch!”

The onlookers couldn’t take it anymore.

“Look at how pig-like you are.
Your husband must despise you now.
Just looking at you makes me sick.”

“I wonder how unlucky her husband is.
Not only did he marry an ugly woman, but she is also so evil.
I wonder how many generations she would harm!”

“Sigh, I pity her husband.”

“Speaking of which, have you heard of the Chen Shoe Company?”

“I’ve heard of the Chen Shoe Company, but compared to the Gu Corporation, this company is nothing.”

“Haha, this is great.
I really pity her husband, Chen Youjun.”

“I sympathize with Chen Youjun!”

“I sympathize with Chen Youjun!”



Gao Wenwen frowned slightly and asked in confusion, “Mingming, have you heard of the Chen Shoe Company?”

Gu Qingming also frowned and said, “I’ve heard a little about it.
Our Gu Corporation has a supplier factory by the name of Chen Shoe Company.
I wonder if this is it?”

“Ha, you guys are working together?” Gao Wenwen was a little surprised.
“Then do you know this person called Chen Youjun?”

Gu Qingming shook her head and said, “It’s just a small subsidiary factory.
There’s no need for me to meet this person.
I don’t know who he is either!”

When Gao Wenwen heard this, she nodded and said, “Oh, if he is also a bully, it’s fine if we don’t cooperate with such a small factory!”

Hearing Gu Qingming and Gao Wenwen’s conversation, Shi Hangyu and the others finally relaxed.

They thought that the Chen Shoe Company could not be provoked.

They were relieved now!

Of course, the fat woman also heard their conversation.
Her expression was filled with confusion and disbelief.

She said in shock, “How… how is this possible?”


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