“Why are you going to give birth? Say something.”

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“You talked too much before I even spoke.”

“Yeah, I’m sorry, my friend.”

Then, Woo-jin went to the refrigerator and drank water.
Ha-hyun raised his hand to ask for his own too but was startled when he saw Woo-jin’s throwing posture.

What if he couldn’t get it and get hit in the stomach? Woo-jin, who recalled that he was pregnant at Ha-hyun’s reaction, gave it to him without throwing it eventually.

“It wants to live.”

A lump of cells that the brain hasn’t formed yet?”

“Why do you say it like that to someone who has a baby?”

Woo-jin, who snorted despite the bruise, sat on the sofa and glanced at Ha-hyun’s stomach.

He had never said he was pregnant before today, and looking at Ha-hyun’s belly, which was barely visible, he reconfirmed that he was still in the early stages, and he crossed his arms behind the back of the backrest and made a chin gesture.
It was a signal to say more as he shut his mouth.

“I went to the hospital because I couldn’t control my pheromone, but it is said that the child in the stomach intentionally broke the system because of the lack of alpha pheromone.
So doesn’t that mean they want to live?”

Don’t attach meaning to anything that is just a simple mechanism.”

Ha-hyun pouted his lips at Woo-jin’s words, telling him not to fall for the beautifully wrapped words and to look at reality seriously.

“I have a lot of money.
Enough for three generations to play and eat.
Even now, real estate rents come in thousands every month.
Then, realistically, having children isn’t a problem.”

“It’s because money doesn’t solve everything.
Are you confident in educating your children? By yourself? It’s true that you’re in an advantageous position over others because you’re a rich unemployed person.
That doesn’t mean you have two bodies.”

When asked not to ignore the advice of a person with a child, Ha-hyun bit his lower lip.
Never ignored it.
In fact, Woo-jin’s words were something he also could relate to, so there was nothing more to say.

Still, he didn’t want to go up on the operating table and remove the child.
Because the child was important? That was absolutely not the case.
Ha-hyun wasn’t someone who loved and cherished a person who he had just learned of their existence.

However, it was the first family he had that came after seven years.
It was true that living alone after his parents passed away was bittersweet because he was an only child.
He knew it was such a crazy decision, but he couldn’t let it go.

Loneliness was bound to eat people, so even if he lived a peaceful life, there were days when it was difficult to shake off a depressed mood.
It was like visiting the hotel on a whim every day, and the child in the womb and the child’s father also met on such a day.

Woo-jin, who was looking at Ha-hyun chewing his lip and having a dark face, called out in a low voice.

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“If you feel lonely, find a lover and get married.
You have such a solid foundation and can start a family.”

“That’s not wrong… but do I need to let go of the relationship that has come to me now?”

Because he had a lot of money.
Even though he was a recessive omega, he wasn’t ugly.
Ha-hyun had the confidence to create a relationship that would fill his side even after giving birth to a child.

“I want to give birth no matter what.”

When Ha-hyun didn’t change his mind, Woo-jin straightened his body after scratching his head.

“Let’s find him.”


“The father.
You don’t often do one-night stands.
Do you remember him? If you have basic information, you will be able to find him no matter what detective agency you want to go to.”

Woo-jin leaned to Ha-hyun with his legs crossed and flicked his forehead.
Woo-jin showed a firm attitude toward Ha-hyun, who touched the part hit by a fairly strong flick.

“And tell him.
You have a child because of that one-night stand.
If he doesn’t believe you, do a genetic test.
Let’s just get his manpower.”

He didn’t need it because he had a lot of money, though? So Ha-hyun tilted his head when asked to borrow the father’s manpower.

“If I hire a babysitter…”

“I’m sure the children to be born will also be manifesting traits.
According to the usual data, the children that manifest traits should receive regular pheromone from their alpha and omega parents.”

He could hire a babysitter, but first of all, he nodded, bewitched by the words that the father should know the fact and consider the children manifesting their traits.

“Have some regular meetings like that.
It’s good to meet and have a shot.
Or you can break up while cursing if he’s a guy who couldn’t handle a cheap job.”

Woo-jin added that even if he met a new person, he didn’t know if they would truly love the child.

“But the biological father* is different.
There’s a high possibility that affection or anything will happen just because you have inherited his genes.
Of course, assuming you meet regularly.” (Let’s change from seed provider into biological father)

Therefore, Woo-jin sighed, saying that trying to build a good relationship with him would be good for Ha-hyun and for the child who would be born.

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“Still, I think it’s best not to have a child.”

Contrary to what he said, he meticulously explained the best way he could think of.
Ha-hyun, who was accustomed to seeing his tsundere-like side, naturally ignored his last words.

“But I don’t know anything about having a child.”

“I didn’t even expect you to know that.”

Woo-jin, who waved his hand, took out his cell phone and made a call to someone.

“Honey, is the baby sleeping?”

[Her eyes are still wide open.
By the way, you said in hurry and had something to do with Ha-hyun-ssi, why are you calling?]

