e, an honest face, and a solid body were visible over a suit.
It was enough to say that he was handsome.
Besides, he liked the scent of pine trees that brushed the tip of his nose.
The refreshing feeling also lingered and he felt like he was walking in the forest.

The arm close to his opponent trembled slightly.
He tried to ignore all his nerves and only stared at the plate indicating the number of floors.

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“Where are you going?”

In a polite, yet confident tone of voice, Ha-hyun unknowingly made eye contact with the other person.
The slightly curved lips made the atmosphere surrounding him even more alluring.

“…lounge bar.”


He just nodded his head in response to the question asked, even though he was already convinced.
In the clear affirmation, the opponent subtly leaned over and bowed his back slightly.

“Unfortunately, I am alone.”

At the words whispered in his ear, Ha-hyun lowered his eyes and just leaned closer to the other person.
The other party, who laughed quietly, raised his arm and wrapped his arm around Ha-hyun’s shoulder.
Just in time, when the elevator door opened, he escorted him to the lounge and opened his mouth.

“I’m Kang Cho-seung.”

“Lee Ha-hyun.”

The opponent, who didn’t miss the small voice, raised his mouth slowly and stroked Ha-hyun’s hair.

“It’s a pretty name.”

Ha-hyun, who smiled at him, bent his eyes.
He was sure he could spend the night as he wanted.

* * *

“Are you okay?”

At his words, Ha-hyun nodded slightly.
It was good enough to be in his hands.

With a drowsy expression on his face, Ha-hyun lay down on his stomach and hugged the pillow.
Slowly blinking his eyelids were full of sleepiness.

“Next time—”

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There’s no next time.
Cho-seung’s eyes narrowed at the resolute answer.
Weren’t both satisfied?

“I guess you’re not satisfied?”

Cho-seung approached Ha-hyun, covered in the scent of pine trees, and asked as if whispering.
When he nodded his head in affirmation, a sigh flowed as if regretful.

As he stroked Ha-hyun’s cheek with a lingering gesture, his body shook as if it was tickling.
Seeing this, Cho-seung let out a low laugh.

“Then it’s the last?”

“…you want it too, don’t you?”

Cho-seung nodded his head brightly at the confident words.
Cho-seung leaned over and bit Ha-hyun’s earlobe and whispered softly.

“Of course.”

Ha-hyun smiled contentedly at the subdued voice, but the next moment, he took a small breath through his lips.

It was the first and last night with Cho-seung.


“Are you going?”

“It’s difficult for Ha-hyun-ssi to move now.”

Cho-seung, who wore a tie that had been thrown away casually, turned his head to meet Ha-hyun, who was lying down on the bed and looking at him.

“It would be nice to have an afterwards…”

Despite the deep regret, Ha-hyun only smiled with a lukewarm face.

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Cho-seung shook off his last regrets with his resolute attitude and kissed Ha-hyun’s lips.
Ha-hyun, who opened his lips slightly, patted Cho-seung’s shoulder only after he was out of breath.

“If fate connects us, at least say hello and pass by.”

If it’s a fate.”

Cho-seung, who stole Ha-hyun’s lips with his index finger, gently stroked his hair and left the room.

Ha-hyun, who followed Cho-seung’s back with his eyes until he completely disappeared, buried his face on a soft pillow.
That body, face, Cho-seung was such an ideal partner.

He never enjoyed it alone and even adjusted it in consideration of Ha-hyun’s condition.
It felt good to mix and melt each other’s pheromones.
Like, yeah.
Like a pheromone mate.

As he said, it would be nice to have an afterwards, but Ha-hyun, who didn’t have many good memories of doing an afterwards, had to be careful.

“It’s too bad…”

As much as he was satisfied after a long time, Ha-hyun also left a deep regret.

Really, if they met again like a coincidence.

At that time, he thought it would be better to meet in a different direction than a one-night partner.



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