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But I admire those guys more, they can still get excited about that kind of thing.”

“On the fourth day, I finally caught Miss Lu Yuliu who was alone.

I guess she couldn’t bear pretending to be a disciple of the Demon Sect all day long, so she came out for some fresh air.

When she saw me, she wanted to run away, but unfortunately, my cultivation has surpassed hers by a whole realm and more.
How could I let her run away? Ahem, this kind of statement makes me sound like a bully who forces young girls to submit to me using my strong cultivation realm…

This time, I invited her to chat.
Originally, I wanted to discuss tea and Dao together, but unfortunately, I am a rough and uncultured man who doesn’t know how to brew tea, let alone discuss Dao.
I know a little about the tea ceremony, but it’s not something that can be discussed with girls.

As for the result of this chat… Well, it was a disaster.

She clearly didn’t dare to speak too much, afraid of revealing herself, and I couldn’t act too close to her, so most of the time, we played a staring game.

To be honest, I hope she can remove her disguise and play this game with me.

If she really has the appearance described in the original work, I think I should have the patience to look at her for a lifetime.”

“On the fifth day.
Maybe yesterday’s chat had an effect.
Miss Lu Yuliu didn’t avoid me today.

I asked her happily why she was so cooperative today.
She replied that spending a day staring at each other with me was better than staring at the group of people on the ship, at least I looked better.

She’s really an honest girl.

But is she really not afraid of revealing her identity by speaking to me like this?

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Or is it that in her eyes, I am just a fool who can’t tell when she’s in trouble no matter how reckless she is?

Anyway, we spent another day staring at each other.

I really want to see what she looks like without her disguise.”

“On the sixth day, we encountered a sea monster in the Endless Sea.

It was a Foundation Establishment stage tentacle monster.
It happened to appear when Miss Lu Yuliu and I were tired of staring at each other, so I easily killed it with a single move.”

“I know many of my classmates are looking forward to some special development when they see tentacle monsters, but this is a serious diary, so no suggestive content allowed.

After getting my consent, we dismantled this thing together and started barbecuing it in the evening.

To be honest, I really couldn’t develop an appetite for these strange creatures, but Miss Lu Yuliu was very happy eating them, so in order to show that I was sociable, I also tried it.

It’s really delicious.”

“Day 7.
Because of yesterday’s team building, the passengers on the ship are obviously closer to me.
Not only did the tentacle event reduce their fear of me, but also their envy and jealousy.

Those several wandering cultivators whom I admire chatted with me about their life ideals for an afternoon today, and recommended me to several famous places in the royal city for sleeping flowers and lodging willows (Brother), inviting me to go with them when I go to the royal city.

Pah! I’m a dignified Holy Saint of the Demon Sect! How could I agree to such a request?

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So I firmly rejected them and said that I would only waste their money if they did invite me.

In the evening, my relationship with Miss Lu Yuliu finally progressed.

We played five-in-a-row on the chessboard I made all night.

She had a lot of fun playing and said many times that she wouldn’t play anymore if I won.

Sigh, people are addicted to losing.”

“Day 8.
Um, there was a small problem.”

Putting down his diary and pen, Luo Wusheng glanced at the girl wrapped around him like an octopus.

“I say… Can you get off me?”

“Mm, no.”

“But it’s a bit indecent like this.
What if someone comes in?”

“…Do you not love me anymore?”

Listening to the girl’s words, Luo Wusheng’s mouth twitched and he looked up at the sky.

Why did things turn out like this?

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