rs and moved his feet again in accordance to the signal, quickly continued to the destination he could see.

“Come to my house if you’re bored.
Have other drinks instead of alcohol.
I’ll order the food on time for you.
I’m busy, so I’m hanging up.”

Ha-hyun, who unilaterally hung up the phone, safely parked around the restaurant, breathed a sigh of relief, and got out of the car quickly.

When Ha-hyun went inside with his wallet in case something unexpected happened, he smelled the scent of pine trees that passed by in an instant and quickly turned his head.

“The pheromone…”

Kang Cho-seung.
It was that person’s scent.

Is he in this restaurant? But it wasn’t even lunchtime now.
It was already 3 o’clock, so an ordinary office worker would have to be at the company.

“He’s not here, right?”

It could be the remaining pheromone.
The pheromone he quickly grabbed was already bouncing around as if it had been buried in other things and disappeared.

When he faced the pheromone in his memory, Ha-hyun became tense as if he had committed a crime.
Thinking like that, this space was uncomfortable.
Ha-hyun, who found the staff, quickly took the packaged food and went out.

Ironically, unlike his stiff muscles, he was at ease.
Ha-hyun, who forcibly suppressed the desire to follow the pheromone after a long time, looked down at the heavy packaging in his right hand.

“This is the child’s father.” (Refer to the pheromone left around the packaging)

It was a very small amount of pheromone, but it had a great effect on Ha-hyun.
Slight nausea he felt because the strawberry disappeared the moment he faced the pine pheromone, so there was no need to mention the effect.

He felt better this morning than when he got the pheromone injection.
When he got the injection, he didn’t really know if his condition was bad or if it had improved, but now he knew at once.
His condition wasn’t that good.

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It seemed that the saying that Alpha’s pheromone was helpful not only for morning sickness but also throughout pregnancy was true.

Swallowing up his bitter feelings, he headed to the place where the car was parked with a little less energy than when he came.

He wasn’t happy because he felt like he was facing a part he couldn’t fill no matter how much money he had.

“As expected, I should let him know so we can meet.”

He knew his name and it seemed like he lived close to Seoul, so it wouldn’t be as difficult to find as he thought.
Well, he didn’t know how long it would take.

“A famous detective agency…”

Ha-hyun, who was sitting in the driver’s seat muttering, shook his head as if it wasn’t a good idea.
It was difficult for him to adjust with just one child, but suddenly it seemed difficult to bring another person into the line.

He felt like getting regular pheromone injections was a better option than getting stressed out.
It was going to be hard.
Ha-hyun, who had just realized the importance of alpha pheromone, noticed that the road ahead wasn’t quite easy.

Still, since he had decided, he had to do it.

He put his face on the steering wheel and stayed still, making a dazed voice.


It was a really absurd thing to say, but his eyelids got heavier.
He guessed he should go home soon and eat only one bite of gamjatang before going to bed.

Even though he was sleepy, Ha-hyun didn’t forget gamjatang.

* * *

Ha-hyun, who returned home and fell asleep after eating gamjatang, woke up to the loud ringtone of his cell phone.

Rubbing his still heavy eyelids, he roughly stretched out his arms to answer the phone and he was awakened by the voice echoing in his ears.

“You’re loud.”

[I’m here, open the door quickly.]


Ha-hyun, who got out of bed in slow steps, went to the intercom on the joint front door, looking at the screen showing Woo-jin’s face.

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Come to think of it, he said he would order food, but he didn’t because he was sleeping.
Realizing that his work had increased, he pursed his lips while pondering whether or not to open the door for a moment, and then shook his head.

Still, he wasn’t going to kick him out after coming all the way here.
When he heard the sound of the front door, Ha-hyun, who walked to open the door, stiffened as he saw Woo-jin’s face.

“You, are you really pregnant? Is our Nominal Boss really pregnant?”

“Don’t call me Nominal Boss, call me by name.”

“Yes, our Ha-hyun.
Are you pregnant?”

“I am.”

He didn’t want to keep talking at the front door.
Woo-jin followed Ha-hyun as he went inside.

“How can? Whose kid is it? Where’s the bastard who got you pregnant?”

Ha-hyun, who had sat leaning on the sofa at the sound of words gradually becoming louder, waved his hand.
No matter how much he persuaded him to calm down, Woo-jin was still excited.

“The result of a one-night stand.”

“Oh, one-night… ya!”

When he suddenly shouted, Ha-hyun was startled and his shoulders stiffened.
Woo-jin, who slapped his own lips, took a deep breath.

“Are you going to give birth to them? No, right? Are you really not going to give birth to the child who doesn’t even know where the father is and what he is doing, right?”

When Ha-hyun kept his mouth shut and didn’t say anything, Woo-jin slapped his own chest as if he was frustrated.

“You have a lot of money so you can erase the kid, ung? You think raising children is easy.
And how do you raise them yourself? Parenting isn’t something that can only be solved with money, you know?”

It was quite the right word.
He had a lot of money, so he could remove the child and he felt a little at a loss as to how to raise them on his own, and it was also right that money couldn’t solve it.

Woo-jin pulled down his tie as he looked at Ha-hyun, whose eyes were rolling around, and sighed.

“You, are going to give birth.”

“Why do you know me so well?”

“It is said that the village school dog can recite a good harvest in three years…”

Ha-hyun shook his head at the word from a video, even if she didn’t watch it for a long time.
That was Woo-jin.

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