The space cut off from the outside was lonely beyond stillness.
Ha-hyun looked around the living room where there was no sound, then moved and headed towards the window.

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There was no terrace as it was on a high floor, but it was quite fun to sit on the floor and look down at the distant bottom.

A man the size of an ant, a car slightly larger than that.
A sparsely located street tree.
It was a habit he got after moving to this house to just stare at the space where all of them were harmonized.


He thought the days were getting warmer now, but he guessed it was time for the cold weather to come.
Ha-hyun looked at the blankets neatly laid out on the sofa from afar.
Should he bring it or should he just stay?

To be honest, it wasn’t even a few steps away, but it was cumbersome to get up because he was already sitting on the floor.
It wasn’t that he didn’t think about crawling, but he thought his knees would hurt because of the marble floor, so he quickly removed the option.

If there was even a cell phone next to him, he would turn on the heater more strongly, but unfortunately, it was on the sofa.
Ha-hyun, who took a step without thinking and sat down in front of the window, clicked his tongue.


He would just stay like this.

When darkness fell, Ha-hyun was going to leave the house, so there was no problem even if he stayed here for a while.
He could catch a cold if he had bad luck, but he would then have to lie in bed and not move.

Ha-hyun, who had nothing to do, was really living in a nest.
He didn’t really want to get a job now because the rich, unemployed life that he had been living for about eight years after graduating from school suited him well.

Some friends asked if he was bored because he was always at home, but that’s something he hadn’t experienced.
If he was bored, he could go out and play, and if he was tired of his house, he could travel or move.
There was no reason to be bored in the first place.

Even so.

“It’s a little lonely.”

The words that came out of his mouth pierced the emotions that were in the corner of his heart.

Ha-hyun, who was looking out with his forehead on the cold glass, got up only after the streetlight outside was lit up.

After taking a bath in the bathroom, Ha-hyun found a semi-suit that he didn’t usually wear and looked at the dressing table with perfume on it and thought about it.
Now that he had dressed well, should he put on perfume?

However, the heavy men’s perfume didn’t match his pheromone.
It would have been better if it was a fruit type, but most of the perfumes that came as gifts didn’t consider his pheromone.

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However, he wasn’t interested enough to choose the perfume himself, so he didn’t even have the perfume he wanted.

He decided not to wear perfume, and instead of perfume, he lightly wrapped his own pheromone around his body.
Finally, after checking himself on the mirror and tidying up, he took his car key and headed to the parking lot.

Every time he felt lonely like today, Ha-hyun headed straight to the lounge bar.
The luxurious bar wasn’t crowded because the price was as expensive as it looked.
So there were many nights he couldn’t find a partner.
However, it wasn’t suitable for Ha-hyun to go to another bar.
Because it was annoying.

Just imagining the time he went through the process of information search, selection of candidate sites, and selection of the right one made Ha-hyun tired.
He didn’t mind not finding a partner, so he was more comfortable going to the familiar bar.

“How will it be today?”

He wished there was.

It was a night he didn’t want to go back to where he would be alone.
Rather, it would have been more refreshing to roll and get up in the hotel.

Ha-hyun, who ran on an unblocked road after working hours, parked and walked familiarly towards the lounge.

Several blatant gazes followed Ha-hyun, who was walking with a scent, but he didn’t care.
He didn’t get tired of being looked at and few were brave enough to speak to him.

When Ha-hyun got into the elevator and pressed the close button, the door started to close.


Ha-hyun, who was staring at the instrument panel, widened his eyes at the hand that slipped through a small gap.

Were they urgent enough to take the risk and take the elevator right away? With that thought in mind, the door opened and a man with a stronger physique than Ha-hyun entered.


The moment the opponent brushed past him, a heavy yet intense pheromone enveloped him and passed by.
In response to the action with a secret intention, Ha-hyun slowly raised his gaze and looked at the other person.

A straight line, an honest face, and a solid body were visible over a suit.
It was enough to say that he was handsome.
Besides, he liked the scent of pine trees that brushed the tip of his nose.
The refreshing feeling also lingered and he felt like he was walking in the forest.

The arm close to his opponent trembled slightly.
He tried to ignore all his nerves and only stared at the plate indicating the number of floors.

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“Where are you going?”

In a polite, yet confident tone of voice, Ha-hyun unknowingly made eye contact with the other person.
The slightly curved lips made the atmosphere surrounding him even more alluring.

“…lounge bar.”


He just nodded his head in response to the question asked, even though he was already convinced.
In the clear affirmation, the opponent subtly leaned over and bowed his back slightly.

“Unfortunately, I am alone.”

At the words whispered in his ear, Ha-hyun lowered his eyes and just leaned closer to the other person.
The other party, who laughed quietly, raised his arm and wrapped his arm around Ha-hyun’s shoulder.
Just in time, when the elevator door opened, he escorted him to the lounge and opened his mouth.

“I’m Kang Cho-seung.”

“Lee Ha-hyun.”

The opponent, who didn’t miss the small voice, raised his mouth slowly and stroked Ha-hyun’s hair.

“It’s a pretty name.”

Ha-hyun, who smiled at him, bent his eyes.
He was sure he could spend the night as he wanted.

* * *

“Are you okay?”

At his words, Ha-hyun nodded slightly.
It was good enough to be in his hands.

With a drowsy expression on his face, Ha-hyun lay down on his stomach and hugged the pillow.
Slowly blinking his eyelids were full of sleepiness.

“Next time—”

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There’s no next time.
Cho-seung’s eyes narrowed at the resolute answer.
Weren’t both satisfied?

“I guess you’re not satisfied?”

Cho-seung approached Ha-hyun, covered in the scent of pine trees, and asked as if whispering.
When he nodded his head in affirmation, a sigh flowed as if regretful.

As he stroked Ha-hyun’s cheek with a lingering gesture, his body shook as if it was tickling.
Seeing this, Cho-seung let out a low laugh.

“Then it’s the last?”

“…you want it too, don’t you?”

Cho-seung nodded his head brightly at the confident words.
Cho-seung leaned over and bit Ha-hyun’s earlobe and whispered softly.

“Of course.”

Ha-hyun smiled contentedly at the subdued voice, but the next moment, he took a small breath through his lips.

It was the first and last night with Cho-seung.


“Are you going?”

“It’s difficult for Ha-hyun-ssi to move now.”

Cho-seung, who wore a tie that had been thrown away casually, turned his head to meet Ha-hyun, who was lying down on the bed and looking at him.

“It would be nice to have an afterwards…”

Despite the deep regret, Ha-hyun only smiled with a lukewarm face.

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Cho-seung shook off his last regrets with his resolute attitude and kissed Ha-hyun’s lips.
Ha-hyun, who opened his lips slightly, patted Cho-seung’s shoulder only after he was out of breath.

“If fate connects us, at least say hello and pass by.”

If it’s a fate.”

Cho-seung, who stole Ha-hyun’s lips with his index finger, gently stroked his hair and left the room.

Ha-hyun, who followed Cho-seung’s back with his eyes until he completely disappeared, buried his face on a soft pillow.
That body, face, Cho-seung was such an ideal partner.

He never enjoyed it alone and even adjusted it in consideration of Ha-hyun’s condition.
It felt good to mix and melt each other’s pheromones.
Like, yeah.
Like a pheromone mate.

As he said, it would be nice to have an afterwards, but Ha-hyun, who didn’t have many good memories of doing an afterwards, had to be careful.

“It’s too bad…”

As much as he was satisfied after a long time, Ha-hyun also left a deep regret.

Really, if they met again like a coincidence.

At that time, he thought it would be better to meet in a different direction than a one-night partner.



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