”I don like you, sir. ”

Mina stared intently at a man who handed her flowers in the front doorway of the Hacin Group Company.

The black haired man with round glasses who was on his stomach in front of his eyes was an HRD who had guided him for several days before the day of the new employee acceptance.

A 23-year-old man with a handsome face and slender height who appeared in the worship of a middle-class god in this office.

Mina had heard rumors of this interest since the first day she set foot here to conduct the Hacin Group security team member selection test.

At first Mina didn believe it because none of her friends in the security team heard the news. After all, Minas friends who were there weren gossipers like the other employees. They are too busy with the work given by their seniors while doing the internship.

But who would have thought if this man actually expressed his feelings in front of thousands of employees passing by around them.

Hamzah is this mans name. The youngest employee who managed to move up the ranks quickly even though he only worked for 6 months without any internal path to go through. Everything he gets is purely from his hard work and brilliant brain.

But now one of her office idols is actually causing a big problem on Minas first day at work. No! More precisely, Mina came to pick up her bride. Mr. Tama! An angry director who is always shunned by his employees because he is known for his strange personality and sharp eyes like an eagles.

But now Minas steps had to be stopped because Hamzah shot her in front of thousands of employees.

Even behind is Tama who just got out of the elevator and was about to approach her. But the mans steps stopped when he saw what happened to Mina in front of him.

Mina patted her forehead for mercy and walked past Hamzah and went straight to Tama who was still frozen in place.

”You just keep quiet when Im having trouble like that? Huh… how about I just accept it and we don have to get married? ” Mina chirped, looking at Tamas cold face with a reluctant look.

However, Tama who saw Minas irritated face, looked at her with a gaze that was colder than before.

”What are you doing in front of the office? With perfunctory clothes? Even though we
e going to a clothes shop so we can make up! ” Tama said, staring at Minas appearance with intense eyes.

Because now Mina only wears a knee-length sweater and leggings with long hair flowing freely covering her back.

”Whats wrong with my appearance? Am I ugly? ” Mina chirped, in a very confident voice.

Tama sighed tiredly and took the girl away from that place as soon as possible.

But when he passed Hamzah who was at the door. Tama suddenly stopped and looked at him with a cold and sharp gaze.

”Shes my wife. I hope you don bother her next time, ” Tama said, causing everyone who heard her to widen their eyes.

”Master Tama is not gay? ”

You heard that? Pak Tama is getting married to a new employee in the Security Division. Isn this hot news? ”

”Crazy! If I had known that. I wouldn have let him go. ”

”Mr. Tama …. ”

Thats the voice of female employees who start to get restless when their day hunting is reduced by one and even worse, their only rival is a new employee who has just graduated from high school at the age of 20.

”How could I lose to such a stupid girl! ”

”No sir. Don marry him. Just marry me, sir. ”

”Only me!!! ”

Hearing the voices, Mina couldn help but shake her head mercilessly and stared at the women with an even gaze.

Even though at that time he was being glanced at by the fox women so sharply. But all their gazes did not make Minas steps tremble at all.

”You are indeed quite a brave girl. How will you who will become the Hacin Groups Mistress wear clothes like this when you come to my place. Ouch, I could be going crazy. Can you keep your image a little bit? Do I have to remind you of this? ” said Tama, suddenly angry when the two of them were already in the car, alone.

Mina looked at him with a lazy look and sighed tiredly when she heard Tamas words saying that her appearance was very inappropriate as a woman from the Hacin Group.

Sorry for the reason Tama was angry with him.

Tama who heard that even felt a little guilty because Mina immediately kept her mouth shut by continuing to sigh tiredly. It was as if he had a lot on his mind after he listened to Tamas words to him.

Tama who suddenly became restless couldn help but stare anxiously at Minas face with occasional glances at her as she started to focus on the road.

”Hey, are you mad? Please don be angry. I just let go, ” Tama said, while looking at Minas face that was reluctant to look at her.

Tama who saw this treatment felt even more guilty and looked at Minas face with an annoyed look. He even repeatedly peeked at Minas face. But the girl avoided him even more and showed that she was angry now.

Tama immediately pulled the car over. Making Mina turn and look at him with a questioning look.

”Why stop the car? Well be late for the dress. I was once scolded by Brother-in-law for getting up late and having to wait for you to finish a meeting! ” Mina said, in a passionate voice.

Tama who saw that could only stare at Minas face with hurt eyes.

”Why the hell? Its not clear at all? Quickly start the car. Later when we get angry, Ill be the most angry! ” Mina shrieked, taking a shaky breath.

But Tama didn move and instead stared at her face with a painful look.

”How can we get married if the bride and groom already had a fight before taking the vows in front of the priest? Huff … don be angry. Why don you want to go up to the wedding altar with your face? bowing like that? ” said Tama, as if nagging.

”Ugh … if you
e still arguing about this. Ill get off and go there in a taxi! ” threatened Mina, in a displeased voice.

Tama immediately started her car obediently and sighed tiredly if she had to face Mina who was suddenly arrogant in the morning like this.

”I haven had breakfast yet. Don fight okay? I don have much energy. ”

”Up to you! ”

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