Seeing his behaviour, Lin Lan really wanted to report to the Commune to have him arrested and paraded through the streets!


“We haven’t even said anything yet, so how do you know that she has a big belly? How do you know that we are blaming things on you?” Lin Lan snorted coldly.


Youth Chen immediately raised his hand and swore, “I swear, I have nothing to do with Liu Xiuyun.
I only exchanged a few pleasantries with her to improve our friendship, but I have never dated her, let alone impregnating her.
After all, how are we to know who she did it with? Stop pestering me, I’m leaving.”


She had seen shameless people before, but never to this extent!


Lin Lan’s shrew-like attribute broke out as she ran to him and slapped him several times, stunning him in place.

“Y-you… you shrew, how dare you hit someone!” He reacted and immediately wanted to fight back.


Dong Huaihua kicked him fiercely from the side with sharp eyes and hands as she spoke angrily in a low voice, “And you, brat, should know better than to flaunt your idiocy.
Otherwise, let’s see what will happen if others start to gather around!”


With that, Youth Chen truly remained silent.
His face was ashen, but he didn’t dare to say anything else.


Lin Lan said coldly, “Do you think that no one else would know about your tricks just because you managed to fool the innocent Xiuyun? Your secret meetings with her were seen by the kids so many times.
Do you want me to ask them to confront you?”


“Do you believe everything that the children say? Who’s to say that they wouldn’t lie and make something up just to watch the drama?” Youth Chen looked as if he had been wronged by the Gods.
However, since his way was blocked by two tough women, he was unable to leave even if he wanted to.


The most important point was that Lin Lan expressed her thoughts through her gaze, conveying an intense look that said, try running, you little prick.
The moment you do, I’ll have my man rip off your shoulders!


Dong Huaihua actively said, “If you were the one who fucking did it, then you should take up responsibility for it.
This marriage has to be held even if you don’t want it.
Otherwise, you will be criticised terribly.
I won’t let you leave our Shanzui Village for the rest of your life.
Do not assume that just because I’m the Women’s Director and not a cadre that I don’t have the ability…”


Youth Chen’s face was as pale as ash and his body trembled.
Only then did he feel that the matter had become serious.


Lin Lan also supported such a decision.
The country girls were truly very simple-minded and ignorant since they have never seen the world.
If the youth were to sing them a few songs, say a couple of sweet words and throw some teases here and there, the girls were as good as goners.


In the beginning, they would swear to each other, saying that their soulmate just had to be the other.
But once they obtain a partner, the one who was strung along would practically be used as a way to obliterate the other’s loneliness.
In the end, ‘taking responsibility’ would be the farthest thing from their minds.


Nevertheless, the girls in the village were too innocent.
Once they were coaxed by the men, for fear that they would be beaten to death by them, the bitter fruit would just be swallowed in their stomachs.


In the end, the most serious thing that could happen was for the woman to refuse to confess.
Then, she would drown in the river or hang herself, dying in such a miserable way.


If this matter was not properly resolved, the Liu family would lose their reputation in the end as the villagers would do nothing but point fingers and share gossip.
In the end, Liu Xiuyun wouldn’t be able to stand the stories and the judgemental eyes of her family, resulting in an end from drowning.


Even if Liu Xiuyun was just plainly ignorant, Lin Lan didn’t want to see such an end happen to her.
Thinking of that warm little girl back then, Lin Lan felt Youth Chen was too much.


Don’t try to flirt if you dare not take responsibility!

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