This is a hotel suite, although it has been shelved for almost ten years, but after their quick cleanup, it was restored from a five-star hotel to the standard of a guest house.

At this time, Shi Qin was already firmly tied to the back of the chair, and the belt was stuffed in his mouth to prevent him from biting anyone.

The man stood in front of him, his goggles had been pushed to the top of his head, revealing a smooth and full forehead, and his jet-black hair was slightly messy.
The middle of the straight and delicate nose is still covered with a black scarf, and only the upper half of the face can be seen.
At this time, the deep eyes looked at him, with some doubts, but the expression was completely serious and calm.

Facing the question, Shi Qin shook his head.
Of course, it is impossible for him to know his identity in this world, and it was not mentioned in the novel.

“I only remember my name, Shi Qin, you can call me that.” Shi Qin said, his voice couldn’t be more unpleasant, it was quite weird.

Obviously, the other party is not used to communicating with a zombie-like person, which feels too strange.

“What about you?” Shi Qin asked nervously.

The handsome man’s face was blank for a moment, and he replied, “Cheng Yu.”

Sure enough!

【Ding! Binding the male protagonist Cheng Yu, the initial value of the task is refreshed, the male protagonist’s blackening value is 44, and it is being updated in real time.
Strict line progress is 0, will be refreshed every day.】

It is understandable that there is no progress in the crackdown line, but the blackening value is 44, how unlucky he is!

This time the system did its job a little better, and gave Shi Qin a detailed explanation of the blackening value.
To put it bluntly, everyone has a blackening value, unless there is a problem with IQ.

Take Shi Qin as an example, his blackness value is the baseline of 10, and in the last apocalyptic days, moral degradation, human nature distortion, worshiping the strong and trampling the weak is common, even in the base there is no such sound law to restrict people’s behavior as in peaceful times, so the blackening value is generally around 30.
People like Cheng Yu who are already smart and are still licking blood at the tip of a knife will naturally have a higher blackening value.
Strictly speaking, those who do not exceed 60 are not considered bad people, and those who do not reach 100 are still curable and can be saved.

Shi Qin instantly relaxed his mind, but the next sentence of the system warned Shi Qin that it is easy to reduce the blackening value when it rises.

At that time, Shi Qin was thinking about the law of the blackening value, when he heard a taunt and came back to his senses.

“Deputy head, you are really kind.
Why are you introducing yourself to a zombie? Just now, this guy was lying on my feet and trying to bite me!”

I didn’t t, I’m not, don’t talk nonsense!

Cheng Yu’s eyes sank, and he turned to look at the speaker.

“Exactly, I want to ask, why you were besieged by zombies down there before.”

As soon as these words came out, Kang Peng’s face turned black.

“Did you forget our mission?” Cheng Yu asked.

Kang Peng exploded instantly.

When the doomsday came, humans had no choice but to abandon big cities, and only chose some small gathering places to build bases.

But when the situation became better, the best laboratories and experimental equipment were still in big cities, and some things could not be moved away.
Therefore, sometimes, in order to complete a certain experiment, scientific officers had to go out and sneak into the laboratory, and do some experiments and research in it.

This type of task is basically divided into three steps.
First, the task force clears the way, cleans the laboratory, ensures the safety of the area, and prepares supplies.

The second step is to send the scientific officers over, leaving only a few security guards behind.

The third step is to send a small team to pick them up when they are about to come back, according to the situation at the time.

When going back and forth, Cheng Yu will also choose a suitable foothold as a transfer point and record it for future use, such as this hotel.

This time, Cheng Yu’s team was going to the laboratory to pick people up.
Counting the round-trip distance, the original plan was for five days, two days to go, one day to pick people up, and two days to go back.

Originally, he was supposed to arrive at the laboratory on the other side of the city tonight and spend the night there.

Because Kang Peng acted without authorization, wasting their precious time and ammunition.
As night fell and the zombies were active, they had to stay in this hotel tonight, which was tantamount to destroying Cheng Yu’s mission progress.

And their communication equipment cannot contact the base and laboratory on the road.
It was originally Kang Peng’s fault, but he refused to admit his mistake, thinking that if Cheng Yu and the others hadn’t gone out to investigate the layout and waste time doing some meaningless things, they could have gone to the laboratory to pick people up while fighting in the same way as in the past.

Cheng Yu didn’t speak, but just looked at him coldly, but Kang Peng thought that Cheng Yu was afraid, and became more and more excited.
The so-called irrationality became more serious, and he didn’t admit his mistake at all, and wanted Cheng Yu to listen to his arrangement.

“Brother Kang, you don’t need to be so excited.
Isn’t it unreasonable for you to disobey the command and act without authorization? If everyone in the team can make decisions without authorization, then why choose a team leader ?” The speaker was Cheng Yu’s favorite Brother, Guo Yi.

Guo Yi frowned, his eyes were filled with anger, and he felt that Kang Peng was simply reckless, he would only be arrogant and unreasonable.

Kang Peng got angry, “Damn it, now any newcomer can point fingers at a senior’s nose and curse? Guo Yi, what are you, you are just a dog beside Cheng Yu! No wonder you beg for food with your tail wagging behind.
If he tells you to go east, you dare not go west.”

Kang Peng’s words seemed to hit something, Guo Yi’s face instantly distorted, and his eyes were full of murderous intent when looking at Kang Peng, and the conflict was on the verge of breaking out.

Shi Qin watched them quarrel, and listened to the system’s cold broadcast of blackening value +1.

Your sister! So easy? This Kang Peng, shut up quickly, a cannon fodder dares to yell at the hero, he is afraid that he doesn’t know how miserable his death will be in the future.

