Since the distant future was always uncertain, Ha-hyun decided to only see the near future.
So, in the near future where the little child could wiggle and crawl.

“I’m curious.”

She said that the recessive omega only had about nine months of pregnancy and had to have a cesarean section, which was only a few months away.

With about seven months left, what kind of relationship will you, who is still a stranger in my heart, have with me in the future?

Can we truly become a family? Or will I remain as a simple guardian? Or maybe, you could still be a stranger.

But Ha-hyun decided to grow this bean, so he was going to try.

So, from now on, he hoped he could work hard to establish an amicable relationship with them.
For example, in the part about morning sickness.

Ha-hyun was honestly frightened when he found the information that it was time to start morning sickness.
What if he suddenly wanted to eat something or what if he vomited just by smelling the food?

“Don’t worry about it already.”

He would figure it out later somehow.

Ha-hyun, who followed his carefree thought, thought of alpha with the scent of pine when his mind was cleared to some extent.
He was using another way of representing the father of the child in the womb.

The pheromone was fragrant and refreshing, so he thought he wouldn’t get tired of smelling them all day long.
He quickly shook his head to shake off the thought of being distracted.
That wasn’t the problem he had to worry about now.

“Should I tell him?”

How did he find and notify someone who he knew nothing but their name, let alone a phone number? In the first place, he was embarrassed to suddenly visit him and tell him that he was pregnant with his child.
Kang Cho-seung, was it?

It had been two months and even the name had been vague.
All he could remember was the making love he had with pleasure and the pheromone with the scent of pine that stuck to his body.

“It’s not necessary.”

Maybe it was necessary, but he didn’t know because he had never faced such a situation.
If he needed it, he could make a request to look for him.

Besides, he might be offended by how he was sure it was his child, so Ha-hyun just decided not to look for him.
He didn’t seem like that, but only had spent one night together.
It was too short a time to have any certainty.

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After finishing his last thought, Ha-hyun slowly raised his body, leaning comfortably on the bench.
No, more precisely, he tried to.

“Excuse me.”

Ha-hyun, who turned his head with a puzzled face at the sound of an unfamiliar voice, saw the young alpha standing with a shy face and hardened his expression without realizing it.

“Do you have a lover?”


No lover.
It felt like three years had passed since he had been without them.

Ha-hyun, who only spoke the truth, shook his head nervously.
His answer leaked out of his lips, but seeing his bright face, Ha-hyun clicked his tongue inwardly.

There was no ‘lover’.

“Then, your phone number—”

“I am pregnant.”


But there was a kid.

Ha-hyun, who intercepted the other person’s words before they even finished speaking, remained silent and walked away.
He was pregnant, so he should get something to disguise as a wedding ring.
If he wore a ring, nothing like this would ever happen.

Ha-hyun, unaware of the alpha, who was looking at him with dismayed eyes from behind, just took a light step.
He had been wanting to eat strawberries for a long time, so he must buy them before going home.

* * *

Ha-hyun, who returned home to buy strawberries as planned, moved quickly and washed the strawberries.
Sitting at his table, as he was about to grab a strawberry and eat it, he looked down at his belly with an unfair expression.

“I said I will take care of you.”

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His favourite fruit was strawberries.
Next was the soft peaches and the long-awaited third place was the green grape.
Although Shine Muscat was threatening the place of green grapes these days, it wasn’t important because it wasn’t the grape season yet.

“Are you really my baby?”

It was in his stomach.
So, was it someone else’s child?

He thought to himself that it was nonsense.
However, the unfair feeling didn’t go away, so Ha-hyun only stared at his innocent belly.

He was fine when he bought strawberries on the way home.
The common sense of nausea never came up, so he picked it up a lot because there was an event at the mart.

Able to handle one or two boxes in one sitting, he bought them in large quantities, thinking he would eat them all soon, but it prevented him to imagine eating the strawberries.

“If you’re my baby, you should like strawberries.”

Kang Cho-seung, did that person hate strawberries?

Ha-hyun put down the fork in his hand, thinking of another gene donor.
He felt nauseous as soon as he put it in his mouth that was fine just when he smelled the strawberry before and couldn’t eat it.

If there was a feast in front of him, wouldn’t it be like this when he couldn’t eat?

Suddenly, he thought about what would happen if he couldn’t eat strawberries even after the baby was born and took a deep breath.

“In that case, you would be born with taken half the joy of life.”

If they lived with Ha-hyun, strawberries would always be in the refrigerator, and if they hated it, he would be a little sad.


T/N :

I don’t know why translating this series was harder than IDWTR or even SGG… QAQ

Ah well~!


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