Dap … dap … dap ….

A girl is running on the pavement at high speed. Behind him, a dog was no less fast chasing the girl.

Its only 5:00 in the morning, but Mina already has to run the Marathon to avoid some silly trouble because she accidentally farted on a big dog thats now chasing her.

Though farting is a human thing. But why didn the beast understand? Did his fart smell so bad that it made him chase Mina for more than 1.5 hours?

Does not make sense. Mina who originally planned to go around the complex in 30 minutes, because she had to leave for school on time, now had to spend all her time and energy in the morning trying to escape from a dog!

Really crazy. The start of the day was absolutely crazy! Hopefully there won be anything crazy in the afternoon, evening or night.

Minas breath hitched. He was getting tired of his activities. Even his running speed decreased drastically since 10 minutes ago.

Wondering how to avoid the dog. Mina couldn think clearly because her strength had drained from her legs.

”Ah … please! ” Mina shouted, almost showing her tears.

Moments later, Mina saw a man in a black suit with a face that was not clear because he was wearing a mask and sunglasses covering his face, immediately smiled broadly when he found someone after a long time he just passed the street lamp, without seeing a single person.

Unable to think straight, Mina immediately ran towards the stranger, screaming for help while waving her right hand.

”Master, please … Master! ” Mina shouted, to a white man in a work coat that was still very neat and not wrinkled at all.

The man looked at him strangely. He even lowered his glasses slightly to see who was shouting this morning.

”Open the car! Open the door! ” shouted the girl, somehow she did so obediently.

Klek ….

The man opened his car door at the girls direction, not knowing what he was going to do.

But before he could see the young womans face, Tamas hand was immediately pulled into the car. In the end it overlapped with Minas tiny body, before they were finally locked in a narrow room together.

Brak ….

Mina closed the car door of a foreign man she had never seen the expression on and his face after they both got into the car safely and managed to dodge the fierce dog attack.

”Ah, thank goodness I saw you. Thank you, sir. I– ”

Mina fell silent as their eyes stared at each other and locked for a few seconds.

A man with black hair and dark eyes, a facial expression that was firm but did not detract from his good looks.

Meanwhile on the other hand, there is Mina who has a face that is too beautiful with a body goal that can make all men stare at her just because she passes in front of them.

The long black mane that was ponytailed like a ponytail, cold sweat dripping from his face down to Minas neck and chest, made the man look at her with a strange and sharp look.

Glek ….

Mina swallowed hard. He seemed to have realized a fatal mistake when he saw how the two of them were currently.

With a slow motion, Mina got off the mans lap and sat next to a tall man who was several years her senior.

”Sorry, sir. But please don kick me out yet, ” squeaked Mina, glancing out the window and showing a dog still barking outside.

Letting out a s

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