started to laugh to herself.

She didn’t think that guy was the type to go to such places, but teasing him like this made her happy.

[How could I? How could a Demon Sect Holy Saint like me go to such a place?]

The response came quickly this time, followed by the next sentence.

[I mean, I didn’t want to scare you, but I just created a mid-grade Artifact that’s almost as good as a high -grade one!]

Seeing this message, Lu Yuliu was slightly taken aback.

Then she couldn’t help but roll her eyes.

She may have moments of intermittent stupidity, but she’s not a brainless bimbo every day.

Trying to deceive her with such lies?

It’s his first time learning how to make an Artifact and he was already able to create a mid-grade one? And it’s even close to being a High-Grade one?

Does he really think she’s never seen the world before?

Perhaps because she had been lost in thought for too long, another message came from the other side.

[I know you probably don’t believe me, but when you come to the royal city one day, you’ll see for yourself.
Everyone around the Demon Artifact Pavilion knows about my feat… That’s what being a genius at Artifact Refining means.
(Tactical Backflip)]

As she looked at the simple stick figure drawing that accompanied Luo Wusheng’s message, Lu Yuliu couldn’t help but laugh.

She had been the first to use this wooden sword to send messages, but why did she feel like this guy was even more skilled than her?

[Okay okay, you’re the genius at Artifact Refinement who hasn’t appeared in tens of thousands of years.]

Lu Yuliu teased in her message.

But after sending it, she fell into thought again.

Why did she feel like she was starting to talk more and more like this guy? Was it just her imagination?

[You’re too kind, I have to thank you for your blessings, Little Yuli.]

Luo Wusheng immediately counterattacked with his sarcasm, causing 10,000 points of real damage toward the world’s real protagonist.

Veins popped out on Lu Yuliu’s forehead.

This guy was really shameless, even daring to use that nickname to address her.


But in an instant, she remembered the malicious plan she had once formulated.

She had felt a bit grateful to this guy for helping her save her master, but now…


Her master had just awakened, and her plan should be put on the agenda.

Thinking of this, a mischievous smile appeared on Lu Yuliu’s face.

[I’ll tell you something, my master just woke up.]

[“…Well, that’s good news.
You should feel relieved now.”]

[“Yes, and I’ll thank you for the Blood Spirit Jade.
So I won’t hold it against you for using the wrong name just now.”]

[“Well, in that case, why don’t we just use those names from now on? I’ve always felt that calling you Little Yuli makes our relationship feel much closer.” ]

Lu Yuliu looked at the message and twitched her mouth.

This guy actually dared to push his luck!


The sword fairy let out a cold laugh, but after some thought, she continued to message the Demon Sect Holy Saint.

【I won’t argue with you today, but if you continue to behave like this in the future…】

【Okay, okay, Little Yuli.
No problem, Little Yuli.】

The young girl’s grip on her sword tightened visibly.

This guy really wasn’t holding back to teasing her at all.

Hmph, she would let him be smug for now,  she’s looking forward to his expression after her plan is done!

Lu Yuliu’s face was twisted in a cold smile, but she continued to message in an indifferent tone.

【So, what about today’s story? Shouldn’t the story of the past few days come to an end today?】

【Of course, tomorrow I’ll tell you a more interesting and thrilling story about the sword fairy.
But I have some things to take care of right now, so wait a moment before I message you again.】

A new story? And about the sword fairy again?

To be honest, Lu Yuliu was a little curious about the story that Luo Wusheng mentioned.

(Should I postpone the plan a few more days to hear the new story?)

She hesitated for a moment, but still sent out the message.

【In that case, I’ll see you later.】

【See you later, Little Yuli.】


The wooden sword was angrily thrown to the ground.

No need to wait! She will start the plan tomorrow!

She must make that annoying man feel what she’s feeling right now!

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