”But I have one condition! ” said Tama, calmly.

Adys laughter immediately disappeared when she heard her eldest sons words.

He gulped and thought of the various excuses his son could use at this time.

”Ah … Tama is an ambitious child. Now what are you going to do? Be careful if you throw a tantrum. Ill hit you when you get home. It doesn matter whether you
e big or not, ” Ady thought, while looking at Tamas face with sharp eyes.

Tama who saw that just cleared her throat and turned her face away.

Ugh … damn child! Ady said, feeling angry in her heart.

”Whats that? ” Azran asked, raising an eyebrow in confusion.

Mina and Hera who were beside him also always looked at the handsome masculine face of a tall man with good body proportions.

Tama smiled slyly and looked at Minas face which immediately frowned deeply.

This man is dangerous! Mina thought, getting wary of Tama.

”Im asking, do the wedding tomorrow or I won do this matchmaking and just pour Zhair with your daughter, ” Tama said, casually.

But those who heard it couldn relax at all.

Everyone stared at Tama with wide eyes because they were so shocked by what the 25 year old man had just said.

”W-what?! No. If tomorrow– ”

”I know this marriage happened because of the wishes of Elder Adytama and the elders of Kinza Group first. So like it or not, this marriage must be done to fulfill a promise, right? ” said Tama, calmly.

Mina, whose words were cut short, could only stare at the mans face with an annoyed and irritated look.

Meanwhile, Zhair, who had been silent for a long time, immediately approached his older brother and grabbed his collar by throwing a fist at his face.

Tok ….

Mina parried Zhairs attack with an unexpected speed. What is clear, Minas hand is already in front of Tamas eyes holding Zhairs hand who is about to launch his action on her sisters smooth face.

”What are you doing? Don make a fuss! ” Mina said, while looking at the mans face with sharp eyes.

Meanwhile, Tama who had just experienced all these events could only be silent in front of these two scary-faced teenagers.

Hera who saw Tamas stiff body without daring to move an inch from her position, immediately tried to separate Zhair and Mina who exchanged glances with eyes that were quite terrifying.

”W-ah … wait kids. It seems Pak Tama looks really surprised by your behavior. Can you guys stop? ” Hera stammered.

But the hands of the two middle aged women stopped on Mina and Zhairs ears and gently tugged at their ears.

”Wow … sorry. Sorry, Auntie. It hurts! ” Zhair shouted, excitedly.

Meanwhile, Mina could only be silent by holding back her tears that were about to come out because her mother was sentenced to death.

Zhair and Mina really don like being manipulated. Because the ear is a sensitive area for both.

Then Hera, who knew their weakness, immediately made her an easy target for her hands when the two of them were fighting or throwing a lot of tantrums like now.

”Who told you to make such a fuss at such an important event? You guys never really get along! ” shouted Hera, in a chatty voice that made the two 20-year-olds wince in pain.

”No, Auntie! We don fight. We just fight with dexterity, don we, Min? ” said Zhair, while nudging Minas shoulder.

Mina immediately nodded her head enthusiastically. ”Right, maam! We
e just my dexterity. Don want to make a fuss. ”

”There are so many reasons for you. If its just like this, the team apologizes. If you let it go, you will continue to fight without knowing it hurts! ”

”No!! ” both shouted, roared.

Ady and Eva looked at Hera and Zhairs behavior with a surprised look. According to them, the relationship between the two is not good and cannot be close.

But what happened in front of them? Even Azran laughed at the behavior of his wife and two children. It was as if he had seen this kind of fight countless times.

Clek ….

The door opened again. Two men and a woman entered there with graceful and affectionate steps. Behind him, a short-haired woman followed in her brothers footsteps.

Just want to show off intimacy. But when you see the behavior of Hera, Mina and Zhair! The three people immediately looked at Azrans face, asking for an explanation from the man.

”Hahaha … its normal. Its like Ive never seen a brawl before, hahaha …, ” the man, laughed loudly.

Arci, Minas older brother! Immediately patted his forehead for mercy and walked away from Arie, his wife. To go to separate Mother and her two sisters.

”Oh, Mom. Don make this holy meeting a place for fighting. Shame on Zhairs parents, ” Arci grumbled, as she tried to remove Heras hand from her sisters ear.

Mina and Zhair immediately took a thousand steps to get away from Hera by bringing the chairs they would use to sit later.

2 meters from the dining table. Mina and Zhair put down their chairs and sat apart.

Seeing that, Arci couldn help but shake her head mercilessly and sat down at the dining table with her wife and sister-in-law.

”Sorry for our delay, Mr and Mrs Adytama, ” said Arci, while putting on a polite posture before finally sitting beside Arie.

”Its all right, Young Master. We were a little amused by what happened earlier. I didn know that Zhair was close to Bu Hera. Even though my sons behavior was a bit rude, ” said Mr. Ady, while showing a sour face. Facial expression.

”Hahaha … Zhair is like that, sir. A school brat! Its only natural that he behaves like that. And my wife understands Zhairs bad attitude, ” said Azran, kindly.

But it seems the tone of his voice is wrong and makes both Zhairs parents confused. Either Haris thanked him or immediately reprimanded his son.

”Ah, never mind sir. Theres no need to worry about that. Now lets continue talking about Zhair and Minas marriage. Where are you? ” asked Arci, looking confused at the sour faces of the people in front of her.

”The candidate turned out to be the eldest child of the Adytama Group! Pak Tama will marry Mina because Mina doesn want to marry Zhair. But on the condition that Pak Tama asks to get married tomorrow! What do you think, Arc? ” Azran asked, after explaining.

”Of course I don agree. No need to ask! Besides, aren you normal? I heard from the Hacin Group office staff that you are gay? ”

”Ha? What is this anyway? ”

”Who said that baseless thing, sir?! ”

”Tama, you … ? ”

”No! ” shrieked Tama, starting to show her emotions.

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