Chapter 8: The Protagonist Social Death

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At this moment, Luo Wusheng’s face was slightly sweaty.

He had played around with Miss Protagonist a little bit too much.

Originally, he was just telling a bunch of stories made by combining various tales from his previous life to the little girl, but later on, he didn’t know what string in his mind had been pulled wrong, but he actually started asking Lu Yuliu to try to recreate some lines from his memory.

But up to this point, it wasn’t too bad.

However, the little girl’s acting was too good, and he couldn’t help but have her add some actions.

“O darkness that conceals the light, O explosive flames that embrace the night, in the name of the scarlet devil, I declare the primordial collapse.
Gather before my eyes, you who conceal the source of power, in the land of the final kingdom.”


Watching the current Protagonist of this world now, waving a magic wand made from some small materials he had crafted beforehand, covering one eye with her hand, and raising a piece of black cloth as a cloak, playing the role of a magical girl that often accompany a certain kazuma, Luo Wusheng finally realized that he had gone a bit overboard.

Especially since time had passed too quickly, and before he knew it, they had been playing for a whole day, alone in this room.

He had sent away all the ship’s passengers who had come to visit, and had been alone with Lu Yuliu the whole time.

He didn’t know what his reputation outside had become.

Now, calculating the time, the social death scene of Miss sword fairy had probably already happened and could erupt at any moment.

And he was the culprit… Although he had initially wanted to witness the horrific social death scene, it was now obviously inappropriate to do such a thing.

The social death level was already beyond his control.

But the little girl had no idea what Luo Wusheng was thinking at the moment.
Instead, she jumped and hopped over to him with an excited look on her face.

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“Luo Lang, how did I perform?” Lu Yuliu blinked her big watery eyes.
“Although I don’t know the meaning of these words, I feel a strange feeling in my heart when I shout them out~”

Hmm, that’s probably the feeling of your dignity committing suicide right?

Luo Wusheng felt a sense of crisis.
It seems that this girl’s illness is about to end, so some of his past rationality began to awaken in his heart.

“Cough, Xiao Yuliu performed very well and deserves a reward… um, don’t move from this spot, I’ll go buy you a few candies outside.”

He was ready to leave.

Then he thought about how to fill the wounded heart of Lu Yuliu, who was hurt by her illness.

Why couldn’t he control his desire to stir up trouble? Now, the small friendship boat that was finally built may be directly shattered by Lu Yuliu explosive magic.

But as soon as Luo Wusheng took a step, he had to stop.

Because Lu Yuliu had grabbed his sleeve.

He turned to look at the girl who was about to face the cruel reality, but found that the colors in her eyes had become more complex, and then she closed her eyes, and her expression kept changing.

Luo Wusheng quickly understood the girl’s condition.

Twelve hours was the rough estimate for the onset of the protagonist’s mental down illness, but the actual onset time was dynamic, it could be slightly longer, or it could enter the ending phase early like now.

The black cloth that Lu Yuliu wore as a small cloak slipped off her body and fell to the ground, her face becoming more and more unsightly, and her delicate white hand that grabbed Luo Wusheng’s sleeve also tightened.

Ah, her hand just clenched into a fist.

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Luo Wusheng looked at the little girl who was receiving the memory of social death with some apprehension.

The expression on her face was rich and colorful, sometimes flushed, sometimes with a few hints of despair, and sometimes she gnashed her teeth in hatred towards someone.

Naturally, there was no need to elaborate on who this someone was.

But in the end, Lu Yuliu slowly loosened the hand that was tightly holding Luo Wusheng’s sleeve.

“…You go out first, I want to be alone.”

The Miss sword fairy, who had clearly fully recovered, suppressed her trembling voice and whispered such words.

With the ear power of a cultivator who is in the Golden Core cultivation realm, Luo Wusheng barely caught this very quiet sentence.

To be able to endure her own social death like this, truly worthy of being the protagonist, this kind of mental state, not even the empress of the Immortal Nation can compare.

Luo Wusheng also felt that he should give the girl who had experienced a major change in her life some space, so he nodded understandingly and asked, “Do you need me to set up a soundproofing formation?”


The girl’s body erupted with a qi that shouldn’t have been possible for a Foundation Establishment realm cultivator, as she politely forced these words out of her mouth.

Although it was her own room, Luo Wusheng promptly left.

And thoughtfully waved his hand, using the strength of his Golden Core realm to isolate the room from the outside world.


“Ah ah ah ah ah!!!”

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After an emotional scream, Lu Yuliu collapsed onto the bed, her face full of despair.

It was just like the state of the few brothers who had died on the first day of boarding the ship.

Her breathing was now somewhat erratic, her chest heaving exaggeratedly, and her huge heart swaying back and forth.

As a result, a Star-Moon Jade Pendant swayed out.

Looking at the faintly reflected image of herself in the flawless beauty of the jade, Lu Yuliu felt the memories of the past twelve hours flashing through her mind.

With a clench of her teeth, she violently ripped the Star-Moon Jade Pendant from her jade neck.

“Damn it, damn it, damn it, damn it…”

Sitting up in bed, she tightly grasped the pendant in her hand, and the Miss sword fairy gritted her teeth.

What Lu Lang? What Xiao Yuli?

How could she have said such shameless things!

(And those weird words and shameful actions she said out loud…that guy actually coaxed her into doing those things!)

(That guy must have been laughing at her in his heart all along!)

Thinking of this, she raised the hand holding the pendant.

But in that moment of throwing it away, she stopped.

Twirling the pendant’s chain, and looking at the jade stone shining like a starry moon, with a reflection of her own breathtaking beauty, Lu Yuliu fell silent.

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(That guy…didn’t do anything…)

Even though she had revealed her true form, he didn’t seem to care at all, and didn’t even mind that she wasn’t actually a disciple of the demonic sect… No, perhaps he had already guessed it?

Thinking of how only for a few moments had the sight of her real appearance shaken Luo Wusheng’s composure, Lu Yuliu pursed her lips.

Could it be that he’s unexpectedly a gentleman…

Well, it makes sense.
After all, his relationship with the demoness is good, and if he were a lecherous man, the demoness wouldn’t be so close to him.

Hmm, he even set up soundproofing for the room when he left earlier.

(Now that I think about it, even changing the way he addresses me was something I brought up in that state…)

(Although the things he asked me to do were strange, at that moment he seemed to be immersed in that matter and didn’t seem to be teasing me about it…)

As she thought about this, it seemed like…

I still can’t accept it!

He knew everything, yet he still changed my name and made me do those weird things!

And the things he did later were obviously just his twisted sense of humor!

No, I have to get revenge!

I can’t let him get away from bullying me like this!

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