Kang Peng continued to yell, and when he saw that Guo Yi was about to make a move, he took out his pistol and fiddled with it as if he was not afraid of death.

Just at this moment, the silent Cheng Yu made a sudden move, and went so far as to strike directly.
When Kang Peng reacted and prepared to fight back, Cheng Yu unloaded his pistol in a few strokes and put it on Kang Peng’s temple.

“Cheng Yu, you dog, you want to…”

As soon as the words fell, a gunshot fired, and a bullet hole appeared on the wall in front of Kang Peng.

The hot muzzle was aimed at Kang Peng again, and he was as quiet as a chicken for an instant.

The whole room also fell silent.

Cheng Yu’s warning voice sounded, “For the benefit of mankind as a whole, the mission corps’ primary responsibility is to complete the mission.
Those who disobey the command, sabotage the plan, and drag down the mission can be discarded.”

The faces of all the people present changed, this was one of the regulations they recited when they entered the mission corps.

The regulations in the last days are so cruel, and everything is for the benefit of mankind as a whole.

“If there’s a next time, then there will be no mercy.”

Cheng Yu’s voice was resounding, like a heavy hammer hitting everyone’s heart.
He slowly put away his gun, but Kang Peng froze.

He didn’t expect Cheng Yu to be so fast, nor did he expect Cheng Yu to be so ruthless.

Kang Peng also knew in his heart that he had violated the regulations, and there were probably no people present who were willing to stand by his side.
If one was not careful, he would really be killed.

Scared from death, Kang Peng finally became a little more sober.
Seeing that Cheng Yu generously returned the gun to him, he had no choice but to go down the steps and bite the bullet to take it.

Kang Peng is arrogant, but not the kind of arrogant who is not afraid of death, he still has a sense of proportion.
He was not sure about Cheng Yu’s temper before, but now he understands.

This person is not easy to mess with.

Shi Qin was also dumbfounded, the male protagonist is the male protagonist, even if he is not completely blackened, he is still a ruthless character.
Shi Qin had no doubts about Cheng Yu’s warning, he was the kind of person who keeps his word.

Captain Jiang stepped forward and said something to ease the atmosphere.
Kang Peng hummed, habitually regaining face from ordering the weak, and directly said fiercely to the boy guarding the armored vehicle: “What about dinner? Isn’t it your responsibility?”

“Oh… oh, I’ll go right away.” Yin Changlin was a clever little man, so he ran away quickly when he saw the situation was bad, but he didn’t give Kang Peng a chance to kick him.

“Okay, let’s talk about tonight’s arrangement first.
Everyone will take turns on duty.
There are many rooms here, so everyone can have a good rest.” Captain Jiang said.

“I’m going to see if the hotel’s water circulation system is still working, maybe I can take a bath tonight.” Huo Zixuan waved her hand and left with a smile.

“Where will this zombie stay, tied here all the time?” Guo Yi asked.

Captain Jiang couldn’t help looking at Cheng Yu.
Cheng Yu was hesitating, and Kang Peng had nowhere to vent his anger.
When he saw them discussing Shi Qin, he immediately followed him.

Kang Peng kicked without warning when he came up, “Damn zombie, it’s disgusting to look at.”

Shi Qin was kicked to the ground together with the chair.
He thought he would be in pain, but in fact he didn’t feel it.
It was indeed the body of a zombie.

However, Shi Qin was still angry, and this kind of bullying person deserved to be a cannon fodder.
If it wasn’t for being tied up and not being able to move.
He really thought… Well, facing the hulk like Kang Peng, his physique can’t do much.

As if Kang Peng had found a way to vent his anger, he punched and kicked Shi Qin directly.
The chairs were kicked to pieces, and he said cruelly while beating him back: “Cut off the hands and feet first anyway, it’s just an experimental product, just keep the head.”

Shi Qin felt so aggrieved that he thought it was good to be anything but a zombie.
Humans are really cruel against zombies.

Just when Shi Qin called the system, the fist disappeared.

When Shi Qin looked up, he saw Cheng Yu standing under the lighting lamp, as if his whole body was exuding the brilliance of a saint.
Shi Qin burst into tears of gratitude, sure enough, the hero at this time is still partial to kindness and justice.

It was he who stopped Kang Peng’s atrocities, although he offended Kang Peng even more.

“You fucking have to take care of this too, is it against the rules? He’s a zombie!” Kang Peng was so angry that his face was suffocated, but his wrist was still in Cheng Yu’s hand, even though his arm was twice as thick as his, he still can’t break free half an inch.

“I’m just reminding you to be careful.
His existence has exceeded our knowledge, and his body has not been pierced by bullets.
What if… he is the kind that can be easily killed.
If he died and can’t be studied? Will you be responsible?”

Kang Peng was taken aback.

Shi Qin nodded quickly, although he didn’t know, but please treat him in a human way.
After all, the more injured his body was, the hungrier he felt, and he felt an irrepressible impulse.

As if afraid that they would fight again, Jiang Fu quickly played the role of captain.

“Cheng Yu reminded you right, Kang Peng, your fist is so tough, you can kill people with two or three blows, what if he dies the same? Except for his appearance, I feel that he is no different from ordinary people.
Let’s pay attention.”

“Understood! However, if something happens and this zombie harms anyone, you can apologize with your death!” Kang Peng said in a rough voice, pointing at Cheng Yu.

This illogical responsibility is really ridiculous, Guo Yi was about to speak, but Cheng Yu said directly: “Okay, I will be in charge of him.”

The author has something to say: Cheng Yu: Since you are in charge, you should be responsible to the end and for the rest of your life.

Shi Qin: ↑_↑Cry~

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