A hard slap landed on Minas cheek so beautifully that it made the girl look away with the corners of her lips already chapped from the force of the slap she received.

All the maids froze when they saw their women being treated so rudely. But what can they do for fear of being fired by their master.

Casting a cold and piercing gaze at Mina, the man said, ”I told you, watch your attitude, disgusting bastard! ”

Mina who found the rude attitude immediately shed tears and looked at the mans face with a very clear disappointed look.

”How could I like a guy like you before, Zhair! ”

Mina smiled sadly and brushed her hair roughly.

”Former savage. If you were really going to be my future husband, I would jump from the top floor of your company building as a witness if I was so sick of what you have planned for my future. Keep that in mind. You know I won . playing with my words right? ” Mina insisted, walking past Zhair just like that.

”Call Mr. Cho to accompany me today. I don want any more cockroaches like him on this important day. ”

Mina walking away from Zhair left a strong impression if she was really fed up with the guy.

”And one more thing, please take him to the gate if he doesn know the way out of here. Because I really hate to see his arrogant face! ” Mina added, before finally disappearing completely from his sight.

Zhair who had been staring at how strong Minas back was despite being treated like he could only clench his fists tightly and walk out of Minas house.

”I will make you suffer more for daring to ignore me. Just look how unlucky you are, Mina! ” Zhair thought, full of vengeance.


After listening to the greeting and farewell from the principal, one by one the students began to climb the podium to receive a graduation letter from their respective homeroom teachers before finally entering the meal which had become a tradition passed down from generation to generation in their neighborhood, school.

Graduation events are always held with great fanfare. Various performances from their various former schools were presented by their juniors as a form of congratulations to their seniors.

As well as food prepared to increase the sense of harmony between students as a form of farewell because soon they will all rarely meet and take their own paths in life. With the hope that their future choices will lead them to success.

Everyone looks happy. But not with Mina who looks silent in her chair by seeing the many people passing by in front of her chatting with each other.

This is indeed a happy day, but for Mina it is a very tiring day. With no one to talk to, Mina chose to leave the room and get some fresh air.

”Hey, congratulations on your graduation! ” said a man, suddenly giving him a big bouquet of roses.

Mina immediately looked at the three people in front of her with a surprised look. Whereas yesterday he heard that their schedule was very busy. Then what is this?

”Why are you here? ” Mina asked, while wiping her tears that suddenly fell when she saw her three best friends suddenly appear in front of her.

Amanda gave him a tissue and hugged him gently while letting Mina wipe her tears carefully.

”Finally you got out of that prison and can enter our circle of life again. Fuh… thank goodness its late, haha, ” said Amanda, looking happy with Minas graduation.

The two men who came with Amanda nodded their heads enthusiastically. Agree with what Amanda just said.

”We made this surprise on purpose, hehe… how can we be busy when you have this holy day. Theres no way we won celebrate it with you later, ” Railo said, with a big smile.

The black-eyed man with blonde hair looked very happy and enthusiastic to see Mina who looked happy with the presence of the three of them.

”How about we celebrate tonight? I could skip training for a day to celebrate this important day! ” said Rey, winking coquettishly.

This time Mina looked at the face of a sweet and handsome man with a small face shape and glasses perched on his sharp nose with a happy look.

”Sure. I have nothing to do today either! How— ”

”No way Mina. We have to attend tonights event, you haven told me yet? Then, whats with the corners of your lips? You
e fighting again? With who? Why are you still fighting at your age? Come on Mina, don keep- ”

No ….

Mina pulled Amandas hand away from her quickly as the girl started judging her with words.

Amanda who found this treatment immediately fell silent and looked at Minas face who looked disappointed with her actions, with an anxious and doubtful look.

”I-Im sorry- ”

”I haven heard from Brother-in-law. Maybe when the event time is near Ill hear from him. Maybe hes busy right now. And Im so tired of this show. May I go? come here. But today I am very tired. Sorry I can play with you guys just yet. Thanks, Ill say goodbye okay? ” Mina said, gave a fake smile and walked away.

Railo and Rey looked at Amandas face that looked stiff.

”Again you doubted him for no reason, Amanda. Don you feel like you scolded him too much? Even I thought you were teasing him and thought he was stupid for not being able to take the right attitude, ” Rey said, making Amanda even more silent.

”Thats true. You go too far too often, Amanda. Aren you already family with Mina? But why do you always bring her down instead of strengthening her? I don understand you, ” Railo said alternately.

”Sorry, I just- ”

”Just fix your attitude. I heard he got the wound from Zhair this morning. Huff … why did that guy come to his house so early if to ruin Minas day. Really want to be beaten, ” said Railo, furious.

Amanda who immediately went to work on the spot had a stiff and worried facial expression.

”What did you say? Zhair did it? How did you know that? Don lie! ” cried Amanda, shouting a little.

Railo immediately turned his forehead inward and leaked Amanda with an uncomfortable look.

”Whats the matter with you? You know I never lie when it comes to all of you. Then why are you doubting me now? ” chirps Railo, displeased.

Amanda could only be silent by swallowing hard saliva.

”No, how about tonight? Everything can be messed up like this. Ugh… what should I do? ” Amanda thought, nervous.

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