Klak ….

Opening the first gate, Mina walked into her too wide courtyard.

The path made of marble is an option to tread. While on the side of the small road there is a 500 meter long asphalt road to get to the main gate.

However, if you pass this marble road on the grass, Mina only needs to walk 30 meters because she doesn have to turn to pass through the main yard of her house which is almost a few hectares of rice fields.

”Good morning, Miss, ” said a man, from 100 meters from where he was standing.

The man was wearing a black suit with a neat appearance of hair and uniform. He was one of the few bodyguards who had just been recruited to guard his house and Mina was quite familiar with the man since he was her senior at school.

”Morning, Sis Ichsan, ” replied Mina with a sweet smile. ”Oh, its really hard to find a morning schedule? In the afternoon there is an urgent need? Or are you really being attracted to demons, hahaha …. ”

Ichsan, who saw how stubborn his sister was, could only shake his head mercilessly and reach into his coat to grab something.

”Well, this is for you. And don call me Brother when Im working your house for work, Miss Mina. That would make me look unprofessional! ” said Ichsan with a professional smile.

”Okay … okay …. ” Mina replied, looking at the tiny jewelry box in her hand. ”Then what is this? ” he asked while looking at Ichsans face.

Ichsan also commented on the smile that was getting wider by rubbing the top of Minas head.

”Congratulations on your graduation. After 5 years of high school, you finally graduated too, hahaha … this underclassman who only knows how to punch people in the face finally graduated academically huh? Im grateful. I thought you had no brain. I even thought that for you, your brain is like a shrimp. Just a big body, no brain. Hahaha …. ” laughed Ichsan, mocking.

Mina only saw his rough breathing and didn protest. Because hes stupid. And he wouldn be offended as long as it was a fact about him. He prefers bitter truths to sweet morsels without filling. This way, Mina could tell the difference. Is his friend less open to him or not.

Mina tightened her grip in front of Ichsan and made the man show his wrong behavior but did not show it verbally.

”Don start by beating me up. Otherwise youll be late for school. Its an important day. So showering and dressing up a little is good for a photo. Even though you already have a pretty face, is it too much to go to graduation with just powder and lip tint? Dress up a little, son. And theres someone waiting for you at home, ” said Ichsan, winking with flirtatious eyes when he said his last sentence.

It made Mina frown deeply and wonder. What madman dared to visit his house so early? Otherwise only one person would dare to do it.

Not much further ado. Mina immediately took a thousand steps to go home after thanking Ichsan for the gift.

Theres really no need because its a shameful thing. At the age of 20, Mina just graduated from high school? Meanwhile, his other friends are in college and working to survive. Hey … really embarrassing for anyone!

Walk closer to his actual yard. Mina begins to show her feet on the marble floor after exiting the artificial forest, where she takes an alternative path to reach the building of this magnificent house.

Mina walked straight to reach the background of her house. And sure enough, he saw a racing motorbike that he had memorized, neatly parked in front of his house.

Krt ….

Mina clenched her fists and gritted her teeth hard because she was so angry with the presence of a man on her happy day and who would dare to open the door for a guest like herself at home? Is the waiter asking to be fired now?

Even his family did not dare to open the door for the man because of events that were bad enough and mentally disturbed Mina in the past, so his family always kicked the man out of the house before Mina saw him and was angry because of his presence.

But what is this situation? Who dares to open the door for a savage without his permission.

With firm steps, Mina walked closer to her luxurious house and went straight into it by banging on the door, ignoring the maid in charge of opening the door and connecting the guests who had just entered the house.

Brak ….

Mina slammed the door hard enough to make the maids bow their heads deeply because they already knew what caused their young ladys anger.

”Who would dare to take action to let that person in? Even have his vehicle parked in front of the door? Why not throw him into a ravine or destroy him! ” Mina was angry, clenched her fists.

”Hey … hey … calm down dear. Why are you scolding them? I entered by opening the door myself and walking on my own two feet to enter the house. Then why are you scolding an innocent person? Being rude as a Beautiful Young Lady, ” said the man, walking towards Mina in an obnoxious manner.

Grr ….

Mina looked at him with a murderous look. His hands were clenched so tightly that his knuckles turned white.

”Of course they were all at fault for not kicking you out of this house right away when they found out that your disgusting appearance was in this house! ” Mina said, very angry.

Mina immediately glanced back and glared at her bodyguard.

”Why isn anyone moving? Quickly drag him out of this house. Quick! ” Mina shouted loudly.

Several bodyguards immediately approached the man and were about to grab his shoulder to be dragged away. But they immediately stiffened when they saw the sharp look in the mans eyes.

”Why silence. Hurry!! ” Mina shouted, once again.

The man immediately approached Mina quickly and gripped her face tightly with a horrible facial expression.

”Hey idiot! Be a little polite in front of your future husband. You really look disgusting like this. Shut up and obey my words so you look beautiful like you used to, honey! ”

Mina looked at him with a frantic look. His eyes darkened and he immediately jerked his hand away from his face.

”Don go too far! What a savage man. Who would want to marry a rotten and trashy man like you? Come to your senses. You really look pitiful now! ” Mina replied, with a cold and disgusted look.

The man was silent for a moment by looking at Mina with an arrogant look, before finally he laughed out loud.

He returned to Mina, and ….


A hard slap landed smoothly on Minas cheek.

With a piercing cold gaze the man said, ”I told you, keep your attitude you disgusting! ”

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