As a familiar voice came over the receiver, Ha-hyun greeted her in his heart with a welcome face. It had been a long time, Sister-in-law.

“Didn’t Brother-in-law say that he knew the famous detective agency? I was wondering if I could get some contact information.”

[Oh my, what’s wrong? He knows the phone number.]

“We just need to find one person.
I’ll go home and explain.
Can you text me?”

[Okay, then.
I’ll ask my little brother and tell you.]

Woo-jin, who smiled satisfactorily at the cheerful answer, shook his head, saying that he seemed to have met his wife too well.

Ha-hyun, accustomed to him boasting out of nowhere, took a water bottle in his hand and drank a sip of water.

“I’ll leave it up to you to decide whether to find him or not.
I don’t think it’s something I can argue more about.”

“Ung, ung.”


Woo-jin ruffled his hair and blurted out the end of his speech.

“Raise what you are going to give birth to well.
If there’s anything you don’t know, just ask.”

He wasn’t a good parent yet, but he was better than Ha-hyun, who didn’t know anything.
In the end, Ha-hyun smiled a little and nodded his head at Woo-jin’s words that he would help even if he wanted to.

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Let’s have some rice.”

Woo-jin answered bluntly until the end and checked whether he had morning sickness.
He was, sure, a good friend.

* * *

Ha-hyun, who couldn’t resist the pouring sunlight and woke up, was shocked by the sensation he felt as soon as he woke up.

“I’m hungry.”

When he turned around after learning he was pregnant, he was hungry.
He was picky about food, but it was hard to eat every single one.
(그런 주제에 가리는 건또 많아서 일일이 챙겨 먹는 것도 일이었고)

However, he felt like he was living life more faithful to his instincts than before these days, so he thought about whether he could do this for a while and then gave up.

By the way, they said that even sleeping was a job later on.

Shaking his head with a tired face imagining the upcoming future, he stretched his body and got out of bed.
He moved slowly, walked to the kitchen, drank water, and stood in front of the gas stove, contemplating.

“What should I eat?”

Rubbing his belly, he asked the baby.
It was a habit developed by Ha-hyun, who realized that the child’s advice had more influence than his advice.

“You said you were hungry.
Say it quickly.”

As he urged with a quiet voice and rubbed the place where the uterus was, the food he wanted to eat popped up in his head.

As the image came to mind, Ha-hyun sighed unconsciously.

“It’s a fish.”

That was grilled mackerel, too.

Mackerel had a strong fishy smell if it was cooked incorrectly, so it was difficult to eat.
Still, he didn’t like the food enough to go to a restaurant and eat it.
Mackerel was the most eaten food once a year.

He’d rather have a steamed spicy anglerfish (아귀찜) or steamed kodari (코다리찜).
While grumbling that that kind of food was less demanding, Ha-hyun picked up his cell phone and found a restaurant selling grilled mackerel.
It looked like it had to be eaten at the store.

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Although it was a bit far, Ha-hyun, who found the restaurant, went back to the main room and finished preparing to go out.
Then he grabbed his car key and headed to the parking lot.

Since he had a child, going out has doubled and to be honest, it was annoying, but he found it fun to find good restaurants.

11 a.m.

It wasn’t the time to go to work or lunchtime, so the road and the restaurant were quiet.
Ha-hyun, who entered the restaurant and sat down in a corner, swallowed his saliva as he saw the quickly served grilled mackerel set meal.

Ha-hyun, who picked up chopsticks and put the mackerel in his mouth, widened her eyes.
It had been a long time since he ate so it was delicious.

The soft rice and the salty mackerel go well together, leaving a regret to eat just one bowl of rice.
Ha-hyun, who swallowed it hard so that it didn’t stop on top, felt regret when looking down at the already half-empty bowl.

Contemplating whether to eat a little more, he swallowed his hunger for mackerel when he thought of twisted doughnuts (꽈배기) covered in sugar.
He had to buy it on the way home.

“I can’t stop wanting to eat all day.”

Ha-hyun, who mumbled with chopsticks in his mouth, was relieved that he wasn’t working again.
Had he been at work, he would have had more trouble.
For example, morning sickness or falling asleep.

Besides, he was often tired.
He didn’t think he moved much for a long time, but his strength had gone down.
It had been a long time since he had given up on household chores other than occasionally running the vacuum and doing laundry.

“I heard that there’s a robot vacuum cleaner and a robot mop.”

He was going to have to buy both now.
If there was a robot with both functions, he would buy it, but he didn’t think there would be one.

After emptying the bowl, Ha-hyun put down the spoon, paid, and headed to the car.
On his way home, he even bought twisted doughnuts and a robot vacuum cleaner that he was going to buy.
He was too lazy to take it out of the box, so he just threw it aside, took off his outdoor clothes, and went straight to bed.

“First of all, take a nap…”

Not long after waking up, he headed to his dream again.

T/N :

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It’s just I had exams this week and I haven’t translated this chap beforehand :’)